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Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Jim Palmer

baltimore orioles pitcher and broadcaster jim palmerIn last week’s third installment of the Bmore SMARs, ESPN 1300’s Anita Marks limped around the bases to an impressive 86% “nay” rating (which could change slightly in the next couple of hours before the poll closes). At first I was shocked that the comments on her poll weren’t more active, but I suppose there are only so many ways to say “she’s not that good.”

This week we shift gears to focus on a far more interesting subject: Jim Palmer himself.

Jim Palmer the player was the undisputed man. 3 Cy Youngs, 6 all-star appearances, 4 gold gloves, 2 ERA titles, and he led the American League in victories three times. Indeed, one could make an argument that he’s the greatest player ever to don the black and orange. If he’s not, he’s close.

But our focus here is on Jim Palmer the broadcaster. He’s currently an Orioles color analyst for MASN, and he has been a team broadcaster in some form for 15 seasons. He has also worked for ABC, most notably during the late eighties as part of a team with Al Michaels and Tim McCarver.

Jim’s reputation is as a smart, insightful commentator who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. That’s how I think of him, anyway. I’ve heard folks in the past describe him as a little too smart, in a way that some have derided as arrogant.

Time to settle it once and for all. Cast your “yea” or “nay” vote for Jim in the poll below, then join the discussion in the comments. As always, keep it clean etc etc.

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  • 9 comments to Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Jim Palmer

    • Tomás

      I think Jim Palmer is great as a broadcaster, smart and well-spoken enough to criticize when needed but very tactfully. I am so glad we have him as a contrast to the 2 Buffoons over in Chicago, “….YES!”; give me a f-ing break.

      PS. I let it slide that he [Palmer] looks overtanned + dyed hair (hey, our colors are orange and black after all…) because when you combine those features with the rest of his persona it just makes him like George Hamilton AKA One Cool Ass MotherTrucker.

    • Ryan

      He’s a bit of a ponce, but you kind of have to overlook anything annoying about him in favor of the fact that he clearly knows what he’s talking about. You get insightful commentary from him with regard to what he thinks ought to be going through our pitchers’ minds at particular points in the game. That’s something a less experienced pitcher AND broadcaster just isn’t likely to be able to provide.

      He definitely focuses his points on pitching — which makes sense — but that’s really a minor quibble.

      I DO however agree with Tomás with regard to his dyed hair, etc.

      Missing Flat Brim T-shirt tomorrow, very unhappy. Sending the wife to get me a shirt, hopefully.

    • dan the man

      Jim is probably the single most polarizing Baltimore sports media figure. That might not prove to be true here with the poll, but there’s clearly a portion of O’s Nation that feels like the guy is either arrogant, senile, boring, or all three.

      I gave him a “yea” because he’s fucking Jim Palmer and you have to give him a “yea”. He makes me laugh with his unintentionally funny commentary. He’s a baseball brainiac and he sticks to his guns with his ideas on how the game should be played and how the pitchers should pitch. No, he’s not very concise. He doesn’t often find the point that he originally set out to make. And he has a tendency to drone on and on with stories and anecdotes in the midst of exciting and tense moments of the game, often causing Thorne or Hunter to politely cut him off. He draws big, messy, orange circles with that silly on-screen pen of his. You kinda gotta love him. He’s not even very good at talking to the camera, but he’s good old Jim Palmer and he provides an original color commentary when so many other guys out there just sound like cookie-cutter ESPNers. And he’s actually benefited from Gary Thorne, as I think those guys have established a good chemistry.

      Simply put, he’s not the best broadcaster out there, but will we miss him when he’s not around anymore? I think absolutely.

    • Greg

      The man has what… 3 Cy Young awards with O’s, which I think makes up half of all the Orioles Cy Young awards. The man is an Orioles legend, easily makes the top 5 best Orioles of all time (Frank, Brooks, Cal, Eddie and Jim).

      He knows how to pitch. He can play the game. He went to the World Series and won. It all comes off of him in his broadcasting. He’s tasteful and tactful in his commentary, even though sometimes it comes off as ‘no-duh’ Madden-esque type banter. I think that out of the group Orioles personalities (Manfra, Angel, Thorne, Dempsey, Martinez and Hunter), he’s the least grating on my nerves, and has a different point of view on the game.

      We at least have to give the Orioles credit for keeping Dempsey and Palmer around. I watch the Nationals broadcasters sometimes and wonder who the heck they are, how flat their personalities are, and how blessed the Orioles are to have some legends hanging around to keep us interested with their own experiences in orange and black. I wish there was more involvement from ex-Orioles in the organization, but I guess everyone moves on eventually.

      I vote Yay.

    • neal s

      I’ll be honest here: I don’t know how anyone could vote “nay” on Jim Palmer. The guy is as knowledgeable as they come, and the things that are a little bit “off” about him all fall under the rubric of personality. I like him precisely because he’d never fly on ESPN. The guy is aces.

    • dan the man

      Plus, don’t you sort of get that feeling like he’s hiding a deep, dark secret? Or that he’s really sad? There’s something more to Jim than meets the eye. Maybe it’s just that he’s a genius or something.

    • Andrew out of Rochester

      Jim Palmer the announcer isn’t exactly the greatest thing since sliced bread. He was an outstanding pitcher, no doubt…but lots of players can’t do the media thing worth a damn after their careers, whether they were good, great, bad, or only played for the Ducks long enough to get everyone in York free breadsticks. Example: Keith Hernandez, who is just a complete idiot in the booth (“I’m not saying women belong in the kitchen…”)

    • xi0

      He’s definitely smart, but incredibly long-winded. He brings his insight to the game in a blatantly obvious, self-congratulatory way.

      However, I voted Yay because he’s Jim Palmer. He’s the only O’s player in the booth that is a professional (I love Dempsey, but he’s a scrub in the booth).

    • Comcast fan

      Jim Palmer is great.