It’s closing time in Birdland. Drink up.

Nothing dies on the Internet. This is both one of the medium’s greatest assets and one of its most pressing drawbacks. Permanence is a lure as well as a drag. And, ultimately, a hard thing to reconcile. It creates a sense that things must always continue. But work is projects and projects have to end. […]

How Time Flies…

Yeah, it’s been awhile. So it goes and on to the next. Last year on this date the Orioles were 70-57. At that point we were just beginning to believe that perhaps the team was for real and would, somehow, make a playoff run. Today they are 70-59 — equal to last year’s pace in […]

Rest In Peace, Art Donovan

I don’t have an Artie Donovan story, unfortunately. I was never lucky enough to meet him and his playing days were before my time. But I knew him as a legend. The kind of guy who is thoroughly irreplaceable. Baltimore lost another great one. Respect.

Duquette is Playing to Win, and I Like It

After the Orioles scooped up Scott Feldman a few weeks back I, like most folks, figured that would be the last of stretch-run pitching additions. It is, after all, not common for a team in the depths of a playoff hunt to remake 40% of its pitching rotation at or just before the trade deadline. […]

Orioles Food For Thought: Vol. 1

Feeling a regular feature coming on here… ☞ As Dan the Man said, of course Erik Bedard took himself out of a no-hitter. And I don’t even fault him for it, simply because that’s Bedardism at its most high. He might be the only guy in the game who can get away with something like […]

Is Now the Time For an Angelos Renaissance?

As of press time for this column the Orioles haven’t been playing well. Losers of five of six before tonight, they’re right on the verge of a bona fide slump. Let me say up front that it’s OK. They’ve slumped once before this season and they’ll slump at least one more time. Overall, there’s no […]

This Orioles-Yankees Series Was a Turning Point

Logic would suggest that there’s nothing remarkable about a home team enjoying majority support from the fans in its own ballpark. That’s sort of the way it works…usually. Thus, “home” team. But as we know, such has not regularly been the case in Birdland. Until this past weekend. For the first time since probably ’97 […]

Dylan Bundy: Panic, or Not?

For the most part, I greeted the news that Dylan Bundy would need Tommy John surgery with something of a shrug. For one thing, I predicted as much back on May 1st over at MASN — admittedly not a difficult thing to do. For another, though, it kind of hit me like the arrival of […]