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Documenting a Moment

Right now, with three minutes to go, the Orioles braintrust is somewhere, doing something.

What do you suppose that is? Do they have as full an understanding as we do of the implications of this moment?

Should they ultimately fail in the Matt Wieters pursuit, I want this post on the record. This is big.

edit: the first official report indicating that a deal didn’t happen comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


According to the Sun, we got the deal done!

And dig the quote from Joe Jordan: You can tell the City of Baltimore that the old evil owner stepped up and took care of things tonight. We had to fight to the end.


43 comments to Documenting a Moment

  • Andrew in Rochester

    meet the new boss, same as the old boss

  • dan the man

    If I’m not mistaken, every other first-rounder has been signed by all the teams, including Moustakas with Royals.

    The effects of this could be truly devastating on so many levels: fan support, farm system, free agent interest, likelihood of extensions, national perception of the Orioles organization, you name it.

  • neal s

    Check the edit on the main post, fellas. Check it. I’m so stoked right now.

  • dan the man

    !! What the EF??


  • downyoshunhon

    I hate it when Drew is right,except in this case.

    Good call as usual.

  • Andrew in Rochester


  • dan the man

    hahahahaha this is brilliant. BRILLIANT I say.

    Boras bluffed, and MacPhail and Angelos stuck to their guns. And Joe Jordan tops it off with a freaking brilliant quote. hahaha they killed us with the suspense but you gotta love it!

    Optimism and faith restored, Andy MacGettin’ItDone.

    I pay Joe the Guy 10 bucks.

    Drew gets 50 bucks.

    O’s get a switch-hitting STUD.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    this is huge…more in the morning

  • neal s

    Man “O” man…this really makes me feel good. Everything I — and, just as importantly, all of you — have been saying for the past few months suddenly makes a whole lot of sense.

    And Drew deserves a heap of credit, too. He called it, and he’s one of the biggest O’s naysayers out there.

  • neal s

    By the way, let’s not forget that they also landed fellow Boras client Jake Arrieta. Hell of a day.

  • dan the man

    Indeed. I am giddy. Score one for the fans who have been sticking it out with this team and remained hopeful with MacPhail. Although even I couldn’t help but get down as midnight struck – I don’t think there was any fan out there who wasn’t disappointed. But man, what a ridiculous turn around. Hilarious! Sift through Roch’s or CC’s comments, the first half is downright morose, while the second half is utter elation. We O’s fans are an emotional bunch, but at least the emotion is there. Haha so good from the suspense to the post-midnight announcement to the Jordan quote to one of the best Loss Column posts ever.

    Orioles Magic!

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well, I couldn’t sleep. What true Oriole could? This was to be a landmark moment, and now we have this bit of utter sanity in the middle of the night. Thank you, Matt Wieters. He restored a lot of orange faith out there at the last second. And he gets fucking paid. Good for him, good for us. More baby steps, people. We got our man!

    I know there’s bound to be some sort of backlash on the general shrewdness of this whole thing, stringing people along and what not, but really, that’s how this business works, really. It’s easy for me to say that that’s just how it is right now with us having won, but we were really prepped to lose it, and it was going to suck. That’s not something we should just forget about. This was about to suck big time. We were about to have to think about how to deal with a nowhere team without much hope of rebuilding soon. MacPhail did a good job, but it was a good job only because it worked out. It was risky, and he should know that he just eeked by barely.

    But, having said that, he got it done. It’s a red letter day in Baltimore, and we have our quote to parade around and dream of switch-hitting sugar plum fairies with: “You can tell the City of Baltimore that the old evil owner stepped up and took care of things tonight. We had to fight to the end.”. At least Joe Jordan’s got a sense of humor.

    Now, Drew, I want a reaction about this, and about the Black Sox thing. I’ll be listening tomorrow, buddy!

  • Joe The Guy

    aw yeah 10 Pessimist Dollars from Dan the Man – thank you The O’s –

    cmon boys you didn’t really think a switch hitting power hitting CATCHER that can also pitch 95 mph was going to slip through our fingers did you?

    that was a diesel The Who quote at the time Andrew, but I’m happy to say it was premature and does not apply.

  • df1570

    Baby Ethan and I were literally up all night…watching TV – giving mom a chance to rest – and checking the internet every 15 minutes for a Wieters update.

