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Breaking Bonds News: Fit, Meet Shan

The smoking gun in the Barry Bonds saga might have finally been unearthed: the Feds are claiming that he failed a steroid test in 2000.

All throughout this sordid adventure the Bonds apologists have consistently fallen back on one thing: he never failed a test. Well, dumbasses, here you go.

I was as> ready as everyone else to put this nonsense to rest, but evidence of a failed test completely changes the game. Barry Bonds is a stain on baseball, pure and simple. I really can’t see any credible argument to the contrary.

19 comments to Breaking Bonds News: Fit, Meet Shan

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i hope this means that d-bag chris berman will call him barry “bail” bonds instead of “u.s.” bonds.

    in all honesty though i’m so tired of this story. arguably the two biggest hall-of-fame-eligible assholes of their generation fall on their oversized heads once and for all. i wish the media would move on instead of breathlessly report every minute detail of this yawn-fest.

  • neal s

    I agree, BBM, totally. I avoided the Clemens hearings for a reason, and I definitely didn’t want to have to put another Bonds post up. But this is huge news. Had to be mentioned.

  • neal s

    In reading some other news reports about this I’ve seen the phrase “previously reported” used to describe the 2000 steroid test. I’m not sure what that means — it’s possible that I’m just missing a big chunk of this.

    Even if that’s true, it’s clear at this point that Bonds is done and done.

  • df1570

    Evidently that failed drug test you reported was reported as a “typo” in the filing of the test.

    You jumped the gun a little with your story.

    Looks a little like “lazy journalism”…I’m sure you had good intentions and all, putting the final nail in Bonds’ coffin…but you can’t just report on what others are reporting and be credible.

    I’m just sayin…


  • dan the man

    Nah Drew, the 2001 failed test was a typo, it should all be 2000. Maybe you should read the article

  • dan the man

    I don’t understand why it’s ok if Bonds failed a test in 2000, but not 2001? From what I get in the article, unless I’m just in need of more coffee (very possible), it’s saying that he failed in 2000, but there were some typos saying it was in 2001.


    Why isn’t anyone talking about this on the radio this morning? The dude failed a steroids test, something he said never happened!


    Right? What am I missing here?

  • dan the man

    Ok, so per ESPN:

    “U.S. attorney spokesman Josh Eaton now says that the reference in Thursday’s government court filing regarding Bonds testing positive was actually referring to a November 2000 test that was previously disclosed in the indictment of Bonds and had already been reported.”

    Alright, so it was already reported that he failed a 2000 test (my bad, my bad), but still… how can Bonds plead not guilty to lying to Congress about taking PEDs, yet have a blatantly failed test on his record?

  • neal s

    It’s a fair enough point, Drew, but the truth is that what Dan said is equally accurate. The guy did fail a test for steroids.

    Eh, whatever. Time to move on.

  • df1570

    All I was saying is that you guys sometimes come across as having all the (hindsight) wisdom when it comes to dissetcing what people say/write in the media and then, suddenly, you yourselves fall victim to just throwing something up there – and commenting on it – that doesn’t necessarily have all of the factual consistency that you criticize others for NOT having.

    It’s the glass house theory, I guess.

    Have a good weekend…

  • Chris

    YEAH, you…you…CHARLATANS!

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle


  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i won’t even get into a pissing match with drew about the difference between what you posted (what you thought in good faith was solid info that turns out to be a fucking typo) and what wnst posts (false theories based on unethical emotional ties to a failed coach).

    okay maybe i’d like that.

  • df1570

    You’re certainly not talking about ME having an “unethical emotional tie” to Brian Billick. I never in my life did anything socially with Brian Billick. I had him on the show four times since November ’06 when I took over the show on my own. To the degree that I had a forum to ask him questions at his weekly press conference at Owings Mills, I can only offer that about 20 other media members had the same forum every Monday. We asked questions, he answered them. I never had lunch with him, never had dinner with him, never played tennis with him and except for one occasion when he and I shot the shit at Chestnut Ridge CC for about 3 minutes before he spoke following a charity golf/tennis event, I don’t think I ever spoke to Brian Billick away from Owings Mills or M&T Bank Stadium.

    In terms of whatever “false theories” you’ve conjured up in your own mind vis a vis the coaching change, I will continue to repeat to people like you with cotton stuffed in their ears that all I’ve ever said in direct criticism of the Billick firing is that all of the “football people” – including Ozzie Newsome – did NOT want Brian Billick fired and, in fact, did NOT know Brian Billick was being fired (and, after various meetings prior to 12/31, were under the impression Billick wasn’t getting fired since that’s what the Owner said).

    Like I’ve said and written, the Owner stepping in and eschewing the wisdom and experience of his professional people (in this case, people with 80 years of experience in the game) and firing someone based on what he thinks is incredibly Mid Atlantics-esque.

