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O’s – Angels Open Thread

baltimore orioles fan parking sign
At this point, seriously, it’s more funny than anything else. Go O’s!

12 comments to O’s – Angels Open Thread

  • df1570

    Anyone wanna come up with a new marketing theme for the remaining home games?

    Let’s replace “Ya gotta be here” with…(be creative)

    Here’s my first installation:

    “Have you seen the shitty ball we’ve been playing? You gotta STAY AWAY!”

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    “You gotta pee here – more Yanks and Sox fans did”

  • dan the man

    You gotta get drunk here or else it’s depressing?

    Meanwhile, DT has a 3 game suspension, D-Cabs has a 6 game suspension, and Jon Leicester is doing alright so far.

    Check out the kids tonight! Tike with an RBI single, Fahey with a stolen base (with 2 outs, no less – ballsy) and a run scored, Moore with an RBI double, and Markakis with a sweet diving catch. I’m so happy that Roberts, Mora, and Tejada are not playing tonight – pretty tired of that option at this point.

  • dan the man

    Add to that a sick Looie Hernandez defensive play just now.

    I keep typing “no”, damnit.

  • dan the man

    Ok, I’m officially going to keep track of the kids tonight since it’s the one fun thing to do when watching the O’s these days.

    Add a sweet Fahey defensive play as well – dude can make a throw with his momentum carrying him the wrong way, that’s for sure.

    Meanwhile Leicester is two-hitting the Angels through 4. Good work, ace!

  • dan the man

    Another fine double play. Moore to Fahey who was getting taken out via slide at 2nd base, but still makes the throw to Huff. Fahey is as good a fielder as ANY baseball player I’ve ever seen. He just missed a home run tonight, too.

  • dan the man

    And Leicester leaves to a standing ovation after 5.2 scoreless innings. The redhead does it again.

    First starter in 8 games to make it past the 5th inning… WOW

  • neal s

    I can totally dig losing 95 games next year with this lineup:

    Roberts (2b)
    Markakis (rf)
    Millar (1b/dh)
    Wieters (c)
    Redman (cf)
    Hernandez (ss)
    Moore (3b)
    (left fielder)
    (first baseman/DH)

    We’d probably set records for offensive futility, but at least the slate would be (mostly) clean.

  • dan the man

    Yup I could be down with that, but there really isn’t any way Wieters will play next year – he hasn’t even swung a wooden bat yet. But I’m with you – losing a bunch of games on account of your offense is better than losing them on pitching and defense.

    Hoey with a nice outing. He’s going to be fine once he’s completely comfortable at this level.

  • dan the man

    This from Orioles.com:

    “They feel like they want to give me a day off. I don’t know if it’s a day off or I’m sitting on the bench,” Tejada said. “Then I can go somewhere else next year, [if] they have somebody that can play short. That would be nice for me.”

    Ha… my, my how one’s mind kind change. It would be nice for us, too, Miggi. Dick, yeah? How hard is it to see that you’ve been shitty defensively, the starters have all been bad, and the kids aren’t up here to sit on the bench. They can lose 18 out of 20 just as easily as the starters can. Jesus, swallow your pride for once in your life, Miggi. Thought you were supposed to be the leader, not the whiny guy who flip flops on wanting to be traded. Hope Boston has some sweet prospects left to give us.

  • neal s


    I’m bumping and linking that on the main page. Thanks, Dan.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Where’s the indignation over the Sun’s latest article which postulates that the fans want to see awful veterans commit mental errors all the time because they’re “the best possible team”? Jesus, what a sorry excuse for reporting. No dissenting opinion? No clarification that the Orioles won for the fourth time in like a month now? Are O’s fans really that dumb?