    At one point, Ethan said, “Dad, if you’ve been saying all week that the team is definitely going to sign Matt Wieters, why are we up at midnight worrying about it?”

    I said, “Son, they’re the Orioles. Nothing ever goes smoothly.”

    And he replied by saying, “Yeah, I’ve only been on this planet for 8 days and I’ve already figured that out.”

    I have a radio show to do, so I don’t have a lot of time to fire off a missive about the Wieters deal, but here are my first off-the-cuff thoughts.

    > I found Joe Jordan’s condescending quote to be yet another example of precisely what is wrong with the team as it relates to their relationship with the fans of Baltimore. “Tell the city of Baltimore the evil old owner steppped up… (oh, so NOW it’s OK to mention the word “BALTIMORE” when you’re going to take a shot at the fans here, right?) That’s the kind of viperish, snippy remark that aggravates people to no end – more proof that the team thinks WE’RE wrong and THEY’RE right, every time.

    Jordan SHOULD have just said this: “We’re obviously thrilled to have Matt Wieters in the fold. All credit goes to Andy MacPhail and Owner Peter Angelos for fighting this thing down to the very end and coming through for the fans of the Baltimore Orioles.”

    We all could have done without the dickish-remark, right?

    Why does this organization INSIST on fighting with its fans? Why?

    OK, I need to run now and get ready to TALK about this for four more hours.

    At some point, I assume I’ll receive a visit from Nestor, collect my $50, and then put it in Ethan’s piggy bank. We’re saving up for Ravens season tickets…lol

  • Brendan

    Drew, lighten up buddy. Don’t take everything so personally. At least you don’t have to buy a pink Sox hat now.

    Honestly, I thought that was a great quote given the lashings (well deserved) the FO has taken in the last few years.

    Great day for the O’s organization! I’m giddy.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Yeah, the comment was obviously said in a joking manner to play off the fanbase’s angst and anger over the warehouse, and what they had just put us through.

  • Brendan

    So where does Wieter’s fit in next year? I believe Hernandez is done after next year. Are we assuming there’s something in his contract the says he needs to be on the major league roster next season?

    And speaking of young talent, any chance Rowell gets up next year?

    Now just sign Patterson and extend Bedard. I’ll be extra giddy.

    I know it’s been 10 years of hell, but I don’t really think I can complain anymore about this team. Young, talented farm system. Playing good ball currently. A manager everyone seems to respect and play for. And I’ve noticed they’ve definitely seemed to increase their presence in the community as well. They’re making good moves to turn this thing around. Orioles Magic, indeed!

    Now I just need to decide who’s playoff position I’d like for us to destroy.

  • df1570

    It’s another split of opinion.

    The Orioles seem to do that to everyone.

    The “apologists” just schluff off Jordan’s comment as “joking around” or “no big deal” or “tongue in cheek”.

    The fans who are tired of the Orioles fighting with the very people who pay everyone’s salary over there aren’t impressed with a condescending swipe.

    I don’t expect those of you who wear Orioles PJ’s to bed to be offended by Jordan’s comments. I really don’t. If what they’ve done to you, and the city of Baltimore, over the last 9 years doesn’t offend you, then Jordan’s quote in the paper today most certainly won’t phase you.

    But his snobbish remark offends a lot of people who feel like the team has gone out of their way to disassociate with the Baltimore baseball fan.

    Interesting — when they’re involved in marketing discussions with the media or fans, they stress REGIONAL…and mention Lancaster, PA and Dover, DE and Loudon, VA.

    When they want to shit on the fans, they don’t shit on the region…they go out of their way to mention “BALTIMORE”.

    Too bad they don’t go out of their way to mention “BALTIMORE” on the road jerseys.

  • sci

    Credit where credit is due. Great signing, and great win yesterday. Things are looking up.

    Also, I caught a Gammons spot on ESPN last night where he said he and Bobby Cox had been discussing who the best pitcher in baseball is – Josh Beckett or Erik Bedard. A true ace. What a great thing to have!

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well, regards of any quotes which don’t really bother me (if it makes me an apologist, ok, that’s cool, but it doesn’t upset me, so, meh) – we got the best positional prospect in the draft this year. Good work! Next job – extend Bedard, get to .500.

    Still waiting on some positive reception on this:

    “1932 Baltimore Black Sox Celebration
    On September 6, the Orioles will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Baltimore Black Sox’ 1932 championship season. Playing in the East West League, the Black Sox were in first place with a 20-9 record when the league was disbanded in June. The Sox were credited with a championship but never received the proper recognition.”

