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Orioles – Jays Open Thread

The great thing about continuing to put up Open Threads from now until the end is that we quite literally have no idea what might happen in these games. Might history lurk behind door number three?

Brian Burres vs. Jesse Litsch


8 comments to Orioles – Jays Open Thread

  • Andrew in Rochester


  • dan the man

    Brian Burres as a reliever: 6.62 ERA
    Brian Burres as a starter: 4.93 ERA

    I’m not saying he’s an amazing pitcher, but I am saying he deserves to hold this spot in the rotation right now, especially when your other options are Zambrano and Bell.

    When Burres got put back in the bullpen, it was during a really rough stretch for the ‘pen and it made sense to try and stabilize it with a guy who had done well as the long man early in the season. And it gave the O’s a chance to look at Garrett Olson. But I think his masterful performance tonight proves that he should be a starter.

    Even if he has a few games here or there when he walks guys and gives up homers – the fact that he can have solid starts more consistently than Daniel Cabrera is huge for this team. The guy’s got 7 wins as a starter – just as many as Jeremy Guthrie, and more than Steve Trachsel.

    He got beat up a lot recently in the 30-3 game and the 11-run inning game, but it’s clear he’s not tired now that he’s gone 7 innings – I just think his mojo was off. Anyway – good work, Brian. And nice haircut.

  • dan the man

    Check that – 6 wins for Brian Burres. But still… this team needs every win it can get and 6 ain’t bad.

    Also –

    I LIKE TIKE! (Another 3-hit night…)

  • Mike L

    is there anyway to explain this last strectch run of the season. i mean, the day we sign trembley, the wheels come off. then hes suspended for 3 games, and treblehorn beats john lackey, and a toronto team that has given us fits all year. should we just keep handing managerial duties on down the line during a season, until the 3rd base ball girl is making the lineup card.

    nice game tonight brian. i like tike too. i hope we see him starting regularly next year

  • dan the man

    Wow – why Birkins so bad? Doesn’t record an out, lets up 4 runs, and he’s done in the 1st inning. Real nice there, Kurt.

  • dan the man

    Methinks he’s a lifetime minor leaguer – not a lot of upside to Kurt Birkins, sadly. Or maybe he just needs to be a reliever.

    How snakebit is this team right now? Now we lose Baez to elbow problems, and he may be facing Tommy John surgery. So that’s our closer AND our set-up-guy-who-was-supposed-to-replace-our-injured-closer possibly out for all of ’08. GAH!

  • dan the man

    Cabrera could take a hint from Halladay – go down to A ball and reinvent yourself. I’d be down with that.

  • dan the man

    How about Zambrano eating up 4 innings? Screw making him a starter, he looks good as a long guy. I’m not sure he’s any good after 3 or 4 innings, anyway.