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Mitchell Report Open Thread

baseball george mitchell steroids reportOne of my many non-sports pursuits involves co-teaching a class in Narrative Illustration at MICA. That happens every few Thursdays, and tomorrow is one such Thursday.

George Mitchell has no regard for my schedule. He has decided to release his steroid report at the same time that I’ll be waist-deep in helping evaluate final projects, rendering me helpless in the face of what figures to be some serious breaking news. Indeed, rumors are are already running rampant.

Given that disadvantage, I’m opening up the floor from now until tomorrow evening/night for anything and everything related to the report. I fully expect an Oriole or two to be named, making this a big Baltimore story. So take the comments section of this post and run with it. I’d like for this to be the absolute best place for Baltimore fans to turn for quality discussion, and I have no doubt you all will make it that and then some.

I just hope the news isn’t too bad. For us, that is. I won’t shed a single tear if Derek Jeter‘s name turns up. Nope.

18 comments to Mitchell Report Open Thread

  • Andrew in Rochester

    And I will be neck deep in fucking work all day and night tomorrow, and then have some major shit to attend to with classes ( you try passing a Turing Test before Christmas) so I’ll pop in when I get a chance to comment, but don’t expect much.

    Current Orioles likely to be named in the report, in my humble opinion: Gibbons, maybe Roberts (I personally doubt it, but its been out there for so long, its a probablity), hopefully the Huffster, and almost 100% guaranteed Chad Bradford . That dude isn’t fooling anybody in my household with his 65 mph junk.

  • Chris

    “Turing Test” as in the gay British computer guy who ate the poison apple?

  • dan the man

    please no cal, please no cal, please no cal…..

  • dan the man


    for those who can’t wait until 1pm.

    The Day the Yankees Went Down! I fully expect A-Rod, Jeter, Pettite, Clemens, Giambi, Bernie Williams, Posada… everyone.

    but please no cal, please no cal, please no cal……

  • random dude

    As for the Yanks:
    I’m guessing, defnitely Giambi, Clemens, Pettitte. Probably Posada and Abreu. Maybe Bernie Williams. But I highly doubt that Jeter and A-Rod will be on there.

    I would be beyond shocked if Ripken was on there. Have you read something that makes you think he will be?

  • random dude

    For what its worth, Deadspin has posted a list of names that they’ve found circulating around the internet. MLB has said the list isn’t entirely accurate, so take it for what it’s worth.


  • dan the man

    Nah, I haven’t heard anything at all to make me think Cal will be on there. Just straight paranoia. It would be devastating for baseball. Moreso, I think, than A-Rod or Jeter.

  • random dude

    Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts is an infielder who has played for the Baltimore Orioles since 2001.
    He has been selected to two All-Star teams.
    Roberts and Larry Bigbie were both rookies in 2001. According to Bigbie, both he and Roberts lived in Segui’s house in the Baltimore area during the latter part of that season.
    When Bigbie and Segui used steroids in the house, Roberts did not participate.
    According to Bigbie, however, in 2004 Roberts admitted to him that he had injected himself once or twice with steroids in 2003. Until this admission, Bigbie had never suspected Roberts of using steroids.
    In order to provide Roberts with information about these allegations and to give him an opportunity to respond, I asked him to meet with me; he declined.

    – I am surprised he’s in it. Kind of sucks. Especially if he DID only do it once or twice. Not sure how I feel about it.

  • random dude

    That list leaves out the players from the Balco part of the report. That list goes as follows:
    a. Marvin Benard
    b. Barry Bonds
    c. Bobby Estalella
    d. Jason Giambi
    e. Jeremy Giambi
    f. Benito Santiago
    g. Gary Sheffield
    h. Randy Velarde

  • dan the man

    I have absolutely no problem with Roberts experimenting with it “once or twice”. None. The whole game was doing it, he was surrounded by it. Whatever. It’s in the past, he’s clearly still one of the best charitable players in the game. Bigbie and Segui are fuckheads.

    I like that Mitchell emphasized that a) it was everyone’s fault and he DID mention the Commish b) ideas about how to make the testing better and implementing a seperate division within baseball and c) that baseball shouldn’t really punish players for shit that happened before testing. It’s not closure, but it’s close enough. The issue is getting better, it’s time to move on. Hundreds of players not named in the report did steroids so it’s not fair to punish those who WERE named, except, and I love this little statement, where the commish deems it necessary to “protect the integrity of the game” (AHEM bonds AHEM)

    Clemens should be treated just like Bonds. No Hall for you.

