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NFL Inquest, “It’s Just One Game” Edition

Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland BrownsRemember the NFL Inquest? Many of you probably didn’t read the site during last year’s football season, so here’s the deal: each week I’ll present an entirely subjective wrapup of the weekend’s NFL action, the goal being a quick, one-stop shop for important angles and analysis.

This year, in particular, I’m going to put extra focus on the AFC North as a way of augmenting our Ravens coverage.

Ready? Good.

*The Steelers had the second largest win, points-wise, of any team this week. They looked real, real good.

Of course, it came against the Browns, so take it with a grain of salt.

*Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Bud Shaw isn’t happy. I suspect this fairly represents most Browns fans.

*The Redskins pulled out an OT squeaker against the Dolphins, and I’m here to tell you right now: don’t sleep on this team. I’m not making any bold predictions, but I am saying they will absolutely be better than they were last year.

*I still hate injuries, but it’s so awesome that Jared Lorenzen will make some starts for the Giants. Viva la Hefty Lefty!

*Steelers coach Mike Tomlin isn’t surprised about the allegations of spying that have been leveled against the Patriots. Which begs the question: is anyone surprised by it?

I say strip them of next year’s draft if it’s true. Not because it’s so terrible an offense, but simply because Bill Belichick is who he is.

*The Chargers won with Tomlinson held to 25 yards. That should scare you if you’re a fan of any other team.

All of the above is noted with this one giant caveat: one game doesn’t mean a whole lot. Everyone’s still alive, even the Raiders.

5 comments to NFL Inquest, “It’s Just One Game” Edition

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Is it legal to revise picks if it’s done before week two?

    B.J. Sams out for season. Ogden out indefinitely – may not return at all. McNair groin unknown, but sounds serious. Ray says he has a torn triceps. – who knows.

    The only way the Ravens recover fully from this is if Ed Reed plays every position.

    Seriously though, the division just got a whole lot brighter for the Stillers and Bungles.

  • df1570

    Ravens can and will still win the division – even without Sams and (likely) Ogden.

    As long as #52 and McNair aren’t out for more than 2-3 weeks, the Ravens will be fine.

    Bengals? NO CHANCE they’re winning the division with that defense. Ain’t happening.

    Steelers? They’ll hang around because that’s what they do, but I don’t think their defense is good enough either.

    Browns? They’re almost as bad as the Orioles.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Umm Drew, with or without gifts, the Bengals defense forced six turnovers. If nothing else, they appeared to be a lot more like their ball-hawking D of two seasons ago. Of course the Ravens COULD still win the division, but to say they WILL with a new O-line with little experience is a stretch.

    All I know is if they don’t learn to pass protect better we should see a lot more of “crazy legs/hands/head Boller”.

    It’s all on McNair and how hurt he is – we knew that going in.

  • dan the man

    I read in the Sun today that the Ravens were at 3rd down with 3 yards or less to go 5 times in the game. They chose to pass 4 times and didn’t convert any. Tsk, tsk.

  • dan the man

    Looks like we have ourselves a spammer…