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Next in Line?

Baltimore Orioles logoI’ve been reading the Orioles tea leaves over the past couple of days, trying to divine what might be in store for this frustrating, mercurial bunch. And I think I might have figured something out.

Let’s assume that Sam Perlozzo isn’t long for this team, and that at most he’ll serve out the year and then be done. I’m not necessarily saying that should happen, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that it might happen. Whenever the topic comes up someone inevitably asks: who should replace him? Bobby Valentine and Joe Girardi have been mentioned on a speculative basis, and I’m sure you could add another handful of attractive candidates to the list if you thought real hard. But there’s no need, because I think I know who the next Oriole manager is going to be, if/when Sammy P gets canned.

Jim Palmer.

I say this for two reasons. One, there have been rumblings (and I wish I could cite a source but nothing’s been published) that he’s interested in moving into the dugout. He’s also been increasingly outspoken lately, both on the broadcasts and in interviews, regarding the things these players need to do to succeed. And he would know, wouldn’t you say?

The other reason is perhaps even more persuasive, and that is his connection to the best years of the Orioles and his apparently solid relationship with Peter Angelos. If they decide to make a change Palmer would represent both the vaunted “Oriole Way” and a dose of new blood. He’s been around the team in an intimate capacity throughout all of the losing but he hasn’t been tainted by it in the clubhouse and on the field.

If I sound like I’m actually advocating for this then, well…maybe I am to some extent. I still say Perlozzo should get this year, but if we finish the season no better off than we were when it started, why not make a change? And if you do make the change, why not go to Palmer?

It’s food for thought at least.

As you mull it, enjoy tonight’s matchup of Erik Bedard and Dan Haren. Melvin Mora‘s not in the lineup, and I can’t say that bothers me much.

5 comments to Next in Line?

  • Mike L

    sure. why not give palmer a shot. he’s one of the best pitchers in history so im sure he could help some of the younger guys. especially in the pen. its still amazing that he was one of 4 20 game winners in the same rotation. thats crazy. each night having a cy young canidate take the hill. now you might see one guy in each league get to 20 wins. not 4, and definaatly not 4 on the same team. i still say sam should stay for the year. if you change management in the middle we should just close up shop now. the only way it might work is if the change comes right about now, or in a few days. the players can have time to adapt and overcome while its still early. making a change in july or august, like in mazilli’s case, forget about it.

    i too think that what we are seeing from our beloved o’s is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the season. low scores and close games. i think cakes will lead the team in homers with 22. and i’m pretty much ready to toss my 43 -39 record on july 1st out the window. i thought a few weeks ago the bats were cold, pen couldnt nail it down, but baseballs a long season and those things will turn around. i dont see it happening here. the pen really isnt that bad when used right. i.e. danyz baez should be glued to the bench until we have a 20 run lead. maybe not even then. walker is money, i think he one or 2 bad outtings, but it’s gonna happen. bradford has actully done really well to bridge the gap between the 6th and 8th innings. for as much action as he’s seen, he’s been awesome. but the bats just arent there. we seem to selective at times at the plate, which leads to some walks, but also leads into falling behind in the count, and seeing alot of 0-2,1-2 pitches like breaking balls which end up as double play balls. i see a lot of fist pitch fastballs that we take for a first strike. with the hiting talent we got we should be jacking those 1st pitch fastballs all over the park. dont know what else to say. ive tried being optimistic, but it sucks watching a team score less than 4 runs a game day in and day out. one thing i did like was in the botom of the ninth tonight while we batted everone was up off the bench rooting for their guys and cheering for teamates. except for one guy, sammy p. regardless im glad the guys are doing that. shows me they do care and badly wanna win a ball game. just like miggys extra bp. kudos. now someone tell gibbons he’s pulling his head out when he swings.

  • daily news says it will be jerry manuel.

  • Ryan

    The Sunpapers said Sunday that they think it could be Davey Johnson.

  • dan the man

    Jim Palmer… that’s genius. But let Sammy have the season. Despite the fact that I’ve pretty much given up on him, the guys are winning now and booting a guy midseason is more harmful than it is helpful.

  • AJ

    Was this an early June fool’s day prank? Jim Palmer has no managing or even coaching experience. When has someone with no coaching or managing experience taken over MLB team (I do not count Ted Turner with the Braves). I would do pretty much anything to relieve him of his booth duties, but let’s not be insane.