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Spreading the Love

Jennifer spread the Love HewittIt’s time to take a deep breath after that 57 comment (and counting) Orioles thread and turn our focus outward for a change. Specifically, to some of the other sites on the webonet that have shown The Loss Column love over the past few months, or for whom we just have a particular fondness.

Sports by Brooks is one of the best daily sources out there for news, links, analysis, etc. I read the site anyway, but as it happens Brooks has been very kind to us with links of his own. Support him.

Babes Love Baseball gave us a shout-out not too long ago and I felt humbled. They’re babes, they love baseball, and they know what they’re talking about. What’s not to love?

Uni Watch, of course. One of my favorites since pretty much the day it went up.

What Would Tyler Hansbrough Do? linked us up, as well. It’s a Tar Heels blog and that’s kind of a problem, but I figure a mutual hatred of all things Duke can be the tie that binds.

And since there’s more to life than sports, and it’s my prerogative to link as I please, give these sites a look as well:

The guys at Tomorrow’s Brightest Minds are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Those Slim Jim “Snapalope” commercials? That’s them. The site hasn’t been updated in awhile but don’t let that scare you off. I’m privileged to call these dudes friends.

The Girl Skateboards Art Dump houses a collection of some of the most inspiring, creative individuals alive today. Bookmark it and be happy you did.

And finally, don’t forget to periodically stop by our fellow “Behind Enemy Lines” alliance sites.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

23 comments to Spreading the Love

  • dex

    In WWTHD?’s defense, I’m a Baltimore native and lifelong Orioles fan; I just also happen to be a Carolina alum (and the daughter of a Carolina alum).

    And the single best thing Carolina’s given me this year was the chance to watch Matt Wieters catch twice during their series with Georgia Tech back in May. It’s entirely possible I drooled a little over the draft prospects even then, but you can’t prove it.

  • dan the man

    I just have to congratulate MLB for suspending the umpire that set off Milton Bradley. FINALLY, an ump gets what’s coming to him. During last night’s game, Thorne and Buck were talking about how something has to be done soon about the umpire/player relations, hopefully this offseason. This is a good move in that direction by MLB. Umps have been so bad this year, and not just during O’s games.

  • neal s

    No need to defend, dex. I knew you were an O’s fan but I had to needle a little bit about the Carolina thing.

    Dan, I agree with you wholeheartedly. MLB has to start reigning in the umps. Bradley was wrong, yes, but that doesn’t excuse the umpire talking shit.

    And Chris, your post got caught in the spam filter but it’s up now it all its glory.

  • dan the man

    Zambrano: 8 runs in the first inning.
    Birkins: 4+ scoreless innings.
    Liz: 3 straight walks after coming in.

    Jeeeeeeeeesus, please end, Season.

  • neal s

    All you need to know is this:


    These guys are just filling space.

  • df1570

    Good news, bad news night.

    Want the bad news first?

    O’s just got whacked again…8-5.

    Good news.

    Uncle Drew had the “over” in the O’s/Toronto slugfest (those 8-run first innings relax you more than Percocet) and a Yankees-over, Red Sox over parlay.

    Made a little diaper money for baby Ethan tonight.

    I don’t even feel bad that it was somewhat at the O’s expense.

    After all, I took the “over” on Monday night against K.C. and both of those rag-a-muffin outfits didn’t look interested in scoring the whole freakin’ night.

    Justice prevailed tonight.

    Four games left, kids.

    Well, four games left in OUR season, that is.

    Let the hot stove talk begin.

    Over/under on O’s wins in 2008. Seriously…what should the betting line be for that? Right now…without knowing any free agents who might sign here…or who they’re going to trade Roberts to and what they’re going to get for him…same with Tejada…over/under on win total for ’08?

    I’ll set the line.

    75 wins.

    Under 75, over 75?

    That’s a helluva line if you ask me.

    You’re supposed to set it so that the ardent gambler considers betting BOTH sides before settling on one or the other.


  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away, know when to run…

    And I ran, I ran so far away…

  • neal s

    That, my friend, is a good question. One that I can’t answer at the moment, but I’ll take your line and extend it into a longer post tomorrow.

  • dan the man

    Drew, I’ll bite and bet you that Roberts won’t be traded in the offseason. Regardless of what inside info you apparently know.

  • neal s

    That reminds me that you never did answer my question, Drew.

    The Roberts “trade request”: sourced information or speculation?

  • df1570


    I’m not willing to say much more about it right now, but come November, his agent’s going to make that call to the O’s and tell them Brian is ready to call it a day here in Baltimore. That call IS coming.

    Now, I’m sure the O’s are going to do their best to talk Roberts out of it, but we’ll just have to see how it all works out.

    Two things for sure: Roberts has had it with the losing and he’s had it with the 17 away games they have to play at OPACY every year when the Yanks and Red Sox come to town.

  • neal s

    It makes sense, and I can’t blame him. But if it be what it be, then adios.

  • Joe the Guy


    I’ll take action on over 75 wins in 08.

