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O’s – Rangers Open Thread

Jack Dunn manager international league Baltimore OriolesWhere’s Jack Dunn when you need him?

I ask because in addition to being a good time for mixtapes, fall is also great for conjuring. Perhaps Victor Santos and his 5.95 ERA can conjure up the will to vanquish Luis Mendoza?

Does anyone remember what two wins in a row feels like?

(photo from the Maryland Historical Society — a highly recommended place for poking around)

9 comments to O’s – Rangers Open Thread

  • neal s

    Baseball interest has certainly dried up a bit, wouldn’t you all say?

    Lucky for us we’ve got football, and don’t forget that Terps basketball is just around the corner.

    And, on top of that, we have anything and everything that you folks want to talk about. If you want to see something here that you’re not seeing now, send me an email and we’ll make it happen.

  • dan the man

    If we’re going to talk any baseball that doesn’t involve exciting offseason moves by the Orioles, let’s talk about some of the good postseason drama unfolding as we speak. How about a post about the two choking teams (Sox and Mets) and the surging ones (Padres, Yankees, Phillies)? Here in Baltimore baseball is dead at this point in the season, but it is VERY much alive in other parts of the country and there’s some can’t-miss storylines to be following.

  • dan the man

    I guess I’m alone in that sentiment… haha. Really, though, the recent surge by the Phillies is something to behold (and much more interesting than the Yanks making a huge comeback – I mean, Sox and Yanx were both going to the playoffs anyway). Is Jeff Conine still with Philly? If so, I’ll certainly be rooting for them.

  • neal s

    No, you’re right, Dan. I just have to sit down and do a little thinkin’ and writin’ and stuff.

    Unless you want to do a post about the races, which would be cool with me.

  • Joe the Guy


    This is “the place” for legitimate baseball discussions. Lets keep it rolling.

    Baseball Topics I would jive heavy about:

    -General Playoff Predictions

    -Ranking Playoff Pitching Rotations

    -The O’s Role in Preventing the Yankees from winning the East

  • neal s

    Not to worry, Joe. I love the game and I’m still paying attention. I’ll put up a baseball-centric post today/tonight.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Niner is with, ironically, the Mets. A friend of mine loves the Mets, so I’m pulling for them and the Cubbies and our dearly departed friend the Traxor.

    I’m predicting Pink Sox Nation holds onto their title with their easy last week, though I can only hope that the O’s don’t get swept by the Yankees (thus giving us a non-losing season against them)….but I’m not expecting it.

    The NL is a mess. If I have to guess right now, it’s gonna be Mets, Phils, Cubs, and Snakes. But the Padres, Rox, Brew Crew, even the Braves are still in there right now.

    Angels and Indians advance over the AL East, making Fox and ESPN execs everywhere cry over an “uninteresting” postseason. I like the Indians over the Angels, but that could go 7 games easy.

    Why those teams? The pitching staffs are easily the most important part, since all of those teams can really rake, but Carmona/Sabathia wins over Lackey/Escobar, Wang/Pettite, and Beckett/Schilling in that order.

    In the NL, given my picks…Cubs over Mets, Diamondbacks over Phillies and then Cubs over Snakes…but really none of these teams have anything close to good pitching. The Mets have John Maine, the D-backs have Brandon Webb, the Cubs have Zambrano, and the Phillies have Cole Hamels, but none of those guys have any back-up or really inspire confidence in me.

    Basically, Indians over Cubs in 5. The O’s might win 2 more this year.

    Neal et al. I’m really curious over whether or not any of you guys and gals out there are attending Free the Birds tonight, or were just going to go to the game anyway…I can’t make it done (of course) but I would if I could, and I recommend some of you try to. The way Nestor and Drew and their comrades are pimping it makes it sound a lot less like Free the Birds 1 and more like TLC’s rally, but distinctly anti-ownership. I’d like them to focus on issues instead of just screaming “Fire Peter!” but it’s still a big part of fandom as it is right now in Baltimore.

  • Joe the Guy


    If it’s Indians vs. Cubs in the World Series then I might just find a cave and hibernate like a bear until spring.

    (que epic music)

    Jake Westbrook…….

    Steve Trachsel……..

    Game 4 of The World Series. Live on Fox.

    someone wake me up from this nightmare and kill me.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Hahahahaha…that would awesome! It would be the perfect way to spend the winter waiting for Spring Training.

    Would you rather it be Yankees vs. Mets with Joe Buck drooling on the microphone and touching himself every at bat?