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Of Rallies and Fans and What it All Means

baltimore sports fans two-headed cowIf you’re not in the habit of following/participating in the conversations that happen in the comments, you’re missing out. Many times that’s where we find the gold that makes The Loss Column what it is. Take, for example, the discussion that took place (interestingly enough) in my last odds-and-ends post.

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Drew Forrester from WNST chimed in with some strong thoughts and it made for a great discussion. I decided it was so good that I should highlight it on the front page and open up the floor.

If you consider yourself a sports fan, you have to at some point answer a very basic question: what does that mean? What are the limits? How much passion is enough, and how much is too much? What does a team have to do to deserve that passion?

You already know where I stand. Nobody is obligated to be a fan, but if you claim to be a fan — your own choice — then that means that you have to commit to it. No “I’m a fan, but…” No “I’ll come back when the team does X, Y, and Z.” To me, you turn in your card when you start delineating the conditions by which you’ll consent to hold it.

But that’s just me. There are plenty of other, equally valid perspectives out there. Drew says that the team has turned its back on the city and he won’t support them until they reconnect. Other folks won’t come back until they win. Other folks have their own little quirks.

So, what about it? It’s admittedly kind of silly to post this up in the graveyard that is Friday night, but so be it. I’m sure it’ll come up more than once again.

Oh, and Drew: you gotta throw the dog a bone. If you mention The Loss Column in your WNST blog you need link it up, man! Even if you think we’re so pro-Orioles that we may as well be owned by them.

And for the record, I highly doubt I would ever take MASN money for advertising. They show up in my Google ads, but that’s not a direct relationship. The moment I take their money directly is the moment that you all start questioning my takes on the team. If they came to me, and offered money for space without conditions, then maybe. Maybe.

16 comments to Of Rallies and Fans and What it All Means

  • Mike L

    in all the comments in the odds and ends post, and the way we have performed since promoting trembley, i think all and all we just need to be patient. The team is taking the steps to move in the right direction. and it starts at the top with the hiring of mcphail. you know he’s gonna do the right things and accuire he right people to right this sinking ship. i think it was also important that he showed up for cal’s HOF send off night. cause angelos was nowhere to be seen. then down to DT who has done a hell of a job adapting and overcoming with what he had to work with. then the players themselves look more like a team, and are responding to what trembley preeches. even in the 9th against boston down by 4, everyone was up on the rail in the dugout, looking on in hopes of a comeback. 2 months ago down in the 9th the players are packing up the dugout, and some hit the showers with sammyP huddled in the corner.

    “All we need is just a little patience.” i know after 9, hopefully not 10 losing seasons, patience is really really wearing thin. but we are finally taking the necesary steps to field awinning ball club. we have veterans up and down the line up just like we had back in 96′ and 97′. roberts is a must at leadoff. and i think we need to keep patterson around. with our small ball type style, and no power hitters we need all the speed and defense we can get. CPat has to get a gold glove this year. markakis is still only in his second year, and is bound to hit 30-40 homers and 100+ RBI’s. why not keep tejada around. the guy has one off year, and has actually looked sharp since coming back from injury. i think we can get 3 more quality years out of him. signing adam dunn could be a boost in power. and you know he would be knocking balls on to eutaw street like raffy did. ramon is getting older, and wont hit much for power but we got wieters up and coming. and he’s a power hitting catcher. but ramons a great defensive catcher and thats key in alot of our close games. melvin is getting old too, but i think he led the team in homers before getting hurt. he was productive in the 6 spot. aubrey, see ya. and i may be crazy but i think we should give gibbons one more year. i’ll tell you why shortly, but heres the line up i’d like to see in 08′ roberts, patterson, cakes, dunn, tejada, mora, gibbons, ramon, and gomez. and id like to see luis hernandez, and im on the fence about millar. his leadership is a value to us, but how much longer will batting him 4th work.

    i know this is a long post, and im sorry but heres where i stand on gibbons. now when we got sosa, we got a just got off the juice sosa, and numbers plummeted. he gets realeased, and putting up big numbers in texas after a year of actual real working out. now we all know how big gibbons used to be right. im not impling, and god i hope he wasnt on the juice, but maybe hes in his off juice year, and after this year of real pumping iron, the power will be back. and we’ll get 25-30 homers out of him. and hope he stays healthy. plus you could consider him a veteran.

    with all these veterans, and a hell of a pitching staff, if not now, then when. were due, and if we go next year or without sniffing the playoffs then i think were back to fielding a team hairstons, and bigbies, and matos’, and newhan’s, and conine’s.

    and if they think another free the birds protest will do anything, please. it obviously didnt change anything the first time, and we can forget about angelos just up and giving the team away. so we’ll just have to be patient and make due.

