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Looking Ahead to March

gary williams greivis vasquez and the struggling terpsMaryland‘s losses to both Ohio University and American University — at home — have done great damage to my college basketball excitement. When the Terps are bad it just kills the mood.

Until March Madness, that is, when “which teams made it?” matters a lot less than “which teams should I pick?”

A few thoughts between here and there:

As bad as Maryland looks, they can erase all of it by steamrolling to a winning record in the ACC. There’s nothing right now to suggest they could actually do that, but at least we can keep hope alive.

UMBC, by contrast, looks fantastic early. They actually managed to beat the same American team that handled Maryland, and right now they’re easily the best men’s team in the state. Next up, though, is Ohio State. I’m looking simply for a good showing there, a loss by no more than 20.

Here’s a bold prediction: this is the year when we’ll finally see a 16 seed upset a 1 seed.

With the way top talent is spread around college ball these days it’s bound to happen someday. I’ve got a hunch this is the year.

Anybody else watching college ball? Who’s your team? Who’s the mid-major dark horse I need to know about when bracket time comes?

4 comments to Looking Ahead to March

  • dan the man

    Sports news is ungodly slow this time of year. Thank god for fantasy basketball.

  • Andrew in York County

    What a fucking year, huh? Of course I had to root for the Orioles, Ravens, and Terps, all of whom have been just embarrassing. What a year.

  • dan the man

    You know, if the O’s can manage to pitch decently out of the ‘pen next year, let’s not forget that they could have a good shot at .500. Their lineup was more or less holding its own and scoring runs early in games – it was the pitching that blew all those leads. Even so, I still want to see it all blown up.

  • Andrew in York County

    Anecdotely, there were countless times when the Orioles offense would score a few runs early (we weren’t shutout until late in the season) but come up with bases loaded 1 out or 0 out and score maybe one run. Without Tejada, that offense looks pretty bullet ridden right now (of course, add Adam Jones or someone of that caliber and it starts to look at least the same as last year…but then the pitching staff looks stupid…).

    But yes, our bullpen totally cost us around 7 or 8 games last year easily (Mother’s Day, that A-Rod grand slam game spring to mind). Fixing that – and losing Baez and (hopefully) a competent young guy like Bob McCrory – and he looked very competent and confident when I saw him in the Arizona championship game – goes a loooooooong way towards that.

    We’re still going to be real, real bad.