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2-0 Socks in the Second

mike mcgill florida skater baltimore orioles skateboard powell peraltaBedard gave up an early homer, and Joe Angel just said “if Bedard is somehow able to win this game tonight…” Too good.

I did a google image search for “Mark Burly” because I thought it would be funny to find a picture of a burly dude named Mark to put up with this post. Instead I found something altogether cooler, a site called Florida Skater, an “old school skateboard community”. Lots of interesting stuff there, including some righteous photos (including the one to the left there).

Also, please take note of the post below for some important news about the Take Back the Yard rally.

9 comments to 2-0 Socks in the Second

  • neal s

    Rob Bell just pitched the bottom of the eighth, meaning it’s increasingly likely that we’ll see Garrett Olson on Wednesday.

    This scenario can’t be discussed right now at Roch’s blog, because he’s not posting tonight (not a problem) and the Sun won’t let the discussion continue without him (problem).

  • neal s

    This one has all the makings. Big, gutsy comeback leads to a razor-thin one-run lead and…Chris Ray comes in.

    Hold on…

  • neal s

    Hot damn! Ray strikes out the side in the ninth 1-2-3!

  • Andrew in Rochester

    fuck. yes.

    Ray makes me nervous just hearing he’s coming in, but he had it working tonight, and it was actually fun to watch him blow his 95 mph fastballs by those guys. Good to see him get a confidence booster.

    Better to see us score 5 in the last two to win it when we shouldn’t have. I LOVE IT!

  • Mike L

    suprise suprise. if that doesnt get your black and orange blood flowing, i dont know what will.

    also about the rally, i dont about everyone else, but i can do 20 bucks for a ticket. no big deal for the rally. also neal what about the bleachers. i know it’s chock full of opposing fans out there. and if left field upper deck is sold out then you know the rest of it is.

  • dan the man

    Wowww, I was listening on the radio and left to go to a bar after Bedard’s 3rd 2-run jack of the night, thinking they had no chance at that one. Turns out they break an 0-38 streak when trailing after the 8th inning or something like that. Hell yeah. And of course as soon as I call out Patterson yesterday to just put down bunts, he gets 4 hits – none of them bunts. Ha… good shit. Trembley is saying the right things to these guys with the “play to win” in the 9th thing and pep-talking Ray. Who looked like the Ray we know and love from ’06, just blowing guys away. Beautiful. A huge win for the team and to avoid a losing streak.

    I am down to pay 20 also.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I love sitting in the “bleachers” (nicest bleachers I’ve ever seen) – that’s my usual hangout – or go upper reserve and hangout out in the flag court.

  • dan the man

    From Roch’s blog:

    “If I’m Freddie Bynum, I’m playing nice with all the coaches. I’m buying Terry Crowley dinner. I’m paying for Leo Mazzone’s next tattoo. I’m inviting Bruce Kison to Lindsay Lohan’s next party.

    Bynum’s had run-ins with Sam Mejias and Juan Samuel, and now he couldn’t find his way to the lineup with a map and a compass.

    Coincidence? You decide.”

    Didn’t I say this like last week? Give me a job, The Sun.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Olson’s coming up! How exciting!

    I’m betting Parrish gets put on waivers to go off the 40 man to make room. Any takers?