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Ten Thoughts that Never Enter Sam’s Mind (but probably should)

Hey, maybe I can use this reliever for more than one inning.

Corey Patterson is on third with two outs and Melvin Mora is a decent bunter. Suicide squeeze?

J.R. House can’t be worse than Alberto Castillo.

I put Baez, Bradford and Walker in last night, maybe I’ll go with some different guys tonight.

Jay Gibbons is at best a one-dimensional player who should just be happy I’m letting him DH.

Patterson’s speed doesn’t do me much good when he hits between Kevin Millar and Paul Bako.

Adam Loewen’s young, I bet he could go more than five innings.

Maybe I should encourage my leadoff guy to take a few more pitches.

Do I use the phrase “battled back” too much?

If I’m going to put Freddie Bynum in to pinch run, it might be a good idea to send him.

2 comments to Ten Thoughts that Never Enter Sam’s Mind (but probably should)

  • Neal_S

    Poor Sammy. He just can’t catch a break with you.

    But you’re far from alone in that. I prefer to give him this year to sink or swim with legitimate talent, and then take a look at whether or not his decisions have cost us. But that’s just me.

    edit: I should add that I saw a suicide squeeze once (at the old Three Rivers in Pittsburgh) and it was one of the most exciting plays I’ve witnessed in person. I’m totally with you on that one.

  • dan the man

    Staci – been to firesamperlozzo.com? Pretty stupid site, but humorous nonetheless.

    I gotta say, I agree with most of those comments exept that I’m not really buying the fact that the bullpen should always be used to go more than one inning. We have some of the best bullpen depth in the league and it would be a shame to tire out some of those arms needlessly. The Detroit game is just one game, and it proved to be the right move since the next day was another extra innings game. Plus Kurt Birkins was only there because of the injuries and he’s back where he belongs now. I like Burres a lot.

    Castillo has been doing an admirable job, but you’re right, House probably wouldn’t be a whole lot worse defensively and is obviously a better hitter right now. I like Castillo’s energy and vetran presence though 1 game out of every 5. I’d rather see House get some at bats… I’m willing to bet that (if he’s still hitting well) he’ll be called up over Castillo if Bako or Ramon get injured later in the season.

    I really want Adam Stern to do some good things so we can get rid of perpetual strikeout victim Freddie Bynum.