  • Dan the Man

    What I was trying to say in the Odd, Ends post is that if you’re a fan, you should be a fan unconditionally. It’s something that’s been said here a lot, and I think it kind of defines the general attitude of this blog. Maybe the O’s organizaiton doesn’t do as much as it could to listen to its fans. But maybe the fans don’t do as much as they could to support the team on the field. It’s a point of view that many fans don’t take, but I’m so tired of bitching about Angelos and nitpicking about jerseys and numbers and things the organization “needs” to do for its fans. How about just put a winning team on the field? Isn’t that what we all really want? To be able to see our beloved Orioles contend? Maybe Elrod’s number should be retired, but when you looks at his numbers, maybe you reserve that for guys with better numbers. Maybe they should answer the phones saying “Baltimore”, but come on, what are we talking about here? We aren’t going to get much done by finding endless amounts of little things the O’s aren’t doing to please some portion of an overly-dramatic fanbase.

    When the Ravens do things for the fans, it’s easier to see because there’s more time to do it and they play 16 hugely important games so the press is all over every single thing they do. Personally, if guys like Brian Roberts and others only visited sick children and held charity events, and didn’t stay after to sign one autograph, I’d be fine with that. The things these guys do for charity are some of the best and most frequent in all of baseball, but it goes largely unheralded in the press because some of the press is so blinded by Angelos and the fact that the O’s are a losing team.

    I will stand by my point that if the O’s were 10 games above .500 right now with the guys they have on the field, almost no one in radio would be talking about what the organization should be doing for the fans. Not because being over .500 is enough, because it most likely isn’t, but because that’s what we all REALLY want as fans. A winner. If the O’s had done all the things for the fans mentioned earlier, and signed some big money guys, and STILL ended up under .500, then you better believe the press would still be negative, and someone in the O’s organization would still get blamed for something. I’m just so sick of hearing people paint the O’s organization as some evil corporation. There are more important things to be up in arms about than the local baseball team. Why would I want to listen to WNST over 1300? Why would I want to hear negaitivity? That’s not why I listen to the radio.

    Yes the O’s should do some of these things for the fans – I wholly support all of them. But am I going to boycott the team? Hell no. I love watching them play. The organization may have chased some of its fans away, but then, they aren’t real fans are they? Being a baseball fan is about going to the stadium and watching your hometown team play the greatest game ever. No matter what the suits do. The suits don’t play the game.

    And a thing about MASN – yeah, it’s not great and yeah it’s costs money, but hey, if it helps our team by building revenue then great. Plus, there’s more coverage. The low quality-ness of it is kind of funny and charming. Again, I have better things to do being a fan of the game than bitch about $2 and HD and all this. Why waste energy being negative about baseball? It’s a sport, it’s supposed to be fun. Lighten up.

  • Dan the Man

    Not trying to say I dislike everything about WNST. I enjoy Popovec and Rob Long (who, inexplicably, isn’t on the front page of WNST.net with all the other guys up top, when he’s one of the more fun guys to listen to on the station – REAL stupid). It just seems like a lot of the topics are negative and, even worse, most of the DJs have just disregarded the Orioles altogether in favor of the Ravens tossing the pigskin around in training camp (YAWN). Come on, the O’s are playing their best baseball right now – let’s get behind them. I guess I’m just bored with their view. I want to root for the team, and I could care less about much else. Furthermore, the first Free The Birds was a total disrespect to the players on the field. You can’t cheer for the team all game and then leave in the middle and miss the win. That’s straight shameful behavior.

  • It’s not just me that feels like the Orioles have disconnected themselves with Baltimore baseball fans. If it were just me, I wouldn’t have much to talk about.

    25,000 empty seats per-night – on average – are claiming the same thing.

    I’ve talked more baseball this year – from the start of the season until now – than ANYONE in the city, on ANY radio station, at any time. I LOVE baseball. I LOVE the Orioles. But I don’t like what they’ve become. And, to that end, they don’t deserve to be successful based on the steps they’ve taken over the years to abandon Baltimore baseball supporters.

    Someone in the organization removed the word BALTIMORE from the team logo in 1995. I don’t know who was responsible, per-se, but the club did it. They’ve had 14 years to put “BALTIMORE” back on the front of the road jerseys and they haven’t done it.