    Where were McGwire and Sosa in the List, though? Did I miss something. I of course didn’t read the whole thing at all.

    And, oh yeah, Tejada. Ha – saw that one coming.

  • dan the man

    Wait yeah they’re all in there. There isn’t one List, so to speak, like we all sort of thought there would be.

  • dan the man

    Piatt had several conversations with Tejada before a transaction occurred. Piatt
    admitted he had access to steroids and human growth hormone and agreed to obtain them for
    Tejada. Piatt recalled that he provided Tejada with testosterone or Deca-Durabolin, as well as
    human growth hormone. Piatt emphasized that he did not know whether Tejada actually used
    the substances.
    Piatt’s bank provided two checks deposited into Piatt’s account that had been
    written to him from Miguel Tejada. The checks are dated March 21, 2003 and are in the
    amounts of $3,100 and $3,200 respectively.

  • random dude

    After giving it some thought. I’m perfectly fine with Roberts. I also think that everyone in the game was at least experimenting with it. I think the part about him not being present with Bigbie and Segui when they were injecting and the part about Bigbie not suspecting him sold me the most. Hopefully he doesn’t get beat up too bad for this by the fans/media.

  • Joe the Guy

    This all is a bunch of political pork. Sixty million for a bunch of old news and no action. McCarthy is smiling down on old man Mitchell

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I’ve got lots of thoughts on this, but that’ll wait until I can sleep on it. Initially, and briefly…

    1) You cannot just look the other way on Brian because he only did it once or twice. If that’s acceptable to you, then where’s the cut off? Is the cut-off people who aren’t Brian Roberts? We have to be just as hard on him as we want to be on, say, Andy Pettite.

    2) What I’ve come to terms with, via lots of Drew Forrester discussions, is that taking steroids doesn’t change someone in my eyes. Brian is still probably the nicest and most charitable guy on the O’s since Cal Ripken (what a double play combo they would’ve been) and he having taken steroids doesn’t diminish him in my eyes. It makes him a cheater, but still a good, valuable guy. And conversely, Roger Clemens is still a fucking douchebag, taking steroids doesn’t add to that. But he is also a cheater, just like Brian Bob.

    3) Where the Red Sox at? I find it hard to fathom that the only guy s on the current best team of the decade that were using were Brendan Donnelly and Eric Gagne. Even if they were all clean – and they might’ve been – a member of the Red Sox has fingered multiple current Yankees and 0 current Red Sox. Disturbing.

    4) The most important part of this, not the with hunt (and it is a McCarthy style witch hunt) but rather what happens next. That will be telling.

    More later.

  • dan the man

    I don’t think Mitchell had any alterior motives here. I listened to the press conference and ESPN all day – he’s not even a politician. He was a judge once. He’s not on Congress. On the contrary, this report saves the MLB from having Congress get involved in the game of baseball because now Selig can say, hey, we did what we could. Stay out of baseball.

    In the end, it’s obviously not a graet report. So many people were not named, and guys like Roberts were mentioned seemingly for the sake of adding more names. But Clemens is NAILED. There are multiple sources corraborating McNamee’s testimony about supplying and injecting Clemens. Tejada, also, was nailed. In the end, I don’t see how we can’t be somewhat thankful that this report came out. We deserve to have this information as fans of the game. It doesn’t mean we have to dwell on it or punish the players – but I’m glad we know more than we did.

    It’s simply too easy to bash this report. I mean, no one cooperated with Mitchell, so it’s not really his fault that Selig shelled out 60 million bucks for a weak investigation. He was hired to do a job without having the power of subpeona – he did what he could with the little authority he had.

    Personally, I love seeing Clemens squirm and bitch and moan through his lawyer, knowing he won’t be able to sue shit for fear of drawing more attention to the shit he’s been hiding.

  • dan the man

    Furthermore, I am ready to give Roberts a pass. For one, there wasn’t shit in the report except that Bigbie said he said he did it once or twice. Same goes for anyone else like that in the report. I’ll give a LOT of guys a pass in that report who were named on chinsy little “he said he said” stuff – but not everyone. We’ve all experimented with drugs “once or twice”. Do I lose a little respect for Roberts? Yeah, but I already lost that respect last year when he was named in the Grimsley affadavit. He was on it before there was testing, and he’s off it now. Same with all these guys. The Steroid Era is coming to a close and this report, bunk as it may or may not be, is going to help Selig finally gets his old ass in gear.