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Provocative Thoughts

I’ve got an NFL Inquest coming later today, but in the meantime I wanted to make everyone aware of a very interesting comment left last night on the Gibbons post:

read it here.

I can’t vouch for any of this, and I’d encourage everyone to take it with a grain of salt, but…

…it certainly passes the plausibility test.

11 comments to Provocative Thoughts

  • neal s

    As an emailer just pointed out, the commenter’s points are consistent with what David Segui had to say to Roch yesterday.

  • dan the man

    Look, just because hGH doesn’t bulk you up doesn’t mean it doesn’t enhance your performance to some degree. Furthermore, you can still get benefits from steroids and manage to not look more bulked up than if you had just been lifting weights normally. It’s when you’re Barry Bonds and you have a serious addiction to steroids over a long period of time that you begin to appear way more bulked up than you would normally. hGH is NOT OK. IT’S BANNED AND IT’S CHEATING. Speeding up recovery time through hGH is STILL CHEATING. It’s enhancing your body’s performance and healing your injuries unnaturally. This drug is meant for AIDS patients and kids with growth problems, NOT MILLION DOLLAR BASEBALL PLAYERS who will likely still make that money if they play the game right and work hard.

    If all those players that Anonymous named actually told him they did all those things, then I don’t even know. I’m not buying one fucking piece of that garbage excuse that says it’s ok to do steroids and hGH in order to get the most money possible and live off of it. Well guess what – big contract or not, these major leaguers are still making millions these days even if they suck. Was it necessary for B-Rob to take steroids when he’s the only option at 2nd base in the entire farm system? Are baseball fans the only people who really care about the game? Are the actual players we all look up to really just saying to hell with the sanctity of the game? Just to make sure they get that big contract and retire away somewhere, without a shred of guilt that they cheated? Is Roberts doing all that charity work to counteract the guilt of cheating to get money, so now he has to make sure he gives back some of that money so he can live with himself? It’s bullshit, all of it.

    I don’t need Anonymous to tell me that Brady Anderson, Brian Roberts, and Erik Bedard took banned substances because it’s already been in the back of my mind and the list includes every single major league baseball player in the game right now. Every one is a suspect. Brandon fucking Fahey is a suspect. But thanks, Anonymous, for effectively ruining my desire to watch anymore baseball the rest of the season and for spoiling my man-crush on Brian Roberts.

    Everyone on this team should be dumped. Fuck it, you too Brian Roberts and you too Erik Bedard. If you’re going to cheat, get the hell out of Baltimore. Trembley says respect the game – no veteran, apparently, on this team has, so bring in those prospects and let the Yankees deal with the inevitable Brian Roberts steroid leak.

  • dan the man

    And if you want to go around starting rumors and souring people’s love of the game, then why not post it in Roch’s comment section, where it would a) get more press and b) piss way more people off. Some of those commenters deserve it more anyway.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Fahey’s totally on the juice. He and Freddie Bynum are always getting shot up by Paul bako, who thinks it’s funny that those two guys are like mirror images of each other, albeit in different races.

  • neal s

    Whoa there, Dan! Come on off the ledge my friend.

    I’m glad that the anonymous commenter posted his list here. Tthis is one of the most level-headed and thoughtful comment sections around, and I think we’ve handled it well. It’s kind of infuriating, sure, but the truth needs to come out one way or another. The sooner the better so we can start rooting for a bunch of clean kids to win 60 games instead of a bunch of questionable veterans to win 75.

  • dan the man

    I agree, the truth needs to come out. But it’s just annoying because now, if all those players that anonymous has named don’t ever get implicated, then there’s going to be a nagging suspicion in the back of my mind.

    Sorry to blow up there – I don’t want to discourage anyone from posting here. I guess I’m just frustrated with baseball as a whole, and to give excuses for why it’s ok to take hGH and steroids is just plain infuriating, in my book. I don’t doubt the guy did have telling conversations with some players, but there’s no way that those ballplayers should be making excuses for themselves, especially when that excuse is money, plain and simple. And they certainly don’t need fans helping them make those excuses.

  • dan the man

    And of course I lied, you know I’m going to watch every single sorry last game of the season.

    The Orioles starting rotation:
    Victor Santos
    Victor Zambrano
    Jon Leicester
    Daniel Cabrera
    Kurt Birkins

    Imagine if someone had told you that at the beginning of the season. Ridiculous…

  • dan the man

    And furthermore… if you can’t be happy that you’re playing baseball for a living that you have to go out and party every night, and then take illegal substances to counteract that partying… I mean, that’s just retarded. I hope that guy stays in the minor leagues forever. “I’m playing for the fucking money.” Good luck – hope your balls shrivel and you get diabetes and carpal tunnel from the hGH you greedy punk.

    alright now I’m done, I swear.

  • df1570

    If Daniel Cabrera pitches tomorrow night the league should suspend themselves for 5 games for being dumb-asses.

    As for those cats listed by the dude who says he was/is “in the know”. None of those names surprise me.

    But to my knowledge, the only guys I heard about that came from sources I trust were Bigbie and Gibbons. I don’t count Segui. He’s admitted to it all. I guess if I got $28 million for four years and gave the team about $2.4 million worth of production, I’d be pissing my pants with laughter at the whole “system” too.

    I’m almost of the mindset to make ‘roids, HGH and even mushrooms legal for major league ballplayers to use. Who cares? Let ’em come up to the plate whacked out as hell if they want to embarrass themselves and disgrace their name and their career.

    I thought the baseball season was over?

    I just saw on ESPN.com the Orioles play at home tonight.

    Oh yeah, someone listed the two Victor’s on the roster right now.

    Now, it seems, there’s only ONE Victor we haven’t seen in a while.


    Can’t believe one of you guys didn’t get to that one first. lol

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Drew you had the right idea way back when to say, “We signed Wieters, we’ve got a feel good manager story going, we’re playing .500 ball over 2 months, let’s close shop and move onto football”. I’m just afraid that the Oriole’s locker room was tuned in to your show that morning.

    Anyway, let’s go O’s! Stop embarrassing yourselves, the city, and me!