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Just Erik Being Erik

Erik Bedard Baltimore Orioles Baltimore SportsRoch Kubatko‘s post yesterday about Erik Bedard‘s attitude towards the media has set tongues-a-wagging. That includes a really nice round of discussion here, for which I’m grateful. We’ve got a solid community of good, smart folks brewing here.

In light of all that discussion, I figure it’s time to let everyone in on a secret: sometimes journalists aren’t that bright. And sometimes they ask some seriously dumb-ass questions. Believe me, I’ve been around enough of them over the years to know. For every really smart, insightful one there’s another who might just as well be managing a Kroger somewhere in Tennessee.*

I think that’s a large part of the reason that Bedard acts the way he does. I get the sense that he’s an incredibly smart dude who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. We had another guy just like that here a few years ago: Mike Mussina. The difference is that Mussina would make it a game, where Bedard just doesn’t want to be bothered. Frankly, I don’t blame him. As a lot of people have pointed out, he’s under no obligation to be nice to the media. It’d be cool if he was more gregarious, but disdain for the media is hardly a character flaw. Might be the exact opposite in fact.

Now, the day he starts treating the fans like garbage? That’s another story entirely. Until then I suggest we embrace him as an oddball character. It’s a lot more fun that way.

Also: Cabrera vs. Fossum tonight as the O’s go for the sweep. They’ll need it with Boston coming up.

*see comments below for some clarification

8 comments to Just Erik Being Erik

  • sci

    Sure, Bedard can do what he wants, but I do think it’s assumed when a team signs a player that there will be some level of reasonable interaction with the press. I don’t think it’s too much to ask…

    In other news, there are rumors the Rangers are considering dealing Teixiera. What do you think it would take for the O’s to pry him away? I’m thinking either Cabrera or Loewen (probably Cabrera, given Loewen’s health), a good minor league prospect, and throw in Gibbons for good measure. They could go for just Cabrera and Gibbons, maybe. You can guarantee, though, that the Rangers would not do a deal with us if a serious pitcher was not included. We cannot include Markakis though. That would be unwise. Loewen or Cabrera would hurt too, but that’s what it would take. It’s speculation, I know, but Teixiera is the one guy I think Angelos would go after whole hog, being a local boy and all. But is he what we really need right now? That’s the fun of speculating…

  • Andrew in Rochester

    You know the warehouse is salivating at the mere idea of stumbling over each other to acquire Tex. After all, he IS the top first baseman in the AL, and he wants to play in Black and Orange. But there’s no way we should be trading Cabrera. If it were Loewen and Gibbons for Tex, that’d be a deal to make but there’s no way the Rangers want an injured pitcher and a mediocre DH – they already have Sosa. And besides, if we can’t deal Gibbons for Teixiera in some capacity, there’s no sense to this right now – all we need is for Millar, Huff, Payton and Gibbons have to share two spots.

    Meanwhile, I feel strangely optimistic about tonight and our position in general. Part of that is definitely listening to the Yankees get destroyed today while I’m at work, but we’ve got a good stretch coming up where we can get a good footing, we’ve got Daniel going tonight against one of the teams we absolutely own (at the moment). I just feel real good about the O’s.

    Now let’s all remember: Devil Rays fit in a skillet.

  • dan the man

    Yeah, I’m not saying that I don’t like Erik. In fact, he’s one of the easiest guys to root for on the team because he is quiet. I’m a quiet guy and I respect that. The media do ask some assanine questions, to be sure. Maybe dude just had a bad week. And all signs have pointed to the fact that he is real intelligent. Don’t get me wrong, guys, I just think he could stand to be a little more polite.

    That said, Neal has reminded me of an attitude that I might have lost sight of: having fun rooting for the O’s. Just as it’s better to just have fun following the team rather than bitching about Angelos, etc… it’s also more fun to get into the characters of those ballplayers, even if they don’t act how we might want them to act. After all, that has been Bedard’s standard attitude, so it should come as no real surprise. And it is kind of funny. Sounds like he’ll open up occassionally when he wants to, and we certainly haven’t heard of him being a bad teammate. Maybe I’ve been in Boston too long – I’m jumping on guys about how they talk to the media? Not what I want to do.

    I’m feelin’ sweep tonight. How bout Ray pitching in two non-save opportunities and getting it done? He’s struggled with that in the past.

  • rangers will let teixeira go for less than that since he’s leaving texas anyway.

    reading between the lines, roch made three blunders:

    1) chasing bedard down when he wanted to leave
    2) whining about how nice the sun is to bedard
    3) not letting it go

    jay gibbons makes more errors in one inning.

    why not just put in your game story: bedard left after the game without comment ? journalists should cover the story instead of trying to be the story.

    whatevers. wayward O likes roch and doesn’t think he’s stupid.

  • neal s

    No, I don’t think Roch’s stupid either. He’s not the one that asked the dumb questions there, as he pointed out in his blog. Generally speaking he does a fine job.

  • Ryan

    Fossum sucked in the early innings. Cabrera blew a healthy lead but got saved. Hecklers heckling Rocco Baldelli in Center were awesome.

  • John in Conn

    With you all the on Bedard. Seems he’s a just quiet intelligient guy. He pitches for a living, answering media questions is optional. One other thing, some Canadian hockey players just seem taciturn as well – and that’s a good thing – I’d rather that than a Terrell Owens or some other self-promoting athlete trying to gran some attention for every little thing they do. Keep up the good work Erik – you’re appreciated for what you are.

  • Staci

    As someone who has been in Roch’s situation I can commiserate when an athlete makes your job difficult. But on the other hand, I thought Roch’s comments were quite bitter.

    THe fact is, Bedard has no duty to speak to the press. It’s a nice thing to do, since fans want to hear what he has to say, but he is under no obligation. And I also happen to think that that is not a reflection on any semblance of an intelligent mind. I just think he’s a little bit cocky. And I’ll be happy if he backs that up with his game.

    Roch was rather scathing and whatever. He has the right to do that in his space. But he would be in tears if he were to cover, say, the New York Yankees. Those guys are incredibly elusive, have learned how to avoid the media, spend a total of three minutes per game at each of their lockers and to top it off, if Roch were there, he’d be fighting off loads of other reporters. I’m not saying Roch was wrong to be pissed, but I think the Baltimore clubhouse is a relatively easy one to get pretty good interviews in with relatively few weirdos like Bedard.