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Day Zero (O’s – Pink Sox Open Thread)

manny ramirez boston red sox douchebag fansApparently, there was supposed to be some kind of “rally” at Camden Yards tonight. Some kind of attempt to do something shocking. Something dangerous. What do you suppose it was?

Get ready: the idea was actually to convince Baltimore fans to come out and root for the Baltimore Orioles.

The whole thing started in…I don’t know, April was it? And then Pink Sox Nation got wind of it, I got interviewed by the Sun, Pat stopped by with some legendarily stupid comments, and most people generally got the wrong idea.

Everyone wanted a fight. Some kind of confrontation, preferably one tinged with sex and violence and drugs and arrests. But that was never the point. The point was to stand up and say “come on, people, show some pride in your city and your ballpark.”

What does it say about Baltimore fans that the reaction I got — and this was before the team completely went in the tank — was about 75% negative? What does it say about Baltimore fans that tonight will be no different than any other Pink Sox night, despite the fact that I gave everyone a perfect opportunity to come to the ballpark and make a point about your team and your city?

Actually, nevermind. Don’t answer that. I don’t care what it means. All I care about is heading down to the park tonight with a few friends and rooting hard for the O’s despite odds so long that the whole thing hardly seems fair.

Because that’s what it’s all about. And if your hatred of Peter Angelos or the ushers or the “Warehouse” is so strong that you can no longer appreciate that then, well, your loss. See you in spring ’08.

15 comments to Day Zero (O’s – Pink Sox Open Thread)

  • neal s

    For Dan and any other regulars planning on attending: email me within the next couple of hours if you want to say hello tonight.

  • dan the man

    Well said, man. It’s a shame it didn’t go down the way it was planned out, but it’s still a better idea than the confusing Free the Birds ever was.

    It’s just fitting that it would come on the day when a guy like poor Jon Leicester has to take on Dice-K and all of Red Sox Nation. Who would have thought our pitching depth was really that bad? Good luck, Jonny boy, I’ll be rooting for you.

    But winning the game was never really the point about the Rally – losing versus the Red Sox is pretty much a given around here – it was just about going out and rooting hard.

    Anyway, I’ll be there. For anyone who wants to go and doesn’t have a ticket, I have an extra ticket that I don’t really know what to do with. None of my friends really want to watch the Orioles lose in a sea of Sox fans and my girlfriend is working. If anyone wants to give me a few bucks for it, just shoot me an email.

  • dan the man

    “The guy is an idiot,” Pedroia told reporters afterward. “I dropped my bat. It kind of freaked me out. I was upset they took him out of the game. He is good to hit. He’s 9-15. The guy [stinks].”

    Pedroia you are now my NEMESIS

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    I grew up in Western Massachusetts a die-hard Red Sox fan. Guys like Yaz, Dwight Evans, Jerry Remy, Freddy Lynn, George Scott, Carlton Fisk, etc. It was a time when their fans were really the best in baseball.

    It was years and years of heartbreak to the point where being a Sox fan was ONLY about loving baseball and heartily and often drunkenly getting sucked down the Black Hole that was the playoffs. Not only did we not care that we were losers we used it as an example of what true fans were all about.

    The most remarkable thing about this story that everyone remembers is what happened when we finally won the big one. To say it changed the fans forever is cheap and a ridiculous understatement. At first it was the whole “Cowboy up” bullshit, mullets, and the idea that this rag tag group of A-team mercenaries finally captured the flag.

    But a funny thing happened on the way to the parade. Instead of appreciating what had finally happened – an exorcism of all the evil baseball spirits that our brothers, fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers had endured – the fans did the opposite. They chose to appreciate the worst aspects of fan-dom – a never-ending, chest thumping, in your face end zone dance that not only cheapens the feat, but cheapens the game’s history and their place in it.

    Guys like Douchebag Pedroia could not be a better example of what the Sox and their fans have become. Guys born on third base acting like they hit a triple. New money. The parallels to our president’s resume couldn’t be anymore exact. “Hey look at me! I was born into a million dollar win-machine but look at my ten-gallon hat! I eat sloppy joes and shit on everything sacred! I’m the everyman!”


    I grew up in Western Massachusetts. And when the Sox inevitably meet the Yankees in the playoffs they will be on an even field in my heart. That, my friends, says it all.

  • dan the man

    Wow, man. I don’t know if it can be said any better than that.

  • df1570

    Well, I’ll get a bat shoved up my ass for this one, but here goes.

    Cabrera IS an idiot.

    In fact, any pitcher, anywhere, who throws a ball at a guy’s head is a fucking moron. And you’re a dumb-ass to do it when your team is stuck on 60 wins, your own pitching record is sub-par and the only thing you can do to “prove yourself” is to throw at some dude’s head.

    Hey Dan, here’s how you can prove yourself. Throw a strike. Get a few guys out. Win a game.

    We all know Boston’s team is way better than the O’s. They’re going to win again tonight, most likely, and again tomorrow as well. They’re going to the playoffs. The O’s aren’t. Those are the facts.

    You guys need to stop your whining about their fans. Their fans are here because the O’s organization has become so moribund that there’s no rooting interest here locally. They show up in Chicago and Tampa Bay too to root for the Red Sox because there are tickets available for them – so they go.

