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The Sports Latitudes

Mr. EdThe latest in a periodic, enigmatic series…

First it was Nick Saban and his franchise-sinking stint in Miami. Now, Falcons coach Bobby Petrino has pulled a similar vanishing act.

Petrino now has zero credibility as a teacher and leader. Say you’re an Arkansas player and your team is down 34-10 in the fourth quarter. Are you really going to listen when Petrino starts talking about commitment and respect and showing up to play? Are you really going to play hurt, or constantly give 100%, for a man who didn’t even have the stones to finish out his first season in Atlanta?

What a weak move.

I suppose something like this was inevitable: this blogger wants to fight Tom Brady.

I link that mostly for the comments, some of which are choice:

America doesn’t hate Tom Brady… just you and a small percentage of jealous low lifes. Tom Brady is the greatest quaterback ever.. you sir are a piece of shit with a internet access.

The much-anticipated Mitchell Report is coming any day now, possibly even later this week.

I’ve got a hunch that this thing will flop. I’ll be real surprised if there’s a bombshell in there. No reason in particular for feeling that way, it’s just gut instinct.

The Nationals have been all kinds of busy, adding Lastings Milledge, Elijah Dukes, and Paul LoDuca. They’ve got all the makings down there of a team set to make a run. Maybe not this year, but probably before the Orioles get there.

This is old news, but I neglected to mention it back in September: the Penguins and Sabres will play a game outdoors in Buffalo on January 1st. So awesome.

The Ravens will beat the Dolphins on Sunday. Everybody relax and enjoy it.

17 comments to The Sports Latitudes

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i still chuckle at people that think this game is automatic for the ravens.

    the dolphins have 10 times the motivation to win – this is the superbowl for them and maybe some unknown college bowl game for the ravens.

    boller is guaranteed to make one horrible throw and/or fumble at a crucial time (especially with his road record).

    the ravens road record.

    if there is any dissension in the locker room (regarding the coach or any other frustration) the ravens have proven what they’re capable of – see colts game

    i assume they’ll be starting david pittman.

    no secondary.

    blah blah blah blah blah

    if i were a betting man i’d take the dolphins and the jets this week. how do you like that!

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    not to win outright. miami to win, the jets with the points or however you degenerate hold ’em and fold ’em types say it.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well, what’s Miami shown that makes this an automatic win for the Dolphins, really?

  • dan the man

    Sweet – sports latitudes.

    Let’s not forget that many of the Dolphins’ losses were very close losses.

    How about Petrino? What a fucking scam for the Falcons.

  • Joe the Guy

    Senators need to be doing Senator things. Baseball is not a Senator thing. And I would know, he works for me. And you. We pay his salary.

    Mitchell is a McCarthy-esque fraud. How is his report different than Canseco’s book?

    I would argue that Canseco is a more credible source than this witchhunt. Agree/Disagree?

  • dan the man

    I might agree with that.

    The Mitchell Report will be fun news for sure. But let’s look at what’s really going on here. We all know that beyond implementing players, the report is supposed to make a statement about the big picture, i.e.: who else is to blame besides the players. We also all know that Selig and co. effectively brushed steroids under the rug for years. Does anyone really expect that Mitchell, hired by Selig to start this witch hunt, is going to accuse Selig of anything, as he should? Could this just be a $60 million (yup, the estimated amount it cost to execute the investigation) self-centered ploy by Selig to absolve himself of any blame in this whole steroid shitfest? It just feels like Selig said, alright, let’s spend a shitload of money to throw some players under the bus and maybe blame some owners the players union, and let’s forget all about it.


  • Joe the Guy

    Are all the Worry Warts out there happy now – Andy managed to get a shred of value back for Miggy – even if it’s a pupu platter … it’s 5 deep and that’s more than I ever expected….

  • adios, chingon

    What do we know about this gaggle of humanity we got in the deal?

  • Joe the Guy

    Luke Scott is an outfielder. Michael Constanza (intentional typo on last name) is a third base prospect.

    The other 3 are pitching prospects.