  • dan the man

    Yeah Drew, credit where it’s due. What about the Black Sox?

  • dan the man

    I love my O’s PJs – they’re so soft and the butt-flap is really handy. Now I will brush my teeth with my Orioles toothbrush and eat some CheeriO’s.

  • Steve. H.

    Does anyone else thing Drew should shut up about the Orioles?

    I’m sick of hearing it. He hates the Orioles, we get it.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    It’s complicated. I disagree with a lot of what he says, and the way he insults us while he does it, but it makes for a nice driving force for discourse. We can’t all just sit here and say the same things to each other about how good we have it when we’re still a losing team struggling to make amends slowly (but surely).

    Anyway, here’s why I’m optimistic now (bear with me):
    We got Wieters, which was made into a national spectacle by Ken Rosenthal et al., so now the nation can see that we’re willing to deal with Boras and pay to get top talent. The biggest problem the O’s have right now is the national perception of them as perennial has-beens that free agents wouldn’t want to come to at any rate (see: Confederate Money). The other four parts to the equation of restoration, that can realistically get done before Opening Day ’08 are 1) finish over .500, 2) put in a respected coaching staff that picks up a good reputation for respecting players and getting the most out of them, 3) Drew’s reconnecting with the fanbase stuff (i.e. retire 44 and 7, put a 42 statue out in the park, show respect to the Negro Leagues, put Baltimore back on the jerseys, etc.), and 4) go out and get some actual difference-maker from the market over the off-season (Dunn, Arod).

    Now, we’ve got Trembley, which satisfies a lot of #2 and even helps on #3 (“We’re the Baltimore Orioles” yesterday was money). As far as #1 goes…

    We’ve got 20 games left against Texas, New York, Tampa Bay, and Kansas City – teams we can own, or have owned, teams we can beat routinely. We’ve got 14 games against the Angels, the Twins, and the Sawhx, teams we struggle against but will I think do better against in the stretch. That leaves 9 games with our nemesis, the team that our record against is going to dictate our record for 2007: the Toronto Blue Jays. If we can go 5-4 against Toronto the rest of the year, we have a very good chance of getting to 82 or 83 wins.

    If looking at those facts and saying we’ve got a good chance to really turn this thing around makes me an apologist, I’m okay with it. It won’t be easy, it’s certainly an uphill battle, but it is doable.

  • Steve. H.

    He’s insulting is right. I don’t appreciate the way he speaks to Oriole fans. Thanks for telling us what we already know, …then calling us “apologists” if we don’t agree with you pompous opinions.

    I’m tired of hearing this guy talk about the Orioles. redundant negativity. Post on your own site.

  • Steve. H.

    I agree with your points about Trembley Andrew… I for one certainly didnt know what we had right in our midst… The more I see, the more I like with DT

  • Larry Bigboy

    Steve H. I agree 100%. I can’t stand the negative BS from drew and nester. I wish they would leave the airwaves. Local radio that didn’t hate the local baseball team would be nice.

  • df1570

    Steve…welcome to left field.

    You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t hate the Orioles. I have been an O’s fan since age 6. I do not, however, like what the franchise has become. I still watch evey game, bet ON the the team far more than I should, and want them to be successful.

    All that said, I will not blindly endorse everything the team does and forego my obligation to analyze what they do and how they do it.

    I report on the good things they do and the bad things they do. The problem, unfortunately, is that they do far more bad than good…so the imbalance THEY create sheds a bad light on me. I just report on what they do.

    If Neal and the powers-that-be who run this site would rather not have me contribute, I will go away at their request. I’m not a dummy. I realize some of you consider me an unwanted visitor…and, for the most part, you would all just rather sit around and sing the Orioles fight song rather than read even one dissenting opinion.

    Unlike some of you, I like reading and absorbing all opinions about the team, no matter how they conflict with mine. I use this site and others like it to gauge what the 982 of the diehards that are left think about the team. I take calls EVERY day from O’s fans who disagree with me. It makes my show more complete.

    As for their Black Sox celebration…let’s all wait until the event takes place before evaluating it. Kudos to them for the idea, though.

  • Steve. H.

    “Unlike some of you, I like reading and absorbing all opinions about the team….”

