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The Other Shoe Drops

Jay Gibbons Baltimore Orioles steroid useEver since Rafael Palmeiro got busted for juicing I think we’ve all had one question in the back of our minds: does it stop there?

The answer appears to be “nope.” SI.com is reporting that O’s outfielder Jay Gibbons is the latest ballplayer to get caught in the steroids investigation net.

This news, I’m guessing, surprises exactly none of you. Gibbons is practically a poster boy for steroid use, and the rumors have been around for several years. Of course it’s all still “alleged”, and we should remain willing to hear Jay’s explanation if he has one.

That said, let’s assume it’s true. If so it raises two major issues:

1. Is this it, or are there others?
The same question we had with Palmeiro can only get stronger now. Jerry Hairston, you’ll recall, has already been mentioned, and I’ve heard a thing or two about Larry Bigbie. But what if there’s another “big” name out there? What if Tejada‘s infamous B-12 shots really were dirty? This could get real, real ugly.

2. What do the Orioles do with Gibbons now?
The easy answer is “put him on the next bus out.” But it’s not that simple. They could cut him and take the financial hit, or they could try to wiggle out of his contract if the allegations prove true. But if they do that it’s going to set a terrible precedent, one that I doubt the Players Union would take sitting down. We may very well be facing the prospect of a steroid-tainted Gibbons suiting up for the O’s through the 09 season.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

55 comments to The Other Shoe Drops

  • nyjimbo

    Maybe Gibbons got huge from eating all those chocolate sundaes while watching his friends get punched in the groin?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    That actually makes sense to me. He seems exactly the sort to enjoy that sort of thing.

  • Mike L

    soon enough there will be enough suspended players to start a new league. one where you take all the steroids you want, give you an aluminum bat, and the fences are 600 feet to left and right, 750 to center. and picthes come out of the jugs machine at 80-85 mph so no pitchers catch a combacker with their face.

  • Joe the Guy

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe an anonymous “close friend” of the players who believes in legalizing steroids in baseball, shortening the season and leaves a McCarthy-esque Black List.

    Please. Turn the spam filter back on.

    no quotes – no source – no Love from The Guy

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Right on Joe. There’s nothing I can add to someone just spouting stuff. I could show up and just say I’ve talked to some of the guys on the team and tell you that the definite steroid users on the team, that I’ve heard of, are definitely Kevbo and Guthrie, but because they’re so popular with the already dwindling fanbase, a clubhouse meeting was held that decided they would sooner call the Mayflower vans than give those two guys up. Good thing I’m an anonymous internet user and have such good friends on the team. I could show up and say that stuff, but it doesn’t make it any less bullshit, even if it is possible and not altogether irrational.