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A Silver Lining

Baltimore Maryland Bucky LasekThe Ravens lost, the Red Sox won, but there is some solid Baltimore news today: hometown hero Bucky Lasek skated off with the top spot in today’s PlayStation Pro event in Orlando, Florida.

Some of you might remember the cover story I wrote for PressBox earlier this year, highlighting Lasek and the Dew Tour in general. Lasek was a two-time defending champion coming into the season, but injuries hampered him early on. That opened the door for Shaun White, who skated lights out and accumulated enough points to clinch the title in the second-to-last event.

Lasek showed up in large fashion today, though, turning in some amazing runs to clinch the event title and second place overall. And you have to love this quote:

“I’m stoked. I’m 100 percent right now,” Lasek said. “I’m skating better than I ever have and there will be no torch passing.”

Salaries and steroids and scandals make it hard sometimes to really, truly root for any of the athletes and teams we love and discuss so much. A guy like Lasek, though, makes it easy to remember why we ever cared about sports in the first place.


14 comments to A Silver Lining

  • Kona_Boy

    Go Rockies, swipe those smug smiles off of Papelbon, Beckett, and Pedroia. I wonder when John Henry is going to make it official and rename them the New England Yankees?

    As I roll my eyes/grit my teeth to that damn “love that dirty water…” song, I wonder, do the Os have their own song that includes Balmer in the lyrics? I desperately want to know because besides scouting/farm system needing to be rebuilt, McPhail needs to bring back the local pride for Baltimore/Maryland. Heck, I love the Ravens and I don’t even like football! I just fell in love with how they openly represented Baltimore and Maryland (logo, name) and not just be another vague sports team with a catch-all/mayonnaise exterior that just happens to play in the physical confines of a state.

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    And don’t forget, Rockies, to fucking murder Kevin Millar.

  • dan

    Thank you so much for letting the sox borrow millar for a few nights. He was the perfect little good luck charm.

    He can go back to being your little first baseman now 🙂

  • Chris

    The O’s HAVE a song and for some dumb reason, they never use it. What’s more is it RULES! Eff Baltimore on the road jerseys, the true injustice is that this song isn’t played after each game, win or loss:


    “i’ve got orioles baseball on my miiiiiiiiiiiiind”

  • Joe the Guy

    Bucky Lasek is a Bad-Ass with a bad-ass quote to prove it.

    Anyone know what Tori Amos is doing in the first picture of that Baltimore video?

    And the REAL question, which needs to be answered by Game 3, I pose to all you Francona’s out there:

    1) Sit Papi? (Lowell @ 3B, Youk @ 1B) and have the world’s scariest pinch hitter on the bench

    2) Sit Lowell (Youk @ 3B, Papi @ 1B) which would be done only to account for Youkilis’ recent offensive tear

    3) Sit Youk (Lowell @ 3B, Papi @ 1B)

    4) Sit Lugo (Youk @ 3B, Lowell @ SS) I heard this one today and I realize it’s wierd. I only mention it here because Julio Lugo is trying to single-handedly prevent the sox from winning the world series. He is terrible.

    Remember we’re only talking about Game 3, there’s no use mentioning Games 4 and 5 at this point. We’re looking for a one game strategy, so we should take Games 1 and 2 out of the equation right now as well.

    I’m resting Papi if I’m Terry. Sox need all the defense they can get with Schill or Dice pitching Game 3 (another arguement for another day)

    Plus he’s been playing hurt all year. I’d hate to see his knees and lungs simolteanously give out as he legs out a mile high double.

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    I’d most likely sit Ortiz, too, JtG. From what I hear he’s been in a lot of pain, so in that case there’s no way he could play in the field. You can’t get rid of Youkilis since his defense and offense make him rather valuable. And, based on yesterday, the Sox don’t need Ortiz to score 11 runs (he went 0-5), and sitting Lowell doesn’t make sense and sitting Lugo would just have them go with like 3 guys out of position – which isn’t realistic.

    By the way, I’m betting this series goes 6. I assume Joe is predicting another Sox sweep.

  • sci

    Is it too late for the Sox to add Millar to the bench for the Series?

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    Well, he’s going to bring his uni just in case. What a dick.

    Does anybody besides me (and I’ve been known to make stuff up) remember him saying he’s a ballplayer and not a cheerleader to Amber Theoharis or someone like that?

    Jesus, man. You are obviously a cheerleader, you just don’t like the Orioles. Just stay in Boston, why don’t you?

  • df1570

    Honestly…I’m not sure who’s more screwed up…Millar for going up there – or the O’s for saying “yes”.

    All the O’s had to say was, “look Kevo – if you’re that excited about being around baseball, why don’t you come down here to Baltimore for the weekend and we’ll drive you around to some of the malls and to the Inner Harbor for some autographs”.

    What a joke. And believe me, I like Millar – but that was a bush-league move. It was so bush, he’d need to go through two razors to clean it all up.

    And the O’s are dumb asses too. Just tell him “no” – the way the Mets told Pedro. “No. You can’t go.”

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    Drew, I totally agree with you (and that might be a very first time) without any qualms. The Orioles really fucked this up. Do they really just assume that we’re all “Golly gee, it’s great to see our man Kevin in love with our rivals, who come in and fill up our stadium to embarrass us on national television”? Or would it be worse if they just said, “Whatever, Kevin. Do whatever you want.”

    I don’t know why I’m this angry over this, but it is just infuriating. Simply unforgivable to me.

    We’re supposed to be working towards reviving the fanbase here in Baltimore and building up a winning team – this is just so. Ugh.

    The Buffalo game didn’t help my mood at all, either. And I came down with some ugly disease yesterday – was gonna go hit up some Buffalo, but had to sit home and watch it. Good thing, too. All day was just gross.

  • Joe the Guy

    Come On…stop hating…..it’s pretty easy to understand……

    He went from being one of the faces of the 04 Sox to being a Nobody.

    Nobody goes to O’s game. Nobody cares about the O’s. (not counting the LC contingency) Every game condensed to 20 seconds on Sportscenter or Baseball Tonight. How many nationally televised games did they play in this year?

    Suddenly his agent is calling him and asking him to replace Dane Cook as the Advertisement Montage Narrator.

    If he throws out 1 pitch and he’s a hero again for 5 minutes. Sure it’s only 5 minutes, but he gets the chance to be A HERO…….40,000 beautiful strangers all loving him at once….an orgy of love and respect……

    Bloody socks, Dave Roberts, maybe Johnny Damon……no one will remember Cowboy Up or even the pre-game whiskey shots twenty years from now, so he’s taking every available second in the limelight and I don’t blame him.

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    Johnny Damon’s never going to do that. That’s just ridiculous. Pedro’s not coming either. The fact that the O’s are 0’s right now is exactly the point. The focus of the team needs to be on reviving the fanbase and stuff like this is exactly the opposite. As for Millar, he reaaaally needs to cut the cord already. Seriously, the only time I ever see him really relaxed is when he’s talking Red Sox. It’s over, pal. 2004 was three years ago.

    I don’t expect a Sox fan to understand, and that’s cool, but at least let me seethe for the rest of the day and then wave a cheerleader outfit at Millar next season.

  • did everybody use the wayward O’s “certainty point” playoff seeds to pick their world series entrants?

    if so, then you picked ….

    COLORADO (top NL seed; 5 seed overall) &
    BOSTON (1 overall seed)

    please call your bookie and brazenly pronounce yourself an expert.

  • nyjimbo

    Millar and the O’s are a joke for letting that happen.