    Their on-field record is OBVIOUS. Their off-the-field “touches” are not so obvious. Some would call them discreet…but the things they’ve done over the years to disengage with Baltimore baseball fans haven’t gone unnoticed by those with a discerning eye.

    Do you think they’ll honor the ’83 World Series team next year? On their 25th anniversary?

    Next year, when the Negro League exhibit comes into town, do you think the club will park the exhibit out in front of the warehouse for everyone to see and/or enjoy…or will they park it down underneath the bridge by Ravens stadium – again…like they’ve done for the last two years?

    Do you think they’ll treat the guys at Comcast, WBAL Radio and WNST Radio professionally next year?

    As fans, do you ever think you’ll be able to call into a radio station and ask Andy MacPhail a question?

    If you are one of those people who say, “no matter what, they’re my team and I’m going to suppor them”, that’s a position that really doesn’t deserve to be criticized. There ARE people out there who believe that – and that’s certainly their right.

    But the team is really a public trust. This team will be here long after I’m gone – and long after you’re gone…the Angelos family and their executives running the club are merely caretakers. Someday, someone else will run it. That might not happen for 20, 30 or 40 years, but it will happen.

    In the meantime, they have an obligation to the fans. It’s not the other way around. They have an obligation to the fans and the sponsors to LISTEN TO US because we pay their salaries.

    If you go into a restaurant tonight and the steak is no good and you say “this is not done the way I wanted it”, do they argue with you or do they give you another steak?

    The empty seats at OPACY are saying, “this is not done the way I wanted it”. But the Orioles continue to make you eat THEIR steak the way they want you to eat it.

    And fewer and fewer people are ordering their steak these days.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well, to be fair, they have held open Q&A sessions at the ESPN zone frequently, including for Flanagan and Duquette. They held a Q&A for MacPhail and Trembley before a game. These guys are trying. You have to give them at least limited credit. These aren’t the guys in charge of the public works of the team, that’s Angelos and his flunkys. The guys in charge of baseball right now are the guys we want, and they are making at least a little effort.

    You have to at least like that the idea is to get players who want to be in Baltimore, and to build an identity for the team. Hopefully that includes community outreach. Baseball operations-wise, we’re are moving in the correct direction. It’s something. It’s not going to make us happy, yet, and it isn’t going to get rid of the Yankee fans and the pink hats, but it’s something.

    Drew, thanks for coming around and chatting. I hope you stick around because this is easily the most important topic – fandom and such – and some contrasting views are good for us. It’s kind of a shame that we’re all more or less on the same page, but I like that the loss column, ironically, isn’t as negative as camdenchat.com or some other sites, no offense to them. And ou have noticed that this topic has gotten a lot of big long responses, and that’s awesome. That’s really awesome.

  • Mike L

    i agree totally andrew. i think you summed up my extremely too long comment the right way. the right pieces seem to be in place now with McPhail, and DT at helm, and you cant tell me flanagan doesnt want to see his team succeed too.you know he’s working hard along with duquette. if we field a winning ballclub do you think people would still boycott the o’s because baltimore isnt on the jersey, or the negro leauge exhibit is under the bridge. no. people NOT like all of us who are out there to find reasons NOT to plant their ass in a seat and watch a o’s game are the same people who when we do field that winning ballclub are gonna come right back, and claim to be long time o’s fans.

    if we win 70 games with our line up now, and people bitch about it,and say free the birds and all that horseshit, then field the same team next year and win 100 games, all of a sudden angelos is a genius, and eveybodys happy. thats not right at all. people out there are just looking for a reason, looking for excuses to not pay the money to see their “beloved” o’s. i’m almost tired of talking about it. if you hate angelos and the o’s cause he wont put baltimore on the jersey, then even if we win the world series, dont come back to the park til baltimore is back on the jersey. if your so mad that elrods number isnt retired, then dont come back to the park til it is. if your so mad that cals numbers arent posted on the warehouse, dont come back til they are.

    I’m just saying quit looking for a reason to not support our team. yeah i wish baltimore was on the road jersey, but im not about to stop supporting the players who work hard every day cause im afraid of putting 20 bucks in some owners pocket.

    the second angelos goes into the clubhouse and takes a democratic team vote on these topics, and the PLAYERS decide not to want baltimore on the jersey, then we have a problem. but that will never be happening.

