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Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Mark Viviano

Mark VivianoLast week, former Oriole great Jim Palmer scored a record-setting victory in the SMARs, finishing with a seemingly impossible 97% “yea” rating. To be fair, though, he also had the fewest votes of any candidate so far. The message I take from this is that people find Jim Palmer (the broadcaster) satisfying, but not necessarily inspiring.

This week we focus our attention in a different direction as we examine the work of Mark Viviano. While not quite as visible as some of our other subjects, Viviano is nevertheless a giant in the local sports media landscape. He holds down the midday spot on the city’s largest sports talk radio station (going on right before Anita Marks), and he’s also the sports director at WJZ TV channel 13. In past incarnations he worked for both 98 Rock and WBAL, and he was the guy who broke the story of the Browns moving here to become the Ravens.

As his bio points out, he’s been voted the “best” by both Baltimore Magazine and the City Paper. Seems fair enough on the surface, no?

And yet I wonder. Despite the depth of his experience and breadth of his accomplishments, I never hear people talking about either him or his work. This poll is, for me, as much about satisfying that curiosity as anything else.

So I ask you to vote away, and if you know anyone in the area who might have an opinion don’t hesitate to send them a link and invite them to the conversation. Of course, the usual rules apply: clean, cool, nothing you wouldn’t say if he were across the room.

Also, one quick note: this poll does not deal with Viviano’s radio partner, “the bulldog”. He’ll get his own spot down the road.

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  • 3 comments to Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Mark Viviano

    • neal s

      The comments seem to be working OK…nobody has anything to say about the Viv?

    • dan the man

      See I find this funny because you said it yourself, Neal: somehow, this guy is the least visible Baltimore sports media guy. I like his show but it’s never on when I can listen to it. On WJZ, he says a couple of dumbed-down things about sports or the Orioles, and they only give him like 60 seconds anyway. He is, however, probably the most legit sports guy in town. He’s not a buffoon or blowhard, he’s not real controversial (I guess, I don’t hear the guy very much), and he seems to break some good stories. I believe he also broke the firing of Perlozzo/hiring of MacPhail story and he was really good on the radio that day. Other than that…. who the hell is Mark Viviano and why isn’t he more prominent? I’d much rather here him during the drive home than Anita. Who wouldn’t? I dunno, I gave him a “yea” only because I have no negative opinions about him, but it took me about a week to even decide if I had enough of an opinion either way to vote for him.

      He should do O’s Xtra.

    • xi0

      Viviano’s alright…I think this poll is going to be like the Amber one. He’s not controversial and does his job well it seems.

      That being said, I’ve never listened to his radio show, but the promos for it make it sound borderline nauseating.