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Thank God Someone Gets It

This comment, recently posted by “Beantown,” should be required reading for everyone who’s taking this Rally way, way too seriously:

I like this idea. Grew up in Boston, live in DC for six years, been to a few sox/o’s games. I’d love to see some more O’s fans at the game, though I quickly see how this night will devolve into beer throwing and swearing, on both sides. Sox fans can be obnoxious now with our new found pride (and unlimited budget) but we mostly appreciate when there are lots of hometown fans and support for good baseball. So lets do this thing, I’m rounding up 6 buddies from MA for the night, here’s hoping we see six more O’s fans as a counterweight.

You see? It’s not that hard to figure out. Every sporting event has the potential for one or two bad apples. That’s why the stadium has ushers and security. For the rest of us, it’s about rooting for the home team and having some fun. How many different ways do I need to find to say that?

Lighten. Up.

13 comments to Thank God Someone Gets It

  • pat

    “I quickly see how this night will devolve into beer throwing and swearing on both sides.”

    You consider this having some fun?

    I don’t and I think most true fans of the game would agree with me.

    I’m going to the game to enjoy a night out and root for my team.

    I don’t want to have to listen to obscene language and dodge flying beer.

    If you had stuck to cheering the O’s on and hometown pride that would be fine. If you had encouraged people to show up wearing black and orange, carring signs etc. that would be great.

    Instead you encourage O’s fans to heckle and harass a lot of real fans (we do exsist) who are at the Yard to enjoy the game.

    You have people on you site wanting to heckle kids, its a right of passage.

    Again, I am middle aged. I will be there with my in-laws who are in there 70’s. Do you think for one minute we want to be heckled or have beer thrown in our direction?

    Please, true fans of THE GAME show up. Have a good time. Stay sober. Enjoy the game. Cheer for your team. Show good sportsmanship. Behave yourselves. Respect the game.

  • neal s

    Pat –

    Let me make this clear: you don’t understand what this is about.

    Do you see how I talk about “bad apples” and how they’re not a good thing? Do you see how I focus on positivity and fun? Do you, really?

    What Beantown was saying is that, yes, some folks might choose to act stupid. It’s unfortunate. But do you figure this dynamic will be any different on the 8th than it is at any other baseball game or sporting event?

    Or, to put it another way, do you really think that I am somehow creating idiots?

    Show me one instance where I, or anyone else, has advocated throwing beer. Show me one instance where I’ve advocated crossing the line of decency. Show me that and I’ll retract it immediately.

    Nobody is going to bother you. Nobody is going to disturb your in-laws. You will be just fine in middle age, on the third base side, with your relatives in their seventies. If for some reason you are bothered you can rest assured it has nothing to do with The Loss Column or our plans to root for the home team.

    In fact, I’ll give you my phone number. You can call me the moment someone starts to cross the line. I’ll come over (from half a stadium away) and tell that person that it’s inappropriate to bother someone in middle age, with relatives in their seventies, who is trying to peacefully enjoy the game on the third base side.

    Fair enough?

  • pat

    Fine, what is your phone number.

  • dan the man

    Pat, honestly – Camden is one of the tamest ballparks in baseball. The reason for the rally is because of the rowdiness of the hordes of Red Sox fans (which, apparently, does not include you or your friends). Orioles fans are tired of the drunk, screaming Sox fans in our usually quiet and tidy ballpark and we have decided to at the VERY MOST just cheer louder and participate in some friendly jeering. NO ONE here is endorsing beer-throwing or swearing at kids or anything like that. I ensure you that if you frequent the wild scene that is Fenway Park, you and your friends will be absolutely fine here in Baltimore. Not only that, but the ushers here at Camden do a more-than-fine job of quelling any behavior that is even borderline offensive, unfortunately. So for pete’s sake, relax. We are talking about spirited rooting to counteract spirited Sox fans, nothing more. Now enough of this.

  • Your event will attract SOMEONE who will go over the line, you can count on that.

    But that’s hardly your fault.

    If adults can’t act like adults, you can’t be held responsible for that.

    In fact, it’s almost a slam-dunk that far more Red Sox fans will act like jack-asses than O’s fans will act like jack-asses.

    That’s not a slap at them. That’s just the reality.

    Their tendency is to be rude, obnoxious, abrasive and combative.

    That’s because their team has the upper hand these days.

    It’s tough to be rude, obnoxious, abrasive and combative in Baltimore when we’re barely better than the Nationals and the Pirates.

