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Long National Nightmare = Over

You all know how I feel about Barry Bonds, and I’m not sure there’s any great desire around here to talk about him. But he broke the record last night, and it’s Big News.

Here’s a Bonds Open Thread. Feel free to post thoughts, links, etc. in the comments.

So, so glad this is over.

13 comments to Long National Nightmare = Over

  • dan the man

    Let’s just say I’m a much bigger supporter of A-Rod now than I’ve ever been.

    One comment about last night though: how surreal was it with Hank Aaron on that big screen? His voice over the stadium speakers sounded like Jor-El in the first Superman movie. Very cool touch to an otherwise sour event.

  • dan the man

    I was just checking out Adam Dunn’s numbers. The Orioles NEED this guy. His biggest problem besides strikeouts is his average with guys on base, but he’s 27 and averages 40 home runs and 90+ RBI a year.

  • I just wish that Griffey would have stayed healthy becuase if he did than he would have been the one passing Aaron and everyone would have been cheering this on and not waiting til it was over.

  • Larry Bigboy

    Congrats Barry!!

    I wish Selig could be a man stop his witch-hunt for 1 day to give Barry the credit he deserves.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Good for him, good for everyone. Let’s stop paying attention to a terrible Giants team now, mmmkay?

  • Dan the Man

    Ha, just noticed the new category. Nice.

  • Dan the Man

    Haha oh man… everyone absolutely MUST go to http://roarfrom34.blogspot.com/ and watch the Earl Weaver YouTube clip on the site. Absolutely classic. “You’re hear for one reason: to fuck us!” Hahaha

  • Joe the Guy

    Steroids do not enhance the hand eye coordination needed to hit a homerun. Barry 1 Joe 0.

    However, shame on THE BASEBALL PLAYERS UNION who conceded that steroids could be prohibited way back in 91 or 92, but only under the circumstance that the players not be tested.

    WTF – they should have just made them part of the game at that point. Syringe everyone during the National Anthem and fly a large Hundred Dollar Bill Flag under the stars and stripes.

    Baseball’s lack of action on this issue has been incredibly blatant for so long that this is a DEAD ARGUEMENT at this point. Unless you thought McGwire and Sosa were legit back then.

    Baltimore fans are aware of this because we are victims of the “Sammy Sosa Year 1 After Steroids Era”.

  • wade

    The thought of choosing between A-hole and Bonds* brings tears to my eyes.

    Did you see that Selig took a meeting with George Mitchell instead of going to see him break the record? Mitchell’s investigation will have a deep impact to the sport, and could very well do more damage than the theft of baseball’s greatest record. Smart move by Selig.

    I hear that during the Hank Aaron message, just off camera, there are four men pointing guns at his head.

    Overall, I’m just happy a Mets fan got that ball.

    I’m glad its over, too. Now the Giants can just go back to being in the cellar in the NL West.

  • sci

    I do not like Bonds at all, but I have to grudgingly respect his mental fortitude. It may just be a total disconnect from reality, but for him to stand out there and take the level of criticism he’s taken and continue to play unapologetically, and not run away like McGwire or Palmeiro, is kind of amazing. Can you imagine what he hears standing in the outfield at stadiums away from SF? Deserved, I know, but still, this level of audacity/stubbornness is pretty incredible. He just doesn’t give a shit.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Yeah, Bonds deserves respect for what he did, and he gives it all to himself. It was more than little awkward for him to stand there and get hugged while he rose his hands up to welcome the cheers for himself, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was getting hugged.

    Really, I just find him to be a fascination – having read Game of Shadows there has to be just so much going on in his huge head all the time. I don’t really hate the guy, I certainly don’t love him, I’m just fascinated by this ego-manacial, but supremely talented man-child.

  • Mike L

    why dont they incorporate a new leauge. they give you all the steroids, or HGH you want, an aluminum bat, and put the fences 700 feet away. id pay to see someone hit a ball that far. and that way you can play there, free of scrutiny, and not taint the integrity of major leauge baseball. and watch as some of baseballs best make their return. raffy, McGwire, canseco, bonds next year, sosa sooner or later. and jason grimsley can be the opening day starting pitcher. never gonna happen, but use your imagination and think for a minute.