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Rally Press/Jay Who?

mascot5.gifI meant to post this last night (along with an open thread) but real life intervened. In any case, here it is: Bill Ordine at the Baltimore Sun interviewed me about the rally, and you can read the results by clicking here. I think I come off pretty well, but the real star of the post is the accompanying photograph. That is what I want on the 8th. Pure and simple.

Also, I thought you all should know that Pat has “contacted Camden Yards” on our behalf to let them know that a bunch of Orioles fans hope to show up on the 8th and actually cheer for the home team. I’m sure she took great pains to obscure the truth, but whatever. She remains a good luck charm, and I think you’ll all agree that her support is invaluable. On the third base side.

Meanwhile, what do you suppose Jay Gibbons had for breakfast yesterday morning? Is it possible that the Gibbons of Yore still lives and had merely been hibernating for the first four months of the season?

Best case scenario: this reignites the monster within, and we unload Jay to a contender in exchange for a AA relief pitcher with a 4.67 ERA.

It’s Bedard vs. Jarrod Washburn tonight. Vive L’Os!

5 comments to Rally Press/Jay Who?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Maybe Jim Palmer showed up at his hotel and gave him some pamcakes and showed him how best to eat them for maximum effect?

  • dan the man

    He most likely just had to get used to playing without steroids again. I’m sort of joking. Dude looks a lot smaller than even last year. But hey… he gets a lot of flak on any given O’s blog or radio show, and yeah he doesn’t have a lot of tools, but he’s a good guy overall. And I, at least, have to admit that I was pumped for a healthy, productive Gibbons this year. Better late than never? Let’s hope.

    Wow, is Pat a curmudgeon or what? I hope I’m not as stubborn, cowardly, and worried when I’m “middle aged”. Tattling to Camden Yards? Get some perspective, lady. This is baseball, not European soccer. I mean, really, did she not understand that we are like, 5 stories above her and also way over in the Eutaw section? GAH.

  • dan the man

    Yeah that picture is amazing… haha I love the two old guys in front standing their ground with the younger guys, and then you have the kids rooting just as hard on the right. It’s O’s fans age 7-77. Amazing.

  • dan the man

    Random comment about MASN… can we please find a way to turn Jim Palmer up in the mix or at least tell the guy to speak close the mic? I like listening to him, but when you can barely hear him, he puts you to sleep, only to be woken up by Jim Hunter’s boyish laughter or over-excited commentary. Where is Gary Thorne, by the way?

  • df1570

    I have nothing to add except this:

    The logo on the upper left hand side of this thread is absolutely the BEST logo the O’s ever had.

    If they were smart (insert joke here), they’d abandon that “thing” they have now as a logo – the bird that looks like it hasn’t eaten a worm in four months – and go with something traditional that has some action…like the one above left.

    Then again, why return to something traditional that bridges the gap between generations, right?

    Rally away…hope you have fun.