    If we EVER make it back to the World Series, our fans will be as obnoxious as the next group (see Ravens fans in ’01 and ’02 for a perfect example of that kind of behavior).

    For now, we have to take it on the chin.

  • pat

    Wild seen at Fenway? I go to Fenway most every summer. I sit in the grandstands, bleachers and monster seats. I assure you the seen is not wild. If you find the seen wild maybe it is your behavior that causes it.

    I went to Yankee stadium twice to see the Sox play. Those fans were very nice to me.

    Most fans at Camden Yards are nice but not all. One man wanted to throw me over the balcony when he saw my Red Sox shirt, Im sure he was kidding but he made his point.

    In 04 the ‘nice’ usher told even though were in the play offs we would never win the world series, he was a bit nasty,sour grapes.

    Other fans have said rude things to me. Please don’t act as if O’s fans are saintly, they are not. I have seen them drunk and I have heard abusive language from them.

    Words have value. You have used some pretty inflamitory language on this site. You said and are saying some pretty nasty things about Boston and it’s fans.

    Your words are inciting the Boston crowd and you mean to do it.

    Some resposes have been inflamitory, the language and some names are obscene. You allow this on your site. You really do mean to incite the crowd. You want to meet prior to the game. Will you be drinking root beer? Or will you come to the game with a buzz on ready to rock and roll? Just asking.

    If you just wanted to show support to your O’s why such harsh language towards the Sox fans. If you really just want to support your team show up at the games. Tickets are $13.00. I believe most people can afford that. Bring your own food, don’t buy a lot of beer. Fill the stadium when Toronto or Tampa Bay are in town, I’m sure the players would respond to your loyalty. Kevin Millar is a great guy, he deserves your support as do all the O’s players.

    I go to Camden Yards a lot when the Sox are in town. I see some drunken rude Sox fans, there are druken rude O’s fans. I see young guys getting kicked out of the park. Believe me there is fault on both sides.

    Mostly I see Sox fans trying to enjoy themselves and the game. Of course we cheer for our team, that’s why we are there. If you don’t like it fill the stadium with O’s fans all the time. Years ago I would go to Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards. You are right the stadiums did rock. Once at the Yard I remember thinking I never heard so much noise at a stadium, it was amazing.

    I don’t blame you for wanting that back, for being upset with ownership. Remember I am a Sox fan, we had terrible ownership for years. But taking your frustrations out on the Red Sox is not the answer.

    Your inflamitory words,yes you do use them, are having the effect you want them to have. From what I have gathered there are fans on both sides who are buying tickets to that game who were not planning to. Both sides are getting ready for this hyped up game.

    You are young, there will be drinking, there will be fights, it will be unpleasant. Words have value, they carry weight, they can incite crowds, they are inciting the crowds. I have read the responses on this site and others.

    You want the O’s fans to heckle the Sox fans and players.

    Here is the definition of heckle

    Heckle: Harass, Badger, Bait, Provoke, Needle.

    You are asking O’s fans to Heckle (your word)harass, badger ,bait provoke and needle me, a Red Sox fan. These are your words, your instuctions on your website. Don’t think because of my age it won’t happen. In 04 someone wanted to throw me over simply because I wore a Sox shirt.

    Even if it doesn’t happen to me it will happen to others. If you have a stadium with a bunch of people is their 20’s and 30’s who have had a few with the instructions to harass, badger, bait, provoke and needle other young people who have had a few beers (you know you all will) there will be problems.

    Please don’t set this scene up then pretent to be innocent.

    Heckling is not what true fans of the game do.

    The bottom line is this. You are bored, your team is not doing well, you want to have some fun, you set this thing up. Let’s call a spade a spade. If you really cared about your team you would go to the games and cheer them on no matter what. That’s what my Dad and other true Sox fans did for years. He was a fan for 60 years and never saw a World Series, (he died in ’99)

    He NEVER heckled another fan or player. He would clap when the other team made a good play because he was a fan of the game.

    That’s the point you are missing. If you were TRUE FANS OF THE GAME you would not be harassing, badgering, baiting, provoking and needling anyone.

    You need to take resonsiblity for the words you use and the actions they incourage.

    The reason I have spent so much time with you is that I will be at this game and will have to suffer the consequenses of your words.

    I think it may be time to grow up and behave like gentlemen.