    This quote pretty much sums up my point about you being a pompous know-it-all Drew.

    arrogant and loud doesn’t make your opinion correct.

    Go O’s.

  • df1570

    Steve, I already DO post on my site. You can read anything you want at http://www.wnst.net

    If you do venture over there, you will be disappointed to find a bunch of my work in the archives that speaks highly of the O’s. That won’t serve your anti-Drew agenda very well…contrary to popular belief, I write and say plenty of positive stuff about the O’s.

    I am no more pompous than you are reactionary.

    Read all the positive stuff I have written about Trembley, Bedard, MacPhail, etc. and then react wildly to that as well.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Like I said, I enjoy the dissenting opinion. I mean, we can’t realistically sit here and say everything we do is great, and we can’t just harp on the good moves we make, which haven’t YET made up for the bad moves. I mean, for every Dave Trembley hiring, there’s the holding onto of an injured Gibbons.

    Here’s the thing, and I’m just using an example. I’ve been listening to WNST lately, and it’s a lot of somewhat bitterness towards the warehouse, but definitely in the light of frustrated fans. That’s cool. It’s good stuff, and it makes for compelling discussions. SO, here’s the thing – you can take this Joe Jordan thing, which I don’t offense to and there’s really no way I see he did anything but try to be funny and play to the fans. It came out wrong to a lot of people, but I doubt there was any maliciousness behind it. Okay. So, that gets repeated and repeated and repeated and becomes the main discussion point. I know that it was from people calling in and people e-mailing in this morning about it, but to me, it felt like Drew kept mentioning it like it was the main story, and it blew up because of it. That’s just my take on it, and I admit I only listened to the second half of his show.
    But there’s this negro league celebration that I found out about and mentioned here and he ignored until I mentioned it a couple times and he responds with a very short and curt, “let’s wait and see. But good idea.”. If it had been the Orioles cancelling a negro league celebration, it would have exploded, and there’s no way Drew and the rest of the WNST gang would’ve let that drop. I get that the warehouse doesn’t deserve a lot of respect in regards to these off the field issues, but it still doesn’t sit right with me.

    That said, these guys are obviously really into the Orioles, and everyone should look past the obnoxiousness which their frustration has begat and then look at their points, which are mostly valid, if unbalanced in my opinion.

  • neal s

    Make no mistake, Drew: I definitely do not want you to leave. I think that you’re adding an opinion that deserves to be heard, and you certainly do represent a specific segment of Orioles Nation. As long as everyone is cool with getting as well as they give, and as long as nobody starts making personal attacks, then this site is serving the exact function I hoped it would serve when I started it. I’m loving the debate.

  • dan the man

    I agree with all of your points, Andrew. First and foremost, everyone is welcome at the Loss Column (yup, even those annoying Sox fans) and no one should be run out. That being said, it’d be nice if we didn’t all get lumped together as “aplogists”. And equally, I’m sure Drew feels that we shouldn’t lump WNST as O’s haters. Some level of mutual respect is required here – at least enough so that we aren’t getting personal with any insults. I think we’ve kept it pretty Orioles-centric so far, so let’s keep it there.

    That being said, I turned on NST around 10 (I forget who was DJing – he was filling in for someone is all I remember) and, likewise, the main focus about Wieters was the Jordan quote. I mean, alright, I could see how it may have offended some sensitive fans, but to make it talking point 1A regarding the Wieters deal? That’s a little much and you have to start wondering if NST just looks for the negative to create a story. Whether they like it or not, at this point NST is now associated with calling out the O’s organization and seeking out the things they do wrong. To some extent, that’s a noble cause. To another extent, it’s kind of obvious that they do it to create drama and attract listeners. Radio, like baseball, is a business too.

  • funny nugget from daily news:

    Before the game, Orioles bench coach Tom Trebelhorn, in posting the Yankee lineup that excluded the veteran lefty-hitting trio of Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon and Bobby Abreu, muttered: “Most expensive bench in the history of baseball.”

    this wieters hysteria is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overblown.

  • df1570

    Andrew, you seem like you understand how the real world works…so let me give you a lesson in Radio 101 to clear up some of your concerns.

    You wrote something to the effect that I kept mentioning Joe Jordan’s comment this morning. I don’t know this, but 3 assume you believe I kept mentioning just to “pile on”, right?


    Here is your radio listen.

