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Two Great Links

A couple of things worth sharing came to my attention today:

First, the following video about a Wii Bowling Tournament organized by Erickson Retirement Communities. The video’s seven-something minutes long, but give yourself the time because it’s pretty damn cool (more info here).

Second, my favorite non-Loss Column local sports publication, PressBox, has just launched a new high school sports site called PressBox Preps. I feel pretty safe in saying that this will fast become the site for local high school news and info. Give it a look, and don’t forget to support PressBox in all of their endeavors. They’re good people doing damn good work (I can vouch for it).

Also as an aside: Andrew in Rochester was right about Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier short. Fantastic stuff.

2 comments to Two Great Links

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Weeeee…I love being right!

  • dan the man

    I hope when I’m a senior citizen that I have an awesome nickname like “Lefty” or “8 Ball”. These old dudes are gangster, and some of those ladies mean business. “High roller”