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Friday Brain Dump

washington capitals alexander ovechkinToday feels like a good day for some kind of Baltimore sports news to break. It’s a Friday, it’s a Ravens bye week, we’re on a three-day run of rain and chill. If you wanted some news to slip out, this afternoon wouldn’t be a bad time to do it.

So just in case, here’s a place to talk about it if it happens.

In other news, DC United fell at Chicago last night, 1-0. The way MLS playoffs work is that the two-game series is decided on the total number of goals scored, so when Chicago comes to town on Thursday the United are basically starting out at -1. Not insurmountable.

The Capitals impressed me last Saturday in their loss against the Penguins. This team is very tough — much more so, it seems, than other Caps teams of recent vintage. They’re sitting at 4-4 — not a bad start. They’ll look to improve that tonight as the Vancouver Canucks and their rad new jerseys come to town.

Anything else on your mind, let ‘er rip.

10 comments to Friday Brain Dump

  • Joe the Guy


    (although I like the hartford whaler-esque color scheme of the new canucks jerseys)

    I should mention that cumulative goals is NO way to determine a PLAYOFF series.

    A series with an EVEN number of games at that…WTF?

    silly european half-sports………

    Beckham did a good job bringing soccer to america. People totally forgot about football and baseball. Soccer is all you see on ESPN now.

    Someone should sue this guy for false advertising.

    He peaked years ago, he was NEVER a goal scorer anyway, just a “great passer” and he’s not even banging the hottest spice girl.

    Talk about international terrorism….

  • sci

    The Caps are actually 4 – 4. They are tough. They always play hard, and they’ve got a ton of young talent. They will surprise.

  • neal s

    Yeah, you’re right. Not sure what I was looking at. Fixed.

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    I like Beckham being over here because I can go on an endless loop of the following exchange with my European soccer loving friends:

    “What sport do you like?”


    “Do you mean American football, like the kind David Beckham plays?”

    “No, he plays European football.”

    “No, he plays for LA now. It’s American football.”

    and so on.

  • dan the man

    Haha, there was so much hype about Beckham and I totally forgot about it until it was mentioned here. What a failure that was.

    Soccer doesn’t vibe with Americans because there’s no stats, no history of the sport here, and no cheerleaders.

    Somebody tell me who the good players on the Caps are and what position they play. I’m going to give it an honest effort at returning to hockey fandom, but I make no guarentees.

  • Joe the Guy

    Ovechkin is all you need to know

  • Chris

    The NHL has diluted it’s talent pool with all these Lake Erie Earwigs-type expansion teams. The rules to make the sport more exciting (to Americans) has bled the sport of it’s tradition and dignity. Hockey was the shit in the 80’s early 90’s, then the money moved in and you had “Fox Puck Tracking” and proud teams in areas with hockey tradition like the Hartford Whalers moving to unappreciative markets like North Carolina. The NHL is a joke that’s almost as unfunny as the NBA.

  • neal s

    I felt the same way about the NHL last year, and I think I might have even said something here to that effect. Now, though, it looks to me like the league has settled into the new rules and things are starting to look like, well, hockey again. It’ll never again be what it was when I started watching it on Home Team Sports/SportsChannel when I was a kid but it’s still pretty good.

  • df1570

    Beckham has more ability in his right pinky toe than any American-born player in the league.

    But he’ll have ZERO impact on MLS and/or soccer in America.

    Caps stink.

    Kolzig is done.

    Where’s Dennis Maruk when you need him?

  • Kona_Boy

    Olie is hardly done, he had LASIK last year, plus the defense in front of him is still gelling, he can’t stop EVERY shot.