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Belichick, Patriots Slapped on Wrist

picture-3.jpgAt first glance, the NFL‘s announcement today that they’re punishing Bill Belichick and the Patriots for cheating seems like a strong move. Belichick himself is out $500k, the Pats as a team are out $250k and some high draft picks. It’ll almost certainly make them, and every other team, think twice before engaging in any further chicanery.

But is it enough?

Not when you look at the other cheating-related news that broke today.

$750k and a couple of picks is child’s play compared to one-hundred million dollars and a door left open to penalties next season.

The moral? The World Motor Sports Council takes cheating seriously, while the NFL would kind of sort of prefer that you not do it.

7 comments to Belichick, Patriots Slapped on Wrist

  • dan the man

    DAMN that’s a lot of money. Hell yeah – bust these assholes. I think Belichick’s penalty was fair, though. I mean, in the McLaren case, you have all of Ferrari’s specs. You know everything about their cars. For the Pats, you might have copped a few signals and plays here or there, which have all definitely been changed by the Jets at this point. So… yeah Belichick is a greedy idiot, but in the end, they were going to kill the Jets anyway. And now it probably means nothing, as the camera was confiscated at the end of the 1st quarter anyway. Half a mil is a good chunk of change and now he looks like a ‘tard to boot. Well done, New England.

  • Chris

    The Jets beat the Pats last year in Foxboro. They were getting pressure on Brady all day. Why? Because the game took place in the middle of a thunderstorm and the Pats couldn’t tape through the heavy rain. The Patriots tuck-rule dynasty is and has always been fraudulent.

  • Joe the Guy

    Useless penalty. Pats already are getting the 49ers 1st round pick next year. 500k is nothing to Bill, 250k is probably what Kraft drops on a suit.

    Thanks to Dan for understanding the lack of effects the camera had on the game. Chris…..I don’t know man……..

    The Jets beat the Pats last year because their head coach used to be New England’s assistant coach. They were bound to win one, eventually. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and a while.

    This situation is most disturbing because the Pats were arrogant enough to just throw the guy out there and not expect to be caught and reprimanded.

  • Goodell really laid the wood to Bilichick. he nailed him real good. Tagliabue is now well forgotten.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    The similarities between the Pats and the 90’s Yankees are staggering. Teams that “just know how to win” and “don’t have any all-stars”.


    They get unlawful gifts handed to them (Maier/Tuck rule)

    They cheat (Videotape/a certain juiced 354 game winner that will remain nameless)

    Sour grapes I know, but screw them and their tainted “dynasties”.

  • Aristotle

    Hey stupid: VIDEO TAPING IN THE NFL IS PERFECTLY LEGAL AND PERMITTED IN DESIGNATED AREAS. NFL rules state “no video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, on the field, or in the locker room during the game.” They also say all video for coaching purposes must be shot from locations “enclosed on all sides with a roof overhead.”

    Straight out of the NFL handbook. What does it mean? Video taping IS ALLOWED, but only in designated areas: Belichik’s man was in a nondesignated area. Every other team tapes for signals and formations from the booth. That’s Bill’s only crime: camera location. He may have been pushing the envelope–and he knew it–but his real crime is not realizing that a fat weeble like Mangini would snitch on him.

  • dan the man

    Hey stupid: cheating is cheating.