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The Playoffs and the Other Playoffs

DC United playoffs versus Chicago FireTonight the Rockies send 23-year-old Ubaldo Jimenez to the hill against Boston‘s grizzled, 40-year-old playoff hero, Curt Schilling. This isn’t quite a must win, but let’s be realistic here. If Colorado can’t find a way to get this one they’re in a serious no-man’s land.

This series has all the earmarks of a classic “team on the verge but not quite there” scenario. Usually it takes a team like the Rockies a year or two of falling short to learn how to finally put it together. The Sox, meanwhile, are a few years into their reign and are due for another Series win (which will probably end up being 2 of an eventual 3 before they hit their down cycle).

All of which will be reconsidered if the Rockies win tonight (they’re up 1-0 in the second as I type).

Meanwhile, over in Chicago, DC United open up a playoff run of their own with a match against CuauhtĂ©moc Blanco and his Chicago Fire. Being able to say more than that about it is really Chris’ department, but I can say I’ll be keeping an eye on things. More knowledgable soccer fans are encouraged to pass along their thoughts.

10 comments to The Playoffs and the Other Playoffs

  • Kona_Boy

    Nice! Good to see you care about hockey and soccer, its hard to find people that even care about keeping up on it.

    Sadly, I haven’t been able to keep up myself with the United, but am psyched about the Caps finishing stronger against their sunbelt rivals that shouldn’t even have teams.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Sad thing is the Rockies can sweep the Sox at home and they’re still completely screwed.

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    No, I disagree BBM, because that would be 3-2 going back to Boston and having already used up Beckett.

    But it won’t happen.

    Man, I hate bye weeks.

  • Well, Well, Well… I was in the process lining up my ducks when Mike Lowell knocked in the only two runs the Red Sox would need to win Game 2 of the World Series. Once again, the Pen was filthy, and Schilling… Old Schill… Let’s just hope that was the last game he has to pitch in a Red Sox uniform. He’ll probably have better luck playing Junior B Hockey in Manitoba next year. Take the Ring Schilling, and leave. Take the sock with the blood-stain, be it real or Ketchup, and go somewhere far away. Tell your grandkids about your Glory Days in the World Series and hell, maybe even let them take the Ring into class for Show and Tell. But WHATEVER you do, get the FUCK out of Boston with your pride intact.
    Game Three Predictions from TCGUN-
    Rockies come up big, lots of run production, Daisuke leaves the game with a bloody nose from high altitidude and cold weather, but more from the ‘snow’ than anything else. Bullpen cleans up nice, but Rockies ice the Sox 8-3. No worries though, as the Sox will take 1 of 3 in Colorado, bringing it back to Boston, but only because that way it is worth more money to the City of Boston when they win game 6.
    Sox in 6.
    Starting to smell a little like a dynasty around here. I am getting all too comfortable watching Red Sox baseball in October, and I am thinking that it just might become an annual thing around here.
    @ Girlchester: Define ‘Beckett Used Up’… I’m not sure, but I think he beat the Indians twice in the ALCS… Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he is up there with the likes of Sandy Koufax with his career Playoff numbers, and THIS POSTSEASON is somewhere around a 1.15 ERA.
    @ Neal I’ll bet you one thousand euros that the Baltimore Orioles don’t win the World Series in the next 7 years. (I use euros because by the year 2014 the Dollar will be worth nothing…)

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    I just meant in response to the idea that if the Rockies win three in Coors – they’d have to beat Beckett and then he’d be done in the series.

  • Richmond 'skins

    Wizards open up October 31st against the Pacers. Where is the love?

    Redskins beat the Pats 31-24. You heard it here first. 17 point dogs is straight up disrespectful.

  • neal s

    Hey man – there’s Wizards love on the way actually. Got plans to cover ’em all season long, so no worries.

    @ TC: make it 1,000 rubles, valued at today’s rates, and you have yourself a bet.

  • Joe the Guy

    I’m ready for the Wiz – they don’t play any defense though – and that gets old real fast.

    Old Gil is one of my favorite quote machines.

    Richmond – you must be high. Please pass it over this way. The Skins will probably just forfeit on Saturday and save themselves the plane fare. And ESPN will pay them for doing that because it will add to Colts/Pats hype.

    The Baseball Season winds down…..the Dust settles and we find only the dead bodies of the Angels, Indians and Rockies, and no signs of a struggle.

    TCGun – Schil wants 13M for one year next year – that’s a steal when you think of A) Next year’s free agent class B) The contracts that Zitos/Lillys/Meches and other chumps got this year and C) It’s only one more year

    After last night I’d throw down – talk radio, blogs, republican/christrian jive and all

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    13 million for a 41 year old pitcher? That’s hardly a steal, especially when Schilling wasn’t healthy all year long, even if he does step it up somehow to play hard against the Yankees and in the playoffs. I mean, you could’ve looked at Clemens’ numbers last year and said it’s only one year for 18 mil and that’s okay but it clearly wasn’t. He’ll be back with the Sox though – and that’s going to be a sick rotation, unless Schilling or Wakefield falls apart, Dice-K sophmore slumps, or injuries happen. That’s tough to beat.

  • dan the man

    JTG, the Wizards USED to not play defense. Wait til you get a look at some of their young guns. They smartly unloaded a TON of ineffective age in Michael Ruffin and Calvin Booth. Blatche is going to get the minutes he deserves (JTG – think Al Jeff when it comes to this dude) and they have a much over-looked, out of left field scorer off the bench in Mason, Jr. Healthy Songaila doesn’t hurt, either. I’m pumped.

    Sadly, Donnell Taylor still gets to touch the ball.