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Time to Clear Up Any Confusion

…or try to.

I think I’ve been pretty clear in everything I’ve said regarding this rally that the point is to support the Orioles and have fun. Of course the original post has some playfully strong words (sewer rat fans, their cities suck, etc). And of course I expect some Red Sox fans to respond in kind. That’s part of the fun. But I’ve seen too many comments, and gotten too many emails, that don’t seem to understand that this is all about cheering, rooting, having a good time, etc. People seem to think that this merry little band, however many it ends up being, is going to somehow ruin everyone’s day.

I changed the rally page to add a phrase that I think will help sum it up. Essentially what I want to do is reclaim some small portion of the mood that showed up every night back in the Memorial Stadium days. Even if you’ve never been to a game there you probably know what I mean.

So everybody, please, lighten up. Anyone who’s offended by a group of people who want to gather together and actually cheer for the home team (god forbid!) probably shouldn’t be attending a sporting event of any kind, anywhere.

edited to add: I’m going to make some fliers, and there’s going to be a t-shirt design. And that’s about all I’m going to say about the rally for now — back to our patented brand of cut-above sports analysis.

12 comments to Time to Clear Up Any Confusion

  • sci

    Amen. Let’s do this and have some fun. Playful heckling is always a blast.

  • a better plan would be to take over da bronx

    or fenway … likely a harder target at this point

  • neal s

    I don’t disagree, Waward O, but hell if I’m going to organize something like that.

  • Chris M

    I’m sure the Sox fans are the bigger offenders of not seeing this as a time for a little fun and are getting a bit obnoxious. I will be at the game in my Sox garb and in good spirits prepared to give and take. I apologize for those in RSN that can’t see this in the spirit for which it’s intended.

    I will NOT apologize for the fact that you need to organize your fans to make sure you’re not outnumberede at a HOME GAME!!! That’s just disgraceful. And by the way, Boston is not ugly, it truly is a beautiful city and ‘Charm’ City can’t begin to approach it. Of course you were right on with that description for NYC, or as I like to call it, The Open Sewer…

  • //That’s just disgraceful.//

    Yeah, it is. That’s why something like this needs to be done. It shouldn’t HAVE to be done, but it does.

  • dan the man

    Hahaha, Neal, I know you’re loving this! I leave for 10 days and TLC is blowing up with Sox fans? What’s going on here? The Rally has begun early right here on the web and damnit if I’m not up for a fight.

    First of all, brOssif, you are a coward if you think this rally will just incite the Sox fans more. Maybe so, but I think we all hope it will incite poser O’s fans like yourself to man up and actually cheer for your boys on the field. Do us a favor and stay at home with your negative comments. Better yet, don that Sox cap and sit in the Sox section – what’s one more bandwagoner, anyway?

    Chris M – congratulations on realizing that Boston is bigger and, I’ll admit, mostly prettier than Baltimore. That’s an astute observation there. But don’t pretend like you know shit about Baltimore if you don’t live here. Don’t pretend like you know anything about Charm City, regardless of its asthetics. Last time I checked, charm doesn’t really conotate looks. Just because Boston is bigger doesn’t mean you can take away from our Baltimore pride. We wouldn’t do that to you. It’s not at all disgraceful that we are organizing a fan rally. Desperation, maybe. But there’s pride in it. It says we aren’t going to go the way of most disgraceful Orioles fans around here. We aren’t going to walk out. We aren’t going to blame it all on Angelos. And we aren’t going to let our home stadium get taken over by Sox fans. We want to gather and have fun and cheer hard instead of lay down and die. You Sox fans surely know a thing or two about not laying down and dying. I was in Boston in 2004. If you’re so offended by it, then stay home and buy those $150 eBay Fenway tickets.

    Don’t get me wrong – I have much respect for those Sox fans (like pat) that commented on this blog who wish us well, who understand the situatiuon, and who realize the annoying nature of some Sox fans. We’re not here to hurt anyone or start a riot. This is Loss Column – we are here to be real Orioles fans regardless of wins, naysayers, bad management, or loud Boston and NY fans.

  • dan the man

    I’m officially in. Got tickets for Eutaw St since I’ve never been in that section. Hopefully we won’t all be too spread out, but as long as we all cheer hard, it won’t matter.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Yeah! Dan, that made me smile on a pretty gloomy day in Rochester, NY (though tonight I’m seeing the Red Wings play the Indianapolis Indians and their starting center field Luis Matos, so I’ve got that going for me) We may be a laughing stock at the moment, but we’re still the goddamn Baltimore Orioles! And I agree: it’s waaay more disgraceful to just roll over and accept loud and obnoxious fans overrunning your stadium than to organize to go out and have a fun day of teasing them because they, in all likely hood, will get bounced from the playoffs unceremoniously and quickly. And what if Erik Bedard is pitching on the 11th? Think about that!

    Further: It’s true that they are people with genuine reasons for rooting for the Red Sox but living in Maryland – I ought to know, I’m completely misplaced for an O’s fan – and they are lots of fans who come and relax and are pleasant to be with and might get unsolicited and unwarranted rudeness BUT the number of annoying influxers overwhelms those people and they are going to get, in at least a small way, what they deserve from our little rally on the 11th.

  • dan the man

    Oh yeah… there’s an O’s game tonight. Let’s not waste too much energy on Boston and their fans, eh? Let’s just say we respect any fans (Sox included) who have something insightful and original to say, but if you’re on the Loss Column to pick a fight or simply talk shit, you’ve come to the wrong place.

    Meanwhile, Erikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (yeah, that’s 15) Bedard is on the mound tonight for another match up with the pesky White Sox. Our lineup sure is getting more and more thin here with Melvin Mora likely out another night (or on the DL, depending on the test results). Our infield last night had Gomez, Fahey, AND Hernandez at one point. Wow. Bynum REALLY got the shaft last night. I was following O’s news while I was away (by the way, I highly recommend starting a band and going on tour – it’s good times) and I was interested to see that the O’s persuaded JR House to stick around a little while longer. You gotta figure maybe a Bako trade or something. It’s hard to bring him up with no place to put him in the field, but he’s an ideal backup catcher for the future.

    This 2nd half belongs to Andy McPhail and O’s fans are eager for some action at the trade deadline, even if it’s small stuff.

    Nick Markakis needs to hit that 10th home run REAL soon.

  • Joe the Guy

    hey dan I hope you got me a ticket for the rally. and you’re buying, buddy. Thanks neal!

  • dan the man

    I got you, guy.

  • No matter what you do, a segment of the audience will take exception with it because it wasn’t THEIR idea.

    As for Red Sox fans getting worked up because you plan on bringing people out to the ballpark, you might want to remind them to count their blessings every night there’s a game at Fenway.

    In Boston, they have a winning franchise and an organization that cares about the community and the entire fan base that has supported them since their inception.

    In Baltimore, our team has been rotten for 9 years and the organization goes out of its way to abandon the fan base that has been here for 50 years.

    Remind those knuckleheads in Boston of THAT the next time they start bellyaching about your “rally”.

    We’d give our right arms (not Guthrie’s…but Cabrera’s maybe) to have what they have in Boston.

    I won’t buy a ticket in Baltimore to show my support for THEM until they do something to show their support for US, but nonetheless I applaud your efforts.

    In fact, the team should give YOU a medal for organizing a ticket-buying event. Lord knows they can’t sell tickets on their own accord.