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Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Roch Kubatko

As of this moment, Jim Hunter is just one vote to the “nay” in last week’s poll. But it doesn’t close for about an hour, so there’s room for that to change if you haven’t voted yet.

With all of the talk in yesterday’s Open Thread about Roch Kubatko potentially leaving the Sun (a rumor he partially shot down today), it’s only a natural for him to be the subject of this week’s BSMAR poll.

Kubatko, as you know, is a renaissance man of sorts in terms of Orioles coverage. He’s been a reporter at the Sun for quite some time, at least since the late nineties, but his profile has been raised significantly over the past few years on account of his blog, Roch Around the Clock. He’s also done regular guest appearances on Anita Marks‘ radio show and on MASN.

For the most part, he’s as good as there is when it comes to inside info on the O’s. I can’t imagine anyone would argue with that.

Of course, he has taken his share of arrows. He tends to the clunky now and then with his writing style, and his propensity for cracking questionable jokes can get downright cringe-worthy at times. And some people, well, just don’t like him for whatever reason.

The only vote that matters, though, is this one.

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  • 14 comments to Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Roch Kubatko

    • dan the man

      I vote “yea”. The guy has done a lot to foster and bring together the Oriole fanbase. At least the internet fanbase. He gets good news and original, inside nuggets that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. When he’s on TV or the raido, he basically reiterates the things he says in his blog, which can be kind of annoying, but he doesn’t embarrass O’s nation at least. The terrible jokes seem like they’ve almost become part of the personality of the blog and as annoying as it can be, you can’t blame him for creating an original, if not exceptionally well-written, blog.

      I still think he leaves. Otherwise, I’m not sure he would have said, “We’ll talk about it soon” or “You haven’t seen the last of me”. Either way, he seems like a good dude, he’s been a solid beat guy who’s put in his time, he’s run a good blog consistently, and I hope he continues to do O’s coverage in some capacity.

    • neal s

      I’m a “yea” here, too. Roch’s blog has been a great addition to the local landscape, and his quirks have grown on me. He’s a good fit here in town and, in fact, we could probably use a few more journalists on his level.

    • N

      I vote ‘yea’ for Roch…check out those guns!

    • random dude

      I voted yea.

      My only complaint is that sometimes he gets too chummy w/ the players and it shows up in his writing. Remember him telling people that they shouldn’t be booing Huff at the beginning of this year.

      But I guess that chummy-ness (is that a word?) is needed to keep up the good relationships that lead to the good stories/blog entries. And it was through his responses to his blog that I saw someone (I think Dan) post something about this website a long time ago. So that right there is reason enough to give him a yea.

    • Greg

      I couldn’t even imagine Roch getting a ‘nay’ vote. There is absolutely nothing to not like about the guy. He’s always there with breaking, pertinent information with a twist of humor. He really ties Baltimore together through the internet, and without him I’m not sure there’s a suitable alternative.

    • Tomás

      Yeah just like Random Dude said, his quirks grow on you and the only reason I found this site was through his blog.


    • Old O's Fan

      Without Roch, the Sunpapers might as well shut down reporting on the O’s. NO ONE ELSE can do it better. WHY DON’T THEY REALIZE

    • Mike L

      ditto, to the previous 7 posters. Yay

    • neal s

      I can’t say much, but I did find out a few things about this. Let’s just say that I think we’ll be happy with how it works out, one way or the other.

    • dan the man

      Ha… nice.

    • neal s

      These numbers for Roch are really astounding. In one day he’s gotten more total votes than either of the past two subjects got in a week, and every single one has been a “yea”. He deserves it for sure, but usually a few people dissent just for the sake of dissenting. Pretty damn impressive.

      I can’t see him finishing the week with a 100% positive rating, but I do hope that anyone who eventually votes “nay” has an interesting explanation for it.

    • Tomás

      Alright Negative Nancy wherever you are, explain yourself! lol

    • dan the man

      Pretty crazy that Hunter went exactly 50/50 in the votes. I think that makes sense.

    • neal s

      I’m prepared to guarantee that Jim Hunter will be the only BSMAR contestant to finish at an even 50-50. And, like you said, it makes a lot of sense. He’s probably the only one who should finish 50-50.

      As far as Roch goes, these numbers are fascinating in terms of how much interest they’ve generated. Roch has gotten so many votes so quickly that it really speaks to the passion folks feel for his work. I know that the polls with lesser vote totals were still looked at by a lot of people, but not nearly as many were inspired to lodge an opinion. Add to that the fact that Roch has just two “nay” votes and you’ve got an impressive showing, indeed.