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Weekend Wrap

Baltimore Oriole - Baltimore Sports Fan Fest produced relatively little actual news, but it did draw an estimated 10k fans, which is a very good sign. The Oriole Post was there, and their coverage is worth checking out (including a generous helping of pics).

Josh Towers won the fifth spot in the Blue Jays rotation. It’s nice to see him put last year behind him and get on the comeback trail.

Here’s an interesting article about radar guns, something fans of Daniel Cabrera can certainly get into.

I thought to link some season previews, but what’s the point? Virtually everyone picks the O’s to finish fourth, and all of them pretty much say the same thing (Erik Bedard, Peter Angelos, not very good). I have a hunch most of the sportswriters just recycled whatever they said last year.

Moving away from baseball, Wizards forward Caron Butler broke his hand today, meaning he’s probably out for the year. From the casual fan’s perspective this seems like a huge blow to their chances come playoff time.

Michael Phelps is simply not human.

I’ve got nothing to say about the Final Four because, well, it sucked. I won’t have anything to say about Monday’s championship game, either, because I don’t plan on watching it. Just so you know.

2 comments to Weekend Wrap

  • sci

    And the winner for crappiest Orioles season preview…

    I copied and pasted the Orioles section. Follow the link to see how much analysis they gave to the other teams, even the Devil Rays. The lack of respect and thought given to the Orioles by the national media is amazing to me. I know the O’s need to earn it, but it’s almost insulting.


    Projection: 4th, 76-86, division title 0.8 percent, wild card 2 percent

    Chad Bradford, 3 years, $10.5 million; Jamie Walker, 3 years, $12 million; Danys Baez, 3 years, $19 million.

    We could stop right there, but that wouldn’t really be fair to Orioles fans, although it might be merciful.

    Aubrey Huff, 3 years, $20 million; Jay Payton, 2 years, $9.5 million; Kevin Millar, 1 year, $2.75 million.

    Can you hear the gap between the Orioles and the Yankees, Blue Jays and Red Sox closing yet?

    No review of the Orioles would be complete without mentioning two noteworthy streaks from the 2006 season. Miguel Tejada hit fewer homers (24) in 2006 than in any season since 1999, but he managed that many despite going 126 consecutive at-bats from Aug. 22 to Sept. 23 without one. That was no match, however, for up-and-comer Nick Markakis, who went homer-less for three solid months, 205 at bats from April 15 to July 15, yet still ended the season with 16.

  • dan

    Yeah, man… it’s like I said – to everyone else the Orioles are a complete non-issue. Respected sportswriters don’t even bother to check the roster or stats. Forget that Miggy had the most hits in a season in the history of the Orioles franchise.. This preview didn’t even mention the young starting pitchers… ugh.

    Well, looks like the O’s have some people to prove wrong. Let’s get this show on the road!

    P.S. Caron’s broken hand is devastating! Arenas will be hucking 3’s now constantly, and that’s not going to win playoff games.