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Total Futility

I don’t know what to say. But because it’s what I do, I’ll still say something.

I did an image search just now for “futility.” That search turned up this page, and the following image (click both pics for larger versions):

Baltimore Orioles losers and losing

What we’ve got here is a team facing an epic losing streak. This is the kind of thing that fans of pretty much every other team, in every other sport, look at and say “wow, I’m sure glad we’re not that bad.”

Remember 4-32? This might get worse. Throughout all of the struggles we’ve seen over the past five years there has always been something to fall back on. We’ve always been able to say “we’re not Pittsburgh, we’re not Kansas City.”

I’ve got a splash of cold water for you: the Orioles aren’t Pittsburgh or Kansas City, they’re worse. At sixteen games below .500 the O’s currently outpace only the Devil Rays, Marlins, and Nationals — each of whom has, arguably, a brighter outlook next year than the black-and-orange.

One of whom just swept us at home.

So maybe that first image isn’t the one we want. Maybe it’s time to settle in and make this next one our mantra. It might be the only way.

Baltimore Orioles completely inept

14 comments to Total Futility

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Hey here’s one for us fans!

  • K

    Can’t be much more to it than that.

  • Mike L

    this just in… the o’s are the first team in history to lose 9 games after giving up 30 runs in a game. also we may carry a 17 game losing streak into sept. 8th.

    i dont know know what to say anymore. this has been one of the most sick and twisted seasons i’ve witnessed. how we are 27-20 vs the AL east, but so far out of contention, some of the best pitching in baseball, but have lost 16 games this year when leading after 7 innings. cant hit the long ball to save our life, then jack 6 out and lose 15-8. as futile as our offense has been at times, were the only team in the bigs not to be shutout yet. we manhandle the yankees winning every series against them, and boston we stuck it to as well, then… 30 runs, are you kidding me. and our saving grace DT who has the team playing with passion again gets his invite for next year, and we celebrate by losing 9+. i just dont get it.

  • dan the man

    Mike, you nailed it man. Just a bizzarely cruel season all around. With one positive comes some heart wrenching negative. It never fails.

    The season has been like three seasons. First they were mediocre and got shitty until Perlozzo got fired. Then they were playing solid above-500 ball under Trembley. Then they remove his interim tag and they tank.

    The fact that they tank after the interim tag got removed is one of the strangest phenomenons that I’ve seen in baseball. It is either a straight freak coincidence, or this team has serious psychological issues. DT isn’t doing a damn thing differently from what I can tell. The bullpen just decided to blow up in a historic way.

    Why can’t this team just be an average bad team like KC? Is all this bizarre, epic, historic losing really necessary?

    Orioles Nation is utterly confused…

    The good news is that the bullpen wasn’t historically terrible tonight. In fact, it was really Jeremy Guthrie and more bad defense from Miggi. And a lack of clutch hitting. But maybe this means that a win isn’t far away. If we can get one good start, a miracle bullpen outing, and scrore enough runs, then maybe we can win.


    I’m calling it right now, actually. We win tomorrow with Liz baffling the Sox. Why not?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Ok, so here’s some thoughts. Consider the pitching staff next year. Here’s who we know is definitely going to be on the stafff, because they are either untradeable, have no options, or it would be dumb to trade them:

    Bedard, Guthrie, Loewen, Baez, Walker, Bradford.

    That’s it. Here’s some tradeables/extendables:

    Trachsel, D. Cabrera.

    And the rest (our minor league guys):

    Liz, Johnson, F. Cabrera, Hoey, Doyne, Birkins, Burres, Leicester, Rleal (forgot about him, didn’t you?)

    So how do you put together the pitching staff out of these guys, being able to trade Cabrera or any of the minor leaguers and being able to sign whatever free agents that are out there (though they look weak)? We need 2 starters and 4 relievers.

    I will refuse to ever discuss this past week and a half ever again. Ever.

  • dan the man

    You forgot Olson and Penn!

  • sci

    I think that’s about right. I’m a little worried that we’re putting too much faith in Guthrie. He’s been good this year, but is he a #2 starter? Not at this point, I would argue. We just don’t know enough, and he’s really faded lately. So you’re saying we may want Trax back now? I guess he’s really not a bad #4 or 5 option, which would make the rotation – Bedard, [blank], Loewen, Guthrie, Trax. Not bad, if you find a decent #2 somewhere. So I’m thinking we may only need one starter, but he would be a key one. (No idea what to do with Cabrera. If Trax goes, he’s probably the fifth starter, which wouldn’t be so bad, I guess.)

    As far as the bullpen, I agree with you Andrew, let’s basically shut down everyone except the rookies and try to see what we have. That will never happen, but it should.

  • dan the man

    Here’s what I might like to see, depending on a million things.

    A rotation of Bedard, Guthrie, Loewen, Cabrera, Olson.

    A bullpen of Walker, Bradford, Baez, Penn, Burres, Hoey, and Liz as the closer. That’s 7 guys, so give or take. Maybe you replace one of those guys with F-Cab if he isn’t terrible.

    The thing is the O’s have a clusterfuck of young arms – so many that it’s confusing to think about. They need to sort through this talented mess and give some of these guys extended shots in the big leagues because, honestly, we’re not going to contend anytime soon. Stop shuttling guys back and forth. Let them pitch, for better or for worse.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I think we could package Cabrera together with some of our other minor league options (Penn, Johnson, Olson, or Burres, perhaps?) and get back someone like, but not necessarily, Ian Snell or Noah Lowry. That’s probably aiming a little high. Don’t forget that after these AAA pitching prospects that we have (a strength of ours) we’ve got Arrieta, Bascom, Beato, and Erbe down in A ball, so we’ve got another good looking crop coming. We could have a much stronger rotation if we part with Daniel and a couple of our AAA guys.

    The bullpen, geez, what do you do here? You can’t get rid of Baez, Bradford, or Walker. Does anybody here think that Liz shouldn’t be the closer? His stuff is as electric as B.J. Ryan’s, if you ask me, and certainly in league with some of these rival arms like Chamberlain and Papelbon. Plus fastball with control, ability to turn it down 10 mph…plus breaking stuff, that’s just great. I’m very excited about Radhames. So, in my perfect world we could have Liz as the closer, Baez, Walker, and Chadford as middle relief, another lefty (maybe Buress), and then either Penn, Johnson, or Olson as the long guy, and somebody else – Cabrera, Rleal, or Hoey, most likely.

    I don’t know. That doesn’t sound great. But maybe a year of not overworking guys would do us good. I don’t think there’s any wisdom in buying up some more relievers (esp. in this market) when we’ve got all this pitching depth. There’s gotta be 4 guys somewhere in the system and the waiver wire that can get 3 guys out before they give up 6 runs.

  • sci

    Trax just traded to the Cubs…

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Good move. We got some good looking prospects for a good guy we didn’t need anyway.

  • dan the man

    Those prospects do look decent.

    I hope Trachsel can help the Cubs in the playoffs. He deserves to be back in the playoffs after his meltdown last year with the Mets. Dude was a solid for us and you could not have asked for much more from the guy. He should have won about 10 games to this point – he got shafted just like every other starting pitcher on this team.