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Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Dave Johnson

Orioles broadcasting legend Dave JohnsonIn last week’s voting, Peter Schmuck rode the wave generated by his new blog (which, by the way, is pretty damn good) all the way to a 70% approval rating. Congrats, Pete.

This week we turn our attention to none other than pitcher-turned-broadcaster Dave Johnson.

Despite being part of the mythical “Why Not?” season, Johnson never found much success on the hill (22-25 with a 5.11 ERA for his career). So, after retiring from baseball following the 1993 season (spent with Detroit), the Baltimore native moved on to other pursuits.

One of them — Dave Johnson’s Baseball Academy — is very cool but doesn’t concern us here. The other — color analyst for MASN and for the 105.7 pre- and post-game shows — is very, very cool and does concern us here.

Johnson brings something unique to the booth, with his bulldog mentality and willingness to call things exactly as he sees them. With that, however, comes a tendency to get a little bit emotional at times and maybe wear his heart on his sleeve a little too much. He’s definitely not polished out there — he’s Dave, take it or leave it.

Which will it be?

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  • 8 comments to Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Dave Johnson

    • df1570

      A big, fat, definite “yea” for DJ.

      Besides Palmer, he’s the only guy involved in the team’s broadcast department that speaks the truth during the games.

      I don’t know how long that will last, but I enjoy his work.

    • neal s

      Yeah, Dave J. is my most emphatic “yea” yet. You’re right about him speaking the truth, but on top of that he brings incredible insight about the game itself. He sees things that a regular fan could easily miss, and he explains them in terms even a kid could understand. Just a great job all around.

      Plus he obviously bleeds black-and-orange, and I kinda dig that.

    • Greg

      Big time Yea from me. I love listening to this guy talk, on the radio and otherwise. He knows what this franchise is doing and seems to not like to gloss over the negative aspects like so many other commentators do. In other words, Dave tells us exactly how it is and it’s refreshing to hear. This may sound odd, but I really like his voice too. The only other guy I like listening to more is Ken Wyman.

    • Andrew out of Rochester

      The only issue – and I mean only – I have is that if anything, he tends to lean to a negative side. It’s felt like at times he doesn’t have anything good to say about the O’s. But, on the other hand, sometimes, what good is there to say. I love this guy.

    • steve h.

      Dave walks the fine line of caring about the team, plus being brutally honest, very well. Not unlike Palmer.

      Very informative when it comes to pitching, great “insider” perspectives to the game… and has a good sense of humor also.

      Big thumbs up.

    • xi0


      He’s pretty unbiased and a hometown guy.

      Plus, he isn’t afraid to point out the stupidity of the caller’s questions/comments at times.

    • dan the man

      You’ve gotta love Dave Johnson.

      He’s the only guy I’ve ever listened to in baseball that will say something that makes me go.. “Huh… yeah I never thought of that.” That’s extremely rare in baseball commentary. Extremely rare. Plus he’s hilarious especially when he starts to freak out.

    • dan the man

      Also, I agree that Schmuck’s blog is good. Now we have two blogs with insight from the inside, instead of one.