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The Way We Were

keep hope aliveFantastic discussion in the comments on the last two posts. You all deserve a pat on the back.

You’ll need it, too. That sound you heard last night from downtown was the sputtering remains of the O’s 2007 Bandwagon finally rolling to a stop. We’re on our own from here on out.

Perhaps Rookie of the Year candidate Jeremy Guthrie can come through with another fine outing, something to hold next to our hearts as we face up to a surprisingly good Diamondbacks squad this weekend. I’ve got to go put the finishing touches on my cover story (!) for next week’s PressBox, but sometime tomorrow I’ll have a few thoughts on where things stand.

For right now it’s 0-0 in the third. Cross your fingers…

9 comments to The Way We Were

  • Andrew in Rochester

    See, right here is two of the mistakes we’ve made tonight that are going to lead us to a loss:

    1) Putting Millar in front of Bako. We should’ve put someone like Patterson there and use Kevin’s good batting eye elsewhere in the lineup. He’s been on a ton, because it’s easy to face Paul Bako instead of just about anyone.
    2) This is where you want to bat your good pinch hitter. Jon Knott with the bases loaded down by one looks a ton better than ole Base-Knock Bako, who strikes out.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • dan the man

    This is an epic, epic slump.

    A positive? Maybe this will ignite the O’s/Nats “rivalry”. A sweep in Baltimore by DC. This is a slap in the face but you have to tip your caps to the scrappy Nats (who have a good closer) for taking advantage of a ridiculously underachieving Orioles ballclub. However, we need to kick the shit out of this team the next time we play them. Really, though, the O’s have beat themselves.

    Game over. Sweep. And the Nats fans are cheering in Camden.

  • dan the man

    And to make it sting a little more, we now have the same record as the Nationals.

  • dan the man

    At least I have my huge Jeremy Guthrie boner. I’m ok with him leaving after 7. If the O’s aren’t going to score him any runs, then fuck it. They had 7 innings to do it. The guy is having his best season and it’s a damn shame his win totals will probably keep him from being Rookie of the Year.

    Jim Palmer is pissed.

  • dan the man

    Hahahaha Sammy just scored some points with me with this comment in the press conference after the game.

    Reporter: “Sam, can you talk about Bedard starting against an Arizona ballclub that just lost three to Yankees?”

    Sam: “We just lost three to the Nats, what do you want me to say?”


  • Dave Butz

    I really feel bad for you dooods. To quote Bryan Adams I’m sure it “Cuts Like a Knife” to have a bunch of cast offs who many experts picked to be the worst team in baseball EVER, stroll in with a thick handled broom and in the process jettison the black and orange into the cellar of the A.L. east. It also probably doesn’t help that the Nationals have the city they play for proudly emblazoned on the front of their road jerseys. Maybe this ass beating was just karmic justice for the way Angelos cock blocked the district from getting a team for so long. On a more positive note i hear James Gist is tearing it up in spring ball and Purple Pride is less than three months away but if you can’t wait Baltimore PRIDE is this weekend…Enjoy!

  • sci

    I was just reading about Verlander’s no-hitter and the electric atmosphere of that game in Detroit. If that can happen for them, it can happen for us. They were very bad for years. Keep hope alive.

    In the meantime, this year seems shot. When you’re forced to hit Gibbons and Bako with the game on the line b/c of a terrible bench, you really don’t have a very good team. Swept by the Nats at home? Are you kidding???? I think Perlozzo made a good point that this team is just wound way too tight right now. (Debatable whether that in itself is the manager’s fault.) It’s time to relax, or the season is over, if it’s not already. Start having fun again, if that’s possible. You have to make a personnel move or two, just to shake things up. Bring back Jeff Reboulet and have everyone grow Reboulet moustaches. Anything to get this team to loosen up…

  • Andrew in Rochester

    A ways back it was mentioned that if anyone should take over the team in the event of Perlozzo’s firing, it should be the unusual choice of Jim Palmer. I’d kinda like to see that (or Joe Girardi, if only because his strict “I’m from the Yankees where we look like soldiers” hair policy would probably incite Kevin Millar to murder him in cold blood), but whenever I get on that train of thought I always come back to this:

    What if these guys just aren’t up to being motivated to play correctly? What if there’s no pep talk, no amount of drilling, no amount of chewing out, and no policies that could get these guys to be real proud to wear black and orange and not just get paid for being a mediocre baseball team that plays….heck, I wonder if some of them know what city they play for (though it would help if it were on their uniforms….)?

    I really don’t like where that takes me, though it’s altogether possible that these guys – with some notable exceptions – don’t care who they’re playing for or what their fans think of them. Just as long as they get paid. And hey, if they think they care, they’d try harder and not make those ridiculous mistakes, like having your supposed best hitter up with two on and no outs, and then on the next pitch the inning being over! Are you fucking kidding me? There’s no way half these guys give a flying fuck how the Baltimore Orioles are doing. And that goes for Angelos, too.

    Rant over.