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Does Miguel Tejada Want Out?

Miguel Tejada Baltimore OriolesNoted by Dan the Man in the comments, this story from orioles.com and the following nugget about Miguel Tejada:

Trembley said simply that he wanted to let Luis Hernandez play, completely sidestepping a question altogether about Tejada not playing. Tejada, a four-time All-Star, seemed perplexed by the reasoning behind his seat on the bench.

“They feel like they want to give me a day off. I don’t know if it’s a day off or I’m sitting on the bench,” he said. “Then I can go somewhere else next year, [if] they have somebody that can play short. That would be nice for me.”

When pressed further, Tejada said that he didn’t want a trade — he just wants to play shortstop. Trembley said that it may appear to be a grand shakeup, but that it’s really more an opportunity to empty his bench.

Before jumping to any conclusions it’s only fair to point out that he did say he wasn’t asking for a trade, and you have to feel for the guy given the way this team has crumbled around him. That said, this reinforces my feeling that a change of scenery would be the best thing for all parties involved. He clearly doesn’t want to be here, and the two or three good prospects we could probably get for him would likely help us out a lot more in the long run.

10 comments to Does Miguel Tejada Want Out?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    good. we’d be way better off without him, as would he without us, so get it done!

  • dan the man

    I think despite the fact that it’s true Trembley probably just wanted a different look in the midst of this swoon, that Miggi will be traded in the offseason. Is Looie Hernandez the answer? Maybe not, as he just looks to be a singles hitter right now. But the guy is a vacuum at shortstop without a doubt – something Miggi hasn’t been for years now. It’s time to do the best for both parties here and get a trade done. I have nothing big against Miguel Tejada. He’s an ok guy. His biggest weakness is his pride and his unwillingness to move to 3rd base or take a day off. He needs a change of scenery. He did mostly great during his time here and I don’t think we can regret his signing. He just didn’t have enough good players around for him to make a big difference. A lot of blame can be placed on the FO for thinking that Migg, Roberts, and Mora would save this team. No – after the big Miguel signing, there needed to be a couple more. A steady commitment to winning, not just a few free agents here and there. He was only one piece. The Miggi era is over, I think – he deserves to be on a team that needs an offensive shortstop, like Boston, or any postseason-worthy team. I think he knows the O’s are going in a different direction (AKA…defense), thus he made some snippy comments.

    Plus… you have to wonder about those steroid allegations. Granted, the guy got dragged under the bus and has never had anything linked to him substantially. But… it’s just time to trade him, that’s all.

  • df1570

    Hard to blame the guy for wanting out after the way they’ve run the club into the ground during his four years here.

    $13 million a year or not – lazy defense or not – failure to run out ground balls or not…they brought Tejada here to be the centerpiece of the organization’s on-field resurgence and, instead, they’ve gone the other way, rivaling the Royals and Pirates and Devil Rays as the worst team in the big leagues.

  • KonaBoy

    Do you think the Sawks would talk Tejada for Papelbon straight up?

  • neal s

    That’s an interesting proposition, but to my mind we’d be the losers in that deal.

  • dan the man

    I don’t see Boston giving up Papelbon for anybody less than a top notch starting pitcher, as ridiculous as that is. The guy is the best closer in baseball right now and that’s crucial in the AL East.

    I just hope the O’s don’t blatantly shop Tejada and then back away from every deal because they think they aren’t getting enough for him. He’s not that great anymore, just get some guys for him.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Howie Kendrick for Tejada!

  • Joe the Guy

    Konaboy, you drank too much coffee this morning. I would be willing to bet that Paps is on the list of Red Sox untouchables.

    He’s the first sox closer EVER with back to back 30 save seasons.

    I agree with Neal, we already have a top notch closer ourselves (crossing fingers and mentally blocking this season) and we’d get no shortstop in return.

    Not to mention that the Red Sox already own an under-performing, over-paid, spanish-speaking shortstop.

    Or the fact that inter-division trades are rare. Do you really want to face “Chip On His Shoulder Miggy” 19 times, when the sox beat us like left handed red headed step children ANYWAYS?

    Anyways, here’s Captain Varitek’s stern lecture to Red Sox Nation in regards to standing up for your guys.

    Pay attention psuedofans:


  • Andrew in Rochester

    Off topic I know, but I want to contribute to the loss column music club. Next month the electric six’s new album “I shall exterminate everything around me that restrains me from being the master” comes out and it’s got a song I heard earlier today that just screams Oriole theme song, “When I Get to the Green Building” – some choice lyrics:
    …holding hands and whistling Dixie, we haven’t had that kind of fun around here since 1960…

    I can’t describe the way it feels…

    …dancing around the Maypole in December, we haven’t had that kind of spectacle here since I can remember…

    …our fearless leaders say they’re equal to the task, and every point of view on this depends on who you ask…

    Hey! We won yesterday! And the saddest part, my girlfriend’s father informed of this and I didn’t believe that Jon Leicester shut out the Angels. Actually, I still don’t believe that. Where do you all think Leicester fits next year? Fifth starter candidate? Bullpen? Norfolk? Out of organization? He seems to be okay right now, for what that’s worth, and I wouldn’t mind him at the back of the rotation as opposed to, say, Daniel mother-humping Cabrera.

    Also, look out for Danny boy to blow us away this weekend – he is always at the top of excellence in New York. I think he said something like that there are Hispanics in the crowd that cheer him on in Yankee Stadium last time he dominated los Janquis there.