    I am finished with this site, I hope it rains on the 8th so this unpleasant event won’t happen.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Huh. My take no all of this is we’ve been needled into this sort of thing by the super-influx of Red Sox and Yankees fans. Of course you can’t group any one fanbase into one category of saintly or unsaintly, but whatever – it’s only a game. A little back-and-forth in the stands is something I always enjoy when I’m in a foreign stadium (of which I’ve been to three major league and three minor league stadiums rooting for the away team). And it isn’t about who is the bigger fan of the game here. Beer and baseball have always gone together, and, yeah, that can turn bad, but usually it’s just a bunch of dudes shooting the shit, taunting each other based on the play on the field, and that’s what makes going to the game really fun. The crowd. What doesn’t make it fun for me is going to the games and being surrounded by Sawx fans who want to hide behind being from a “better” baseball town than Balmer or being the “long-suffering” Red Sox fans. I swear to God, I get into arguments – and not heated arguments, just back-and-forths – all the time where Sox fans take the low ground of being in 1st place, winning the series, having better players at all but arguably 2 positions, and THEN after that take the high ground of being a Red Sox fan and how you have to be die-hard to love them. It’s annoying, and I detest putting up with that one-hundred-fold whenever I go into “Fenway South”.

    And another thing – I saw on the Boston Globe site that Sox fans have heard about this and that’s inciting them to make signs like “Fenway Park at Camden Yards” and so on. That’s just asinine. I’m all for back-and-forth, but like I said, that’s them inciting us into being ruder than I would want to be. But of course, there are O’s fans who are bitter and want a fight more than to cheer for their team.

    My last point, our team might not deserve it, but nobody ought to deserve to have the crowd cheer when someone hits a homer off the home pitcher. It’s just…it infuriates me. We play better when we’ve got a big crowd going nuts for us (see: home openers, the walk-out last year), and The Real Point here isn’t to fight with Sawx fans, it’s to give our boys Markakis, Roberts, Tejada, Ramon, Bedard, theGuth, et al a real home crowd for even just one game, even if theirs only 20 of us screaming the whole time for them. It helps. It really helps. The problem is that we’d have to over-power the Sox fans who, as I mentioned, are going to have Fenway Park at Camden Yards signs.

    Anyway, to sum up, it’s not about loving the game more or less than anyone else, it’s about having a good time, giving the Red Sox fans who want to go to Balmer have a bit of price for that – all in fun, and giving our team a better chance to win.

  • dan the man

    Dude just doesn’t get it and that’s fine. Come September 8th, we’ll see what the reaction is in the stands. If this guy thinks heckling means to harass someone, he’s sorely mistaken. This is baseball. Heckling is saying, “Heyyyy nice error there, Lugo!” I mean, cmon that’s hardly abusive. Grow some balls and bring your best “Let’s Go Sox” chanting voice and let’s watch a baseball game, alright? Jesus…

    Or stay in Boston. That works too.

  • Dan The Man is right. Stay in Boston.

    I thought “Bah-stun” folk were tough? Every movie I watch set in Boston has tough-ass characters – see Good Will Hunting or Mystic River as examples.

    This is almost laughable.

    This cat is coming down to the stadium in Baltimore and expects the home fans to conduct themselves in a manner HE approves?

    Yeah, right.

    I’d love to make that kind of request to the Red Sox faithful if I decided to buzz up I-95 and take in a O’s/BoSox series at Fenway.

    Can you imagine the response? “Hey, guys, I’m coming up there to root for the Orioles. Would you mind NOT heckling ME? And by all means, keep the language clean when you get on Jay Gibbons for misplaying his 3rd fly ball of the inning? And when we’re losing 11-3 in the 8th inning, please, please, please don’t start a “Orioles Suck” chant.

    That’d go over well, eh?

  • pat

    I am a woman and I live in Northern Virginia

  • Andrew in Rochester

    The point is still valid, though. You can’t just expect us to rally and then sit and clap for our team and ignore the literally thousands of Bostonians screaming for their team and starting shit like “Orioles suck” and “Fenway South”. We’re the ones who’ve been provoked here – and by we I mean us True Black and Orange bleeders – and it’s not like we’re going to march into the stadium punching infants.

  • john

    Remember folks, Boston is the same town that launched a massive antiterrorism response over some blinking electronic cartoon characters from a show starring a meatball and a pack of fries.

    What do you expect here?

    Bostonians suffer from an unfortunate state of uptight lameness stemming from a subconscious case of serious NYC envy…if that don’t say it all.

  • frogger

    I thought Pat was done with this site?

    A middle-aged female Boston fan living in Northern VA…how is that not surprising?

    The sterility with which Pat choses to live by and hopes to force others within is offensive and aggressive to my beliefs. And talk about bored…my god did you see the length of her comments?