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Another Take on Imus

ImusMaybe someone with Don Imus’ haircut shouldn’t be calling other people nappy-headed hos.

By now everyone knows how shock jock Don Imus called the Rutgers women’s basketball team nappy-headed hos. And by now, yes, he has gotten what’s coming to him and I couldn’t be happier.

This is all magnified with the height of this debate coming at the same time as the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s break into baseball. Everyone is talking about how far we’ve come in obliterating racism but look how far we haven’t. Look how much work this country still has to do in not just canceling out racism, but in forgetting other differences as well.

It’s no secret that women’s sports are not nearly as popular as men’s sports, but women’s basketball has made huge strides in leveling the playing field. That’s when a jerk like Imus comes in.

The racist and sexist phrase he used came on the heels of a debate over whether Rutgers had a better-looking team than Tennessee. God forbid we celebrate the achievements of female athletes too soon – Imus reminded us of what we really should be paying attention to. Forget scores and records. How about the ass on that blonde chick? Imus’ unwillingness to recognize the talent of these women is representative of many sports fans throughout America, and his gender bias is as repulsive and outdated as his racial connotations.

I’m not saying every sports fan has to like women’s sports. But just because golf bores me doesn’t mean I can’t recognize that Tiger Woods is an incredible athlete. And just because women’s basketball may seem “unpalatable” to some people for whatever reason, doesn’t mean they should discount the athleticism of the Rutgers’ women’s team and diminish them to nothing but nappy-headed hos.

3 comments to Another Take on Imus

  • P. Lynde

    As a gay man, is it wrong that I objectify male athletes? Most notably David Carr, pre-haircut?

  • dan the man

    Let’s be clear on one thing: Imus was wrong and stupid and racist and demeaning and he deserves what he got.

    However, before I just jump on the bandwagon and simply blast this schmuck, let’s consider some other things that came out of this “story”:

    1. While guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done a lot for civil rights and being figureheads against racism, they kind of only show their faces during these kinds of stories. A lot of people are still waiting on an apology from Jackson for verbally ripping apart the Duke lacrosse players at the beginning of that fiasco. Demanding apologies when you won’t be giving any yourself is hypocritical.

    2. I’m willing to bet that the Rutgers ladies have never heard Imus’ show, let alone heard of Imus. Obviously once the story broke about his comments, they were going to be offended. But think of how much more effective it might have been had they just come out and said something like, “The rambling comments of a has-been, 1970’s-era jockey who makes his living off of being an ignorant asshole really doesn’t effect us in any way because we’re Champions.” The Rutgers suits were going to blast this guy regardless of what the girls said, and I’m sure they could give a rat’s ass what this idiot jives about.

    3. Shame on Rutgers University for parading these ladies out onto the media stage and using them to get a shitload of money that will go straight into the University.

    4. This has to be one of the most irrelevant acts of racism ever to be made a big deal by the media. While obviously racism is still a huge and ridiculous problem for this country, we can’t just jump on every single person that says something controversial regarding race or we’re going to slow this whole process down while simultaneously compromising our freedom of speech.

    Imus might deserve to be fired, and no, you shouldn’t be saying this kind of garbage over the radio, but I think he moreso just deserves to be ignored and forgotten.

  • Neal_S

    Good thoughts, Dan. I think you’re right on point.