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Third and Four

Marlins MermaidsThe 2007 Marlins Mermaids have been announced, and The Loss Column would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to top row, fourth from the left: BluJean (click for large version, and she’s also on MySpace, though her profile is private). (source)

None of us actually know BluJean…we just wish we did.

HardawaySo you all know how Tim Hardaway feels about the gays, right? Now, it’s safe to assume that there is at least one gay man currently in the NBA, and probably several more just dabbling. It’s also safe to assume that Hardaway isn’t the only player who feels this way (current, recently retired — either way), just the only one dumb enough to say it.

So what now? I have a feeling this one’s not going away.

This post from a Cubs fansite goes into some detail on an issue that’s been vexing me for several months now: MLB apparently hates “bloggers.” I’ve tried four times to get access to their online, press-only storehouse of press releases, contact numbers, etc, only to be ignored three times and told I wasn’t worthy on the other one. I just assumed it was a matter of our relative newness, but apparently not. Stupid.

— Pitchers and Catchers…the single most optimistic phrase in the language. More to come soon.

3 comments to Third and Four

  • Dan The Man

    Hardaway’s “apology” today was weak. Even if you apologize for opening your fat mouth, everyone now knows that you’re hateful. You can’t go from hating gays to not by way of apology. And Amaechi applauded Hardaway for his honesty, which is brilliant. This is fast becoming a hot topic and it’s certainly not a bad thing having a debate about it. In my mind, sexuality has nothing to do with sports whatsoever. Gay or not, a pro sports player is an athlete. I don’t think it’s necessary to come out if you’re still playing – everyone is entitled to have personal things kept personal, especially since it’s clear now that there’s hate in American pro sports. But I would applaud, and I think, most of the sports world might, if more non-retired gay athletes came out. We need someone to face this dilemna of ignorance straight up. I’ve heard some sick people come onto sports radio recently – it’s eye-opening to hear them go on about how being gay “isn’t right” or that it’s “not God’s way” or that it’s a “disease”. Unbelievable, the homophobia that exists in this country. All men are created equal – period.

  • Staci

    I don’t wish to know BluJean. But I also don’t refer to homosexual people as “the gays.”

  • Neal_S

    Saying “the gays” is a way of making fun of Tim Hardaway, not a means of reference. But I guess I couldn’t expect you to get that seeing as how you have no interest in knowing BluJean.