    Have you posted a money line on Roberts yet? I think he stays as well.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Supposing Roberts asks for a trade (which would be terrible), we could get a gooood haul for him, as he is the definitive second baseman in the AL (with respect to Cano, Pedroia, and Polanco), but what would we be targeting? Replacing the lead-off hitter aspect? A quality infielder? A quality outfielder? Bullpen help? A #2 pitcher? Boy, that is a lot of holes. Who would become the defacto second baseman anyway? Brandon Fahey? Freddie Bynum?

    If I had to pick, I’d like to see us get back a quality relief pitcher and/or somebody to replace him with. There could be a couple of good fits: Dodgers, Astros, Giants, Cardinals, Mariners, Twins.

    Either way, I seriously doubt that word gets out that Roberts asks for a trade unless he actually gets traded. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who wants to upset his fanbase.

    Now, can we get rid of the real problems: Payton and Mora?

  • who will be the first sucker to express hope for ’08?

    oh wait. too late.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    There’s hope! There’s eternally hope! The Diamondbacks should be terrible but they aren’t, so there’s hope.

    I have hope, not that the string of losing is over, but that the string of ignoring the farm system will be officially dead, and that the string of signing aging veteran #28 is over in favor of getting young, energetic, talented guys in there instead of dour old Melvin Mora.

  • df1570

    Hey Joe, I like this…

    The line on Roberts “asking for a trade” is -220…

    No money to be made there.

    But the O’s have no balls…they’d rather keep a disgruntled player whose life they’ve made miserable.

    On the money line, there’s money to be made.

    It’s +380 that Roberts actually gets traded.

    It’s -310 that Cabrera throws at a Yankee before the 4th inning is complete this Sunday.

    And it’s -420 that Jay Payton makes his flight on Sunday night with plenty of time to spare.

  • df1570

    I’m actually going to write a blog later about this “gambling issue” that we’ve accidentally discovered here. Odds on Dave Trembley taking a swing at one of his own players before Sunday night…even money. lol

    I’ll even give a link to The Loss Column in the blog.

    Should be up by 3:30 or so.

    Neal, you know where to send the check.

  • dan the man

    Gotta agree with Andrew, t.w.o. – there’s maybe no hope that the season will be any good, but there’s plenty of hope that the direction of this team is finally going to be defined, rather than straddle the line between free agents veterans and a couple of young guys.

    Drew… so…. you’re saying that Roberts can’t stand the heat, so he’s getting out of the kitchen? Aw… poor Brian can’t take a couple of Sox and Yanks fans yelling “Yoooooooouk”. I mean, come on, now. I understand if he just wants a change of scenery – can’t really blame him. But I don’t want to go thinking that Roberts is a bitch because the fans got to him. That’s weak.

    Anyway – I hope he stays. He’s my favorite Oriole. But he’s also going to be 30 and deserves to be in the playoffs before he starts to decline. And if he’s not going to be a leader on this team then you gotta do what you gotta do. I still say he stays. Agents will say anything to get more money, so I’ll still take you up on that fake bet, Drewsky. Roberts stays.

  • df1570

    It’s easy for you (and I) to talk about “bitching” because the fans got to Roberts…”stand the heat”?…hell, there IS no heat in Baltimore, bro…no one goes to the games, no one really gives a shit if the team wins or loses…if Brian makes an error that costs the O’s a game in August, some asshole on the morning show beats him up a little bit, the beat writer for the paper ignores it because Roberts is one of the only good guys on the team so he gets treated with kid gloves and life goes on. Stand the heat? Wow…

    Dude, do you realize that Brian Roberts has NEVER played a game of baseball in the major leagues that mattered? I mean, honestly, he hasn’t played one game where his heart rate was up beforehand because the team is in a MUST win situation and it might all come down to him. For $7 million a year, we’d all put up with that kind of agony, right? Sure. But, given your druthers, would you rather make $7 million playing for a shit-breather like the O’s or a team like the Phillies that has been in the playoff hunt three straight years? See ya in Philly…

    You’re right, he’s nearly 30, his career is probably half-over and he’s never been at the plate or fielded a grounder to win a game in a situation that truly meant something to his legacy.

    This has nothing at all to do with his agent “wanting more money”. Where you came up with that, I have no idea.

    It has to do with one thing: No light at the end of the tunnel.

    He’s sick of losing. He’s sick of being told “we’re going to make it better”. He’s sick, yes, of seeing those assholes from N.Y. and Boston invade the ballpark and contribute to his team losing while they win games in front of THEIR fans in the opposing team’s ballpark.

    He has every right to tell the Orioles he’d like to move on.

    In fact, NO ONE in the organization has done more for this club than Roberts over the last three years or so. No one.

  • dan the man

    Fair enough, man. It’s true, no one has done more for this club than Roberts. He deserves to request a move. It’s like Lakers fans getting behind Kobe’s back when he asks for a trade. You like the guy so much, you want the best for him. Clearly Baltimore is not the best place for anyone right now.

    I’ll say this, though: if Roberts is traded, they DAMN well better trade Tejada, too. If next year’s team has Miggi and no Roberts, I’m going to alternate crying and vomitting.

  • you guys kill wayward O

    better get used to the lovable* losers

    * arguably