    How many times today did I mention yesterday’s 6-3 Orioles win? 50 maybe? If you noticed, I mentioned every time I came back from a break. And, I mentioned the Wieters signing after every break.


    Because only 5% of the audience listens to more than 20 minutes an hour, I don’t really do a 4-hour radio show…I do more like 16, 15-minute sh’s ows. Stuff absolutely DOES get repeated but that’s what we do because new listeners are hopping on eveey minute.

    And I wasn’t being short with my Black Sox answer. If I announce tomorrow I’m going to raise a million dollars for M.A.D.D. in December, will you applaud me now or wait until I follow through with the fund raiser and present them with a check? When the O’s have their Black Sox event, I will observe it and report on it as I see fit.

  • df1570

    lots of typos in my previous post…sorry…sending via cell phone…should have been “radio lesson”, not radio “listen”.


  • Andrew in Rochester

    Hey, and tons of credit to you for sticking with the O’s and believing Wieters would be with us today. Now, I’m interested, where do you suppose, without any of us knowing really anything, where does he start this season, and when do we see him in Baltimore?

    I say he starts at Frederick, and as long as he doesn’t lose his mojo, we see his rookie season in ’09. But that’s just a gut feeling.

  • dan the man

    Wayward O – in terms of the hype surrounding his ability as a player, you are most definitely correct in saying it is overblown. He wouldn’t be the first #1 draft pick to fall on his face if, in fact, that’s what happens. Let’s hope not.

    But as far as the hype in regards to this signing’s effect long- and short-term organizationally, I don’t know if it’s so overblown. For my part, I wasn’t freaking out that O’s were about to pass on a big talent. I was freaking out because the effects of not signing him would ripple through many facets of Orioles baseball, including, but not limited to, free agent interest and, most importantly, contract extensions for guys like Roberts and Bedard. Does it guarentee Roberts and Bedard signing extensions in Baltimore? Absolutely not. But in signing Wieters, the O’s send a message firstly to their fans, secondly to their players, and thirdly to baseball in general. Also, it means that we have successfully dealt with Scott Boras, – in fact, maybe beat him at his own game – which can only help us when we need to bargain with him in the future. All in all, it’s a very positive thing. The hysteria surrounding it was overblown, yeah, but it was fun, no? Baseball!

    Still can’t get over the “We play for respect. We play for pride. We are the Baltimore Orioles” quote from Trembley. Every time they interview him you have to smile because he just says the most classic baseball things. And he hardly ever stumbles on what he is saying. Perlozzo used to bumble and “um” his way through interviews. I’m loving DT – he is number 3 on the list of guys the O’s need to give extensions to. Right after Roberts, and right before Patterson.

  • dan the man

    That Pittsburgh link has been updated. Man, Pirates fans must pissed. That’s one organization that really isn’t trying to spend money at all.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle


    This blind loyalty is baffling. Just curious – how old are you all and where did you grow up?

    The fact that people have serious issues with the regime down there is perfectly reasonable and I can’t help but feel that if you’d had a taste of what this organization USED to be you’d be just as pissed as the Drews of the world.

  • Joe The Guy

    Big Ben –

    LC doesn’t tell any fan that they MUST do anything. We like it when people bring in different opinions.

    We are a loyal bunch, yes. To a fault? Often.

    Still, I can’t help but see a lot of potential in this team. I (finally) see steps in the right direction on all levels. The storied history of the franchise should be more of a motivation to stick behind your team when a decade goes by under .500

    Or you can choose to admit defeat. Buy your pink sox hats here:


    See y’all September 8th – Go O’s

  • dan the man

    Comparing baseball to the war in Iraq is fucking stupid, I’m sorry. Apparently at 24 I’m not not too young to spot a bad analogy when I see one. Maybe you should re-evaluate the fact that your older age doesn’t necessarily make you smarter. Loyalty is a part of sports. That’s the opinion of some of us. Unlike Iraq, people aren’t dying here. It’s being a fan of the home team, no more, no less.

    I totally understand that people are upset with the Orioles organization. I don’t blame them. Some of us are just tired of beating a dead horse. If you have a different opinion – great – there’s no agenda on the Loss Column – just try and keep it in the context of sports, not politics and war and things of far greater importance than the game of baseball and the flaws of the Orioles organization.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Read my post again young one. I didn’t compare baseball to the Iraq war – I compared your ridiculous blind loyalty to the rampant jingoistic bullshit I see in this country all the time. Grow up.