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R.I.P. Sean Taylor

sean taylor rest in peace redskins number 21

Hard to know what to say here except that this is one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed as a sports fan.

Any time a life is lost like this, it burns. It burns for thousands of “ordinary” people every day who happen not to make their living in the spotlight. I know and respect that, and they deserve every bit the same compassion and empathy we feel today for Sean Taylor’s family and friends. No question.

But strictly as a sports fan, this death burns in a way I’m not sure how to handle. Sean Taylor was one of the reasons I enjoyed watching football. His was the name most often mentioned among my Redskins fan friends as the guy to watch. More so than pretty much any other player, Sean Taylor put me on the edge of my seat. He brought something unique to the game of football, and to have it taken away in this manner is just incomprehensible. I literally can’t believe it’s real. Not yet.

I watch sports for the stories, because it’s a microcosm of the ups and downs of human life. It’s inevitable that tragedy will eventually enter into it, as it will, unfortunately, into each of our “real” lives eventually.

So take a moment and reflect. Pray if that’s your thing. Step back and remind yourself of the things that matter to you. Send some positive thoughts to Taylor’s girlfriend and young child, and to the Redskins family as a whole.

Sunday won’t be the same for awhile.

6 comments to R.I.P. Sean Taylor

  • Ryan

    It’s a shame when anyone dies in a violent way. Here’s hoping that the police have an easier time bringing Taylor’s killer to justice than the cops in Denver have had trying to do the same for Darrent Williams.

  • Alan

    Michael Wilbon is a douche bag.

  • Thanks for the thoughts, we have been trying to get through this one today and it is hard. You just post pictures and memories and hope that the pain will eventually fade.

  • This hurts bad. All over. Not just as a sports fan, but as a young adult, a black man, an athlete, a writer, a son, a brother.

    All over.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i can’t quite figure out why this is affecting me so profoundly. i guess the gravity of losing such a promising talent and a man who was trying to make himself better is what’s agonizing.

    love to the redskins and their fans.

  • RIP #21

    this is just so tragic and absolutely horrible. it makes me sick inside and very very sad. for his fiance, his baby girl,his teamates, coaches everyone really. to see someone so driven, so talented, then to have his chances of succeeding and prospering taken away its doesnt seem real. he was coming into his own. a new father, with a bright future ahead in his personal life and career. its just the worst worst thing i can imagine right now.
    rest in peace sean taylor.