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Red(dio) Alert!

Tivoli Model One -- Great RadioOnce again I’ll be a guest this evening on Michael Popovec‘s excellent evening radio show on 1570 AM. I’ll be there at 6 pm and sticking around for at least an hour, talking sports in that smooth, debonair way that only I can.

If you’re in the general area of the city you can tune your radio to 1570 on the AM dial, or you can listen in from anywhere by going to wnst.net and clicking on “Listen Live” in the upper left-hand corner, next to Nestor’s noggin (the stream requires Windows Media Player).

I’d love to hear from some of you if you get a chance.

And just in case I don’t get to it later today…

it’s Steve Trachsel (4-4, 3.89) vs. Jeff Francis (5-4, 3.70) tonight at the yard. Get in on it.

4 comments to Red(dio) Alert!

  • dan the man

    Wasn’t “Get In On It” that awful new slogan we’ve seen around B’more since around last year that was supposed to drive people to go out around the town? With the little pictures of the crab and baseball cap? Everyone started confusing it with “Get It On”.

  • dan the man

    Haha, yup that’s the one. Strangely missing the vast expanses of deteriorating homicide-ridden ghettos. 2nd in the country in homicide rate! Get in on it! Not to say I don’t support B’more – I think it’s improving a lot, actually. BELIEVE!

    Good team effort last night. Nick the Stick is going to have like 25 home runs if he keeps up this pace. Trachsel continues to get it done. Anyone catch his testy postgame locker room interview? Hehe. He’s an angry old ballplayer – gotta love it. The balk call was ridiculous and good for Sammy for getting livid over it.

    I was loving Trembley’s use of the bullpen in the 8th inning. He had everyone on a REAL short leash. Error by Bradford – sorry, you’re gone. 2 outs by Walker before walking a guy – you’re done. Bring on Ray for the 4 out save and cross them fingers, boy. I feel like too often we are leaving these guys out there to try and finish an inning and then the runs begin to score. Walker and Bradford aren’t even really whole-inning guys and they are getting overused (but it’s not helping when Baez, Parrish, and Ray aren’t getting it done either). Ray made it interesting there in the 8th, but he finally found the strike zone. I was disappointed that we didn’t bring up any relievers for this homestand. I mean, if Williams/on are both feeling arm soreness, Baez/Parrish aren’t getting anyone out, Walker/Bradford are tired, and watching Ray get a save is like pulling teeth, then we don’t have many options. I would at least send Parrish and/or Williamson down for Bell and Hoey. I think Shuey is injured again, but it’d be great to see him at some point this season.

  • dan the man

    Unfortunately wasn’t around to hear the radio spot, and they don’t have it in the archive I don’t think. Nuts.