    Albers is 24, a righty starter, and was 4-11 with a 5.86 ERA last year.

    Sarfate is 26, a righty reliever, and had 14 K’s in 8 IP last year.

    Troy Patton already needs to Shut Up:

    “It’s true,” Patton told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s kind of really disappointing, honestly.”

    Not just disappointing, “really” disappointing, he says. And not fictionally, Honestly.

    Poor kid. He’s a lefty starter, 22, and lost both of his starts last year. I might call him “The General”

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Yeah! The General!

    Now then, here’s what we know: Tejada is declining. That’s a fact, and it might have been our culture of losing that Jon Heyman loves to throw in our faces all the time, and maybe he bounces back big time, but he isn’t anywhere close to the MVP we got.

    On the flip side, of the 5 guys we got, none of them are Tejada, and none of them are particularly promising. But, Constanoz probably jumps up with Reimold as upper level top hitters (Bowie will be quite the team next year if Constanoz doesn’t come here or go to Norfolk, what with Synder, Wieters, Reimold, and Constanoz to go with Spoone and whoever else is pitching down there). Anyway, remember what we got from the last big purge when it was a bunch of prospects and fringe guys returned? That’s right – Melvin Mora and 6 more years of winter. So talent-wise, let’s call it a wash.

    Here’s the rub for me: we pick up 27 years of cheap guys and get rid of 2 years of above average mediocrity that was expensive. Kudos to MacPhail. Also, he did something and got more than I thought possible for somebody who might be less desirable this time tomorrow, if Neal’s thinking be true (though who cares whose on the thing anyway? Everybody’s culpable, if you ask me).

    My jury remains out on MacPhail as an Oriole de facto GM until we see what happens with Bedard – since that is the most important move of the year, really. And I’m not ruling out being enthused with a trade or an extension…it all depends on the particulars. And I would hope that teams that aren’t the Cubs are getting the hint that we can’t be swindled for our best players

    (Also: Dear Cubs, You once tried to trade Mark Prior for Bedard and Tejada. You have since tried to trade Matt Murton and Sean Gallagher for Brian Roberts. We know we dropped Trax off on you and laughed long and hard about it, but seriously. Seriously, Cubs, come on already. Love, Andrew in Rochester)

    Keep aware that in the coming years, when the free agent market isn’t overly mediocre (I’m looking at you, Tex) we will have money to spend, as if we didn’t already.

    Last thing. We traded an All-Star fan favorite for prospects. Angelos didn’t nix that deal like he gets blamed for every deal. Whose the Boss?

  • dan the man

    haha and miguel is already off of the Orioles.com front page banner.

    only a matter of time before nick stands alone up there.

  • dan the man

    this is solid trade. astros fans are PISSED. patton is pissed. haha now now, kid, we’ll make you feel right *gunshot* at home *cityslickers* here in *sub-.500 baseball team for 10 straight years* Baltimore. Really! You’ll love it! hahahaha welcome home, kid, welcome home. Have a crab and go down to Norfolk and we’ll see you soon.

    scott is old but who cares. he’s younger than miggi, probably hasn’t done steroids since he’s an uber-christian, and with some at bats could outhit tejada. maybe we can trade him.

    goodbye miggi, hello Hungry, Slightly Scared and Resentful Children. Andy MacTrade!

  • dan the man

    Tike gets a 1 year deal!

    haha I’m lovin this shit.

    blow it up! more! more!

  • Joe the Guy

    “and probably hasn’t done steroids since he’s an uber-christian”

    this is the hard hitting shit I come to the LC for

    Baseball America has General Patton #3 and Mike George Costanza as #6 on the Top Ten List of Astros prospects…

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Some in depth look tells me The General is probably the jewel of this deal, though Safarte looks to be pretty good, too. I’m not crazy about Scott or the rest of them.

    As far as Patton’s comments, man, if/when Roberts gets traded, I hope to God he says that same exact thing.

  • neal s

    Thanks for getting this conversation rolling, fellas. I was away from the computer until just a few minutes ago. There’s a new post up on the main page with my thoughts. Short version: I like it.