  • Mike L

    i would like to see “2632” up there on the warehouse though. and addition to that, the other retired numbers as well. i mean the little courtyard is nice, but if you dont come in that entrance of the yard you cant even see em, and other fans dont even know they’re there. plus the champioship years, yeah they’re on the flags atop the jumbotron, but no one outside of here knows that, and if theres no wind you cant see the years. do they even do the thing anymore with the bronze baseballs that hit eutaw street, or one bounce the warehouse. i noticed the plaque where griffey hit the warehouse isnt there anymore either. after 14 years its just not mportant anymore? and when will a stature of cal be erected in front of the stadium near babe ruth’s statue.

    Man that post sounded real hypocritical to my last one, but im still rooting for my team, and paying money to go see them play. cause i love the TEAM no matter what.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I was just in OPACY and I saw the Griffey plaque. I can’t imagine that in the post-steroids era too many balls hit Eutaw street, but they certainly aren’t taking anything down. And I love the courtyard near Babe Ruth. I totally dig that that’s where the retired numbers go, it’s such a nice and classy place for them, despite the construction. And I love that if you go through the other entrances, you see the last piece of Memorial Stadium, or you can go through the pretty awesome warehouse entrance. Fuck man, I fucking love Camden Yards and how it’s laid out. I love that it’s called Oriole Park and not BG&E Park. I love that it was a trend setter that has been unequaled. To me, it really represents home for me (in case you can’t guess, I’m currently at college in Rochester, NY, which is a shit hole most of the year, and I don’t know when or if I’ll be coming back to Maryland on a permanent basis). Little things like leaving Cal’s numbers up or moving the Negro League thing are really nice touches that SHOULD be done, as is honoring our championship teams, but they really don’t keep me from idolizing OPACY.

    It’s kind of a really bizarre time to be a Balmer fan, isn’t it? There’s so much good stuff – we are one of the most historic and premiere teams in the majors – but coupled with bad stuff and the whole concept of being a fan is kind of being challenged every year – and seemingly moreso what with the rallies and the sort of winning going on so far (I still say we’re destined for 83 wins)…boy, I just don’t know.

  • Dan the Man

    I agree with Mike – if you’re going to not support the O’s when they suck, you better not show your face when they’re winners. If, in fact, the things which cause you to not support the team are still not taken care of.

    Don’t get me wrong, Drew, I have respect for you and for what you are trying to get the Orioles organization to notice (the fans) and for taking time to chat with us. I want all of the things you and 25,000 other fans want. I guess I’m just tired of people saying, “I’m not going to go to the Yard and support my team and support Baltimore because of Peter Angelos.” To me, that just says, “I’m only a fan if I get this, this, and this, and if the organization does this, this, and this for me.” I just don’t vibe with that sentiment, but I do understand why many people do. The fans undoubtedly deserve better and you’re right, the organization does have an obligation to us.

    But all these things – treating other radio stations the right way, the Negro league thing, the retired numbers – yeah, they need to be fixed, but we all know that and there’s not much we can do about it other than bitch and moan about it. And that MIGHT get something done eventually. But I’d prefer to spend my time as a fan being just that – a fan. If the only time O’s fans are going to go to a game is to protest to “free” the birds, then shame on them. That’s all I’m saying – for God’s sake, stop letting Angelos get you down. Maybe I’m the minority, but it’s how I feel.

    Again, Drew, no hard feelings, man – I appreciate that we are having these passionate discussions, especially here at TLC.

    GO O’S

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Yes, Dan! Thank you for that.

  • I have said this before but it bears repeating. I do NOT think Peter G. Angelos is responsible for all of the things that have been done wrong by the Orioles organization since he took over the ownership reins in 1993.

    I think he has hired some people who don’t understand Baltimore.

    And those people – in marketing, PR, communications, etc., are as much responsible for some of the massive missteps as anyone else, including Peter.

    Those of you who would rather say, “let’s not look for reasons to NOT support the team” get confused with the other side of the coin, “let’s look for reasons TO support the team.”

    The ONLY reason I see to support the team these days is because they are the team I grew up supporting, loving, spending my money on and following each and every night in the summer from, say, 1969 through 2007.

    The reasons I see to NOT support them outnumber the reasons TO support the team about 30 to 1.

    For those of you think or say, “they just need to win and everyone will come back”, let me ask you this question…

    To you – what, exactly, is “WINNING”?

    What’s your definition of winning and what do you think the rest of the fans want or demand in terms of their own version of winning?

    Is it, for instance, getting to the playoffs one time? Is that “winning” in your book?

    Is “winning” getting to a World Series?

    Or, is winning just being above .500 for once in 10 years or so?

    I’m curious to know – because I hear people say all the time, “if they just win, everyone will come back.”

