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World Series Game 1 Open Thread

I’ve got the Rockies radio feed streaming through my computer right now as game one gets underway. It’s Jeff Francis vs. Josh Beckett — fire at will in the comments.

10 comments to World Series Game 1 Open Thread

  • neal s

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, folks, but the Rockies aren’t winning this series. In fact, managing to avoid a sweep might be a victory in itself.

  • df1570

    Neal, that’s not bearing bad news at all.

    At least not for me.

    I want the Red Sox to win.

    Since their fans invade OUR ballpark every year, maybe the ring ceremony can be in Baltimore next spring.

  • Kona_Boy

    sweep? I wasn’t aware that they had cloned Josh Beckett…

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    Geez, Drew, that’s cold.

    Want some bad news, guys. Andy Etchebarren – FIRED! You tell me why, because I have no fucking clue sometimes.

    Anybody think Millar will show up to cheer on the Rockies, since he loves just baseball so much?

  • Joe the Guy

    Ring ceremony in baltimore is hilarious……Millar can be MC

    I felt bad for Francis, shitting his pants on national TV and all…….

    Why did I take the under?

    Why is it NOW that I remember watching him destroy Philly and thinking “this guy will never fly against an actual baseball team”

    Why don’t I remember these things BEFORE I bet?

    However, I did take advantage of my bitter yankees-fan friend who is going to owe me a case of beer (any suggestions?) and tickets to The Stadium next year once the Sox finish off the Rox…..

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    To be fair, Francis could have pitched the best ever last night and the Rox still wouldn’t have had a chance against Beckett. I guess if you’re going to lose, lose big and get it all out of you at once.

  • Kona_Boy

    Terry Francona Announces Josh Beckett Will Start Games 1, 4, 7, 2, 6, 3, 5


  • dan the man

    Stat: Only three world series teams (not including Boston) have beaten their opponent in game 1 by more than 10 runs.

    All three then went on to lose the world series.

  • dan the man

    On “Etch”:

    FIRE ‘EM ALL!!!!!

    All of em. The good old boys, keepers of the “Oriole Way”, the whole lot. Can ’em all. Right now, I’m all about a cleansing. I have no allegiance to any of them because the team has lost for 10 years. It might not be the morally correct thing to do, but sometimes you have to shake things up in the unlikeliest of places if you’re really seirous about shaking things up. It’s one reason why we were all surprised about Crowley, but if DT wants him, then I’ll buy it.

    A purge. Man, I can’t wait for Hot Stove season.

  • Andrew in Girlchester

    I have absolutely no issue with a purge. I’m entirely for it. But we’re talking about the guy in the picture with Brooks after the World Series. If you want him gone, do it in a more classy way than calling him in and saying “You’re fired. Get out of my office. I don’t recall saying good luck.” I mean, have a little respect for a longtime Oriole guy.

    Boy, it’s been a rough week for me.

    Best comparison for everybody here rooting for the Rox (that means everyone except the occasional Sox guy checking in, Joe the Guy, and Drew Forrester): the ’96 Braves were 2-1 favorites and destroyed the Yankees in the first 2 games, at that point going on a tear outscoring their opponents in the last 5 games something like 30-5 and then, of course, lost and ushered in the Yankee dynasty.