    That’s my biggest bone of contention with the firing of Brian Billick. It had ZERO to do with anything else other than the Owner ignoring his football people and deciding on his own to fire the coach after agreeing with everyone that he would stay on board and instructing his PR chief to broadcast that to everyone in the free world in November and December.

    Brian Billick has been gone since 12/31 and my life and my job and my daily routine haven’t changed a bit. I still get my paycheck every other Friday and my show goes on. I’m sure John Harbaugh will be a fine coach and a pleasure to work with and I hope he offers the media the same accesses that Brian did at the facility.

    Now that I’ve pissed on YOUR baseless, wobbly theory about ethics and emotional ties, feel free to volley back in this pissing contest you wanted to start and try to tell me what you THINK you know, which isn’t much, I can just about guarantee you.

    As for what Neal posted, I was merely pointing out that he went on a rant about Bonds and put HIS name on a story that, in turn, contained some factual inaccuracies merely because the story he was writing FROM was inaccurate. I wasn’t trying to shit on Neal – I was trying to show that it can happen to anyone…even the guys who constantly pick apart everything everyone else writes/says – which, of course, is easy to do when it’s not you that has the mic or the keyboard in YOUR hand and is pressed to provide something of substance right here, right now.

    My little boy is up from his nap, so I have to run. This tirade Ben worked out of me should be enough to get a dozen or so more responses and get this thing into the 20-something response category.

    I’m still waiting for my bonus check from October when all you guys went ape shit about something I wrote and it spiked Neal’s hit numbers x 10. I could use the $$ – diapers are expensive! lol

    Have a good weekend, all.

    Even you, Ben. I’d hug you if I could…a man-hug, of course. Nothing firm or anything, just one of those “haven’t seen you in a while” kind.

    OK, gotta run, Ethan’s crying.

    He must have a copy of the Mid Atlantics’ ’08 roster in his crib.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i’d be down with a glass of wine with you drew. you know it’s just that i love you when you’re angry.

    maybe i was being provocative but it’s all based on real feelings. also i never mentioned you specifically nor do i consider drew forrester to be anyone’s pawn. i also respect you for defending yourself. perhaps i shouldn’t have used “wnst” in my comment but that really means the man at the top and the fact that he represents the station as a whole in many people’s thoughts and hearts (as does our president for instance).

    i don’t respect nestor right now. i say “right now” because perhaps unlike some others here i respect what he did with his life. i just can’t express to you how amazed i’ve been from the time the drumbeat for billick’s firing began until the present day he still can’t seem to process the appearance of impropriety that even his most respected mentors seem to point out to him regarding his incredible lack of perspective during the matter.

    my mom called it pigheadedness. maybe he learned it from billick.

  • neal s

    I’ll own up to my mistake here, Drew. I ran a little too fast and was probably a little too eager to take Bonds down. That’s really not the same thing, though, as what I was talking about with Heyman.

    On one hand we deal in a lot of opinion here, and that’s what this post was. That’s what a majority — but not all — of what we do is. This site is no different, really, than your radio show. It’s a place to toss around our opinions and ideas about sports. I don’t have the audience you have, of course, but other than that the two things are fairly similar.

    My issue with Heyman is that he blurred the lines between opinion writing and news writing way too much. In essence, he used his status as a columnist to cloak the fact that he was fluffing up his information about the Orioles. If he has “insiders” and “people” and wants to break a story, he needs to treat that differently than if he’s just doing an opinion piece. Otherwise his credibility suffers.

    By way of example, when we were talking about the Bedard trade I put up a comment where I said this:

    Just communicated with someone else with knowledge of the situation, someone who is inside one of the organizations involved and in position to know some things…According to this person, there is not now and never has been a deal, and that’s pretty much all there is to it (”boring” was the word this person used to describe the true story). Discussions might be ongoing, but the idea that a deal has been reached and scuttled is inaccurate.

    I didn’t tell anyone who that person was because said person needed to remain anonymous. But I said as much as I could, and I was specific with my information. I was still dealing in the realm of opinion, but that didn’t absolve me from the responsibility to be accurate and credible.

    I don’t see this as a pissing match. It’s actually (to me, anyway) an important issue that deserves more attention and discussion. The landscape is changing extremely quickly and it can sometimes be hard to keep up. I don’t feel bad about calling out Heyman because I think he deserved it. If and/or when I make my own mistakes, the comments here are free and open for someone to call me on it (as you did).

    Even if (and I think you realize this) it’s not quite the same thing.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    this topic could use some humor so ladies and gentleman, i present to you, hillary castro:


  • neal s

    And may I add:


    That pic is the most disturbing thing ever linked to on this site, by the way.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    you think that’s sick wait til you see benazir mccain

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    haha just kidding