    If it’s going to take a World Series, for example, you might want to come to grips with the fact that we haven’t BEEN to a World Series in 25 years. Those visits to the big dance don’t grow on trees.

    I do agree that “winning” is important. And, to me, “winning” means competing for a playoff spot over the last 2-3 weeks of a season and even, maybe, advancing into post-season play.

    We haven’t seen that type of winning since 1997 around here. And there’s a good chance we might not see that again until, at the very earliest, 2008.

    So, in the meantime, while the team is trying to figure out how to win again, don’t you think the franchise should be trying to fix the mistakes they’ve made over the years? Wouldn’t that help soothe some of the wounds?

    They had their chance this past April to announce they were going to put “BALTIMORE” back on the road jerseys. They failed to do it.

    I bring that issue up again because that’s one example of something they could have done this year – in the midst of losing baseball – to show people they were trying to fix some of things they’ve handled wrong over the years.

    If you think hiring Andy MacPhail is the tonic for all of this (and there’s no doubt he might be the team’s best hire in 10 years), how come all the other losing franchises in baseball didn’t hire him first?

    I have no hard feelings towards any of you, even those of you who disagree with whatever elements of the discussion I feel so strongly about.

    I tend to look at everything about the franchise from the standpoint of what the team is obligated to do in their position as a “public trust” while a lot of you think, “what should we, as fans, be doing for them?”.

    The Orioles franchise exists because my mom and dad – and maybe your mom and dad too – attended about 1,000 games in the 60’s and 70’s at Memorial Stadium.

    The team is obligated to treat the fans right.

    The team in Baltimore – right now – doesn’t treat their fans the way they should.

    When they do, people will go back.

    Until then, we all have the right to voice our displeasure in whatever manner we feel necessary to make them aware we’re not happy.

  • Joe the Guy

    I disagree wholeheartedly DF – “The Os” – as in The Suits – ARE making an effort.

    Let’s start with management, and i’ll quote you:

    “and there’s no doubt he might be the team’s best hire in 10 years”

    Good Point.

    Let’s look at how we got here -> Last Year.

    Their biggest issue last year – UNQUESTIONABLY – was their bullpen.

    I felt their effort was evident in the offseason. They diagnosed and addressed the biggest issue of the previous season, in a major way.

    And now that Ray is out, our two biggest offseason acquisitions are our closer and setup man. Not bad reinforcement during our aforementioned Killer Run – only the best record in the AL since the all star break.

    Danny “Joan” Baez has been shit thus far and owes us all an apology, but he’s 1 for 1 as a closer so we gotta roll with it. Why not?

    The Guthrie acquisition was just tight – they STOLE him from Cleveland. They noticed he was unprotected and nabbed him. That’s a saavy move seems to be working out?

    How can you not see the potential in this team? They’ve got all star quality veterans (Roberts, Tejada) a nasty lefty Ace (bedard) young power (Markakis) and more than decent young pitching (guthrie, loewen)

    Hop on board, there is plenty of room. Go O’s.

  • Jon, I can’t remind you enough that everything you just wrote about are linked to “on-field” issues. You’re right, Guthrie was a steal. That’s one move. Williamson? Not a good move. For every good move they’ve made over the last 3-5 years (and there aren’t many), the bad moves unbalance them 2-to-1. Again, though, there’s a distinct difference between the things the front office has done to improve the club and the things the front office has done to improve the relationship with the fans.

    Andy MacPhail might be their best hire in 10 years, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to given the liberties to do the BEST job that he can do – because history tells us no executives under PGA’s regime have been given free reign to perform up to their standards.

    I really do like Andy MacPhail – but in all honesty, the ONLY thing he’s done so far is to give Trembley the interim manager’s job and then remove the “interim” tag 6 weeks later. But, even those of you who only bleed orange and black must admit that if MacPhail would have gotten HIS way, Joe Girardi – not Trembley – would have been managing this team right now. So MacPhail didn’t PICK Trembley. Trembley was the manager-by-default after the guy Andy really wanted said “no thanks”.

    Most of you concentrate ONLY on the team’s on-field efforts, believing those wins and losses are the sole factors by which everyone judges a team’s success or lack thereof.

    I concentrate on both the on-field and off-field elements, not only with the Orioles, but the Ravens as well.