    And, yes, by the way, a number of Boston fans ARE assholes. There’s no denying that. But so are fans in Baltimore, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, New York, Cleveland, etc. Should I list all the teams or can we all agree that there are some dicks in every stadium rooting for the home team?

    The intentional beaning attempts have got to stop – in all of major league baseball. Some cat is gonna get his eye put out one night.

    It’s bullshit.

    You guys can root as hard as you want for the home team – Lord knows I’ve been doing it since I was about 8.

    But you also have to occasionally man-up and say, “this shit ain’t right”.

    Throwing at guys is wrong.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Bwahahahahaha did you just equate O’s fans with Yanks/Red Sox fans? You haven’t gotten enough sleep changing all those diapers!

    Agree on the Cabrera opinion though.

  • df1570

    Equate in what way? If you mean did I equate O’s fans with Boston/New York fans across the board, I didn’t do that at all. I’m not sure what you mean by equate…

    I doubt we want to get into the debate about which team has the better fan base, do we? I didn’t think so.

    I doubt we want to get into the debate about why some of the NY/Boston fans are dicks. There’s no sense in debating that. We know why. Their teams win.

    Hell, the O’s have some fans that are jack-asses and we’ve been losing for 10 years. Think how they’d act if the team actually won.

    You didn’t get my point, I guess, Ben.

    You guys spend so much time whining about their fans that you forget the real reason why they’re here in Baltimore.

    Because the team IN Baltimore can’t sell 45,000 tickets to see the best team in the American League for four nights – so, instead, they sell 20,000 to Baltimore fans and the other 25,000 are scarfed up by the Bostonians.

    I don’t like it anymore than you. In fact, truth be known, I dislike the fact that our stadium is Oriole Park at Yawkey Way this weekend WAY more than you dislike it. Way more…

    The difference is, you cats all want to just throw shit burgers at the Boston people who come in to town when you should be throwing shit burgers at the people in the Warehouse who have allowed this to happen.

    Oh, that’s right, if you criticized the club you’d be going against the credo of being a “good fan”.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Drew I’m not throwing shit burgers – I’m stating my opinion as a former Red Sox fan in the know. I talk to these people everywhere – family reunions, high school reunions, hometown visits, etc. They are THE WORST. But I understand what you mean. Ravens fans are horribly obnoxious and I’m one of them. Talk about new money.

    In the long run it doesn’t matter for me because baseball lost me a long time ago. Believe me, it has nothing to do with losses.

    But I know an asshole fan-base when I see one. Philadelphia is the worst and they’re all-time losers.

  • df1570

    I guess I don’t really care one way or the other about whose fans are assholes.

    Honestly, I don’t. Hell, I’d probably you and the other 234 people who are left permission to be assholes to the max if the team would make the playoffs next year! lol

    I would just like to see the Orioles win again and I would like to see people in the seats. The team sucking like they do is one thing – but to see these crowds – like the ones for the Tampa and Texas series – and to see the kind of damage that’s being done to the businesses downtown. It’s an outrage.

    Oh well, they’re winning 11-4 right now.

    They can’t possibly squander this lead, right?


    Finally…a win.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Drew have you ever talked to anybody in the Raven’s organization about the Orioles woes? Just curious.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I don’t know, Drew. I agree everybody’s got dick fans and arguing over whose a worse fanbase is trivial when we’re discussing the 2007 Baltimore Orioles, and yeah the issue is certainly the warehouse and how they let this team come to this.

    But there’s just something so…beyond just personally upsetting when there’s sox fans touting signs that read “Fenway Park at Camden Yards” and those fans being congratulated by the Boston media and ESPN and whatever other national syndicates are out there and then….

    You’re right, it doesn’t matter. But it’s still wrong.

    Meanwhile, we won! Woooooo! Jon Leicester, Rocky Cherry, and Scott Moore all outdo Dice-K and his ridiculous hype!

  • neal s

    Just got home from the game and the postgame hangout. I’ll have full thoughts later today, but one thing strikes me immediately:

    …to see these crowds – like the ones for the Tampa and Texas series – and to see the kind of damage that’s being done to the businesses downtown. It’s an outrage.

    You said it, Drew. But I’m not sure you really get it.

    It’s on us. It’s not on losing, it’s not on “the warehouse,” and it’s not on Peter G.

    It’s on us.

    Think about it. Full post coming tomorrow.

  • neal s

    And you know what else? Before that longer post coming later today?

    We destroyed the Pink Sox tonight. Absolutely dominated them.

    Fuck yesterday and tomorrow.

  • df1570

    We’ll just keep up with this circle-jerk and the only thing we’re all going to get is a sore hand.

    Neal, you think it’s incumbent on the fans to go out to the stadium still after 10 years of losing…after 10 years (or more) in which Baltimore people have been disassociated with by the club.

    I say it’s not your OBLIGATION to go to the games. It’s your CHOICE.

    And you make that choice based on a lot of stuff that you all talk about all the time…your passion for the team being one of them.

    Anyway, I don’t have much time this morning and it really doesn’t matter because I sit here and write a 900-word missive and it won’t change the fact that I put the onus directly on the club to fix things and some of you still want to blame yourselves for what has happened when you’re not at all to blame.

    Have a great FOOTBALL Sunday.