    As it goes for the Birds, I think they’re trying to get better on the field and I’ve gone on the record as saying that over and over throughout this season. I was probably the first guy in the media – ON THE RECORD – to say about 10 days ago that this team will compete for a playoff spot next year if they add a power hitter or two in the winter and find one or two more reliable guys for the bullpen. They’re not that far away from really competing. That doesn’t mean they’re going to make the playoffs, mind you. But all I want is for a series next September against (insert team here) to maybe determine the team’s post-season fate. We haven’t had that in so long…

    As for the off-the-field stuff, I can only hope they finally come to grips with the fact that it’s their obligation to give the fans what they want. The Ravens do it. Any of you been out to Ravens training camp in Westminster? If not, you should go, if for no other reason than to watch an organization reach out and embrace their fans in a manner that makes everyone out there want to support that franchise no matter what – win OR lose.

    There are still about 984 of you fully embracing the O’s these days and you should all be given a medal of some kind. In 2000, there were probably 20,000 of you. In ’01, that number dipped to 17,000. In ’02, it might have been 15,000. By ’06, the “fully embracing crowd” was about 1,500. Now, you’re the only ones left that love ’em no matter how many games they lose and no matter how many times they do something off the field to remind you that they really don’t care if you’re happy or not.

    Go out to Westminster this week if you really want to see a franchise that understands how important it is to connect with the fans.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything Drew has said here. I am the demographic that left the Orioles fanbase years ago. It has very little to do with their play on the field. When they play well, my interest is somewhat piqued but only because I hate the Yankees so much that any chance of putting them behind us is fine by me.

    There are a few points that haven’t been made however. As corny as it sounds, (bear with me) the day the Orioles started to lose me was the day they fired Jon Miller – or “didn’t return his phone calls”. Any baseball move, i.e. firing Gillick, Davey Johnson, signing Joey Belle, etc. can be ridiculed from the standpoint of an organization not having good baseball personnel/philosophy in place. But when they fired JM it was the first time I truly felt like the O’s had ZERO awareness of the fans and how much they (I at least) identified with certain voices (Hall of Fame voices) as the voices of summers in Baltimore, much like several generations did with Chuck Thompson. And it was the way they did it that is truly telling. Evidently Ron Shapiro tried to contact Angelos over and over again to no avail and Miller had to move on. That’s it right there. If there’s a fucking Iron Curtain at the warehouse that beloved employees can’t break through, why in the hell would the fans mean anything to this little ball of greed?

    I guess the best analogy I could use for the state of the Orioles as they pertain to my life would be Iraq. I’ll always support
    the soldiers on the ground doing their jobs but I’m not going to drink the kool-aid being served by an administration in an ivory tower making money hand over fist that has ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY for any of the decisions they make or reparations they don’t make.

    I’ll cop to this – if the O’s start winning again I’ll probably start watching again. But it’s not because I’m a fairweather fan. It’s because in my opinion the only way the O’s will become a winning organization again will be when Angelos’ main role is signing paychecks, letting genuine baseball people run the warehouse, and hopefully through pure kharma, re-connecting with a fan-base that is eager to get back on the bus.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    You know, if you’re into this sort of thinking, there’s something to the notion that the Orioles won’t win until they re-connect with their fanbase through these off field issues, karma-wise. Certainly there is absolutely no excuse for things like not celebrating Elrod Hendricks, Cal Ripken, the Baltimore Black Sox, the city of Baltimore, et al correctly – and I agree, Drew, that if they did all these things it would be really quite touching on a personal level and would swell my thin body with pride.

    But, as Bill Murray would say, baby steps.

    Give some credit to the franchise for what it has done. Everybody here is upset that Davey Johnson, an Oriole lifer and a genuinely good manager, and Jon Miller, a classy non-homer guy, were fired. Well, you could say, in an effort to make up for it, they got Gary Thorne, who I’ve really enjoyed after all this Jim Hunter stuff, and have tried to find a genuinely good manager who wants to be an Oriole – and they probably did, even if accidentally.

    And give just a bit of credit to Peter Angelos for holding onto the one player who goes out of his way to work hard on Baltimore-based charities, even though most of us wanted him traded away to Atlanta. And his reason for holding onto Brian Roberts was exactly that (though those reasons don’t really make any baseball sense, they are still honorable and we’d be completely fucked if we had given him up).

    I don’t have to look for reasons to root for this team. Yeah, they aren’t very good – but am I going to root for the Red Sox, the current flavor of winning? I just see some improvement – not what we all want, mind you – and I like it. Baby steps.

  • Joe the Guy


    I formally decree the lot of us as “Pissweather Fans”

    You know who you are.

    Fairweather fans can click the link below:


    Go O’s