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Bunch of Dudes Get New Jobs (NFL Draft)

I’ll cop to not being much of a draft expert. I pay good money (not really) to have a Draft Guru on staff, and I think we’d all be more comfortable if he was handling the Draft Thread. Alas, Kiper hired him on as a Special Consultant and he is no longer available.

For what it’s worth, here’s how I see the Ravens‘ day going:

They would like to get Matt Ryan in the first round, but he’s not going to slip past the Falcons, the Chiefs, and the Jets. Ozzie won’t mortgage the rest of the draft just to get Ryan, so they’ll pick “best available” at #8. There’s an outside chance that ends up being Vernon Gholston, which would satisfy everyone, but I think it’ll be Sedrick Ellis. Either way they’ll be fine.

There’s also a chance that they trade out of #8 and stockpile picks, but I’m not sure I see that happening.

The QB need will be filled in the second round, where the Ravens will hope and pray that Delaware‘s Joe Flacco is still available. Failing that they’ll look for Michigan‘s Chad Henne. I think Brian Brohm‘s stock has dropped a little, so I don’t think they’ll look his way unless the other two are gone.

I also think we’ll see the ‘Skins try pretty hard to move their first-round pick in exchange for a talented, game-ready wideout. I’ve heard Roy Williams‘ name tossed around. Don’t be surprised if the ‘Skins end up being major players today.

But, like I said, what do I know?

I’d like to see everyone else’s predictions in the comments. Also, consider this the “as it goes” open thread for all picks today and tomorrow.

26 comments to Bunch of Dudes Get New Jobs (NFL Draft)

  • dan the man

    The NFL Draft gets a big “meh” from me. Not that I don’t like the NFL because I do. I just tired of hearing about this non-stop on sports radio. How much can we talk about guys that we have no idea about? Did anyone from last year’s draft pan out for the Ravens besides possibly Smith? I’ll never get my head around all the positions on the football field and what exactly they all do, so that probably contributes to my giving the draft a “meh”.

    That being said, all you can ask of the Ravens to do is pick a dude who will be a solid contributer right away. I’m less about Matt Ryan and more about seeing what Cam can do with Smith and a (hopefully) improved offensive line.

  • Chris

    I disagree with you, Neal. Disagree with you like crazy. The Ravens two most pressing needs are CB & QB. Which is addressed first remains to be seen but their 1st and 2nd rd picks will address those needs. The only way the Ravens go DT at 8 is if Glenn Dorsey’s vulnerable knee somehow causes him to fall.

  • Chris

    Luckily for the the Ravens, the Falcons took Ryan. Now it’s Mike Jenkins, Leodis McKelvin or D.R. Cromartie.

    LOL @ the Raiders. Al Davis is an anemic George Steinbrenner.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    I’m liking Leodis personally. If we grab McKelvin and Flacco, that’s huge for us.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Here we go…

  • Chris

    Ozzie is a draft genius. THREE EXTRA picks two of which are 3rds!? Flacco and any of those three CBs will be there for the Ravens.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Yeah, that’s a really, really good move by Ozzie. I don’t understand why Jacksonville gave all that up for Harvey. Can anyone explain that to me? It’s like that Tejada trade in my mind, really.

  • Chris

    I’m not sure what their rationale was but it’s a No-Complaints Situation for the Ravens.

  • neal s

    Agreed — that was a wicked trade.

    My rationale with Ellis was that (a) I thought he’d drop, and (b) they wouldn’t be able to justify not taking him. Ozzie has always been a “best available” guy, and that would have been Ellis if he had fallen. No way they would have taken a CB with less value. It’s all moot now, but that’s what I was thinking.

  • Chris

    This move-up for Flacco was a little bit desperate. I’d like to see what they gave up, but with 12 picks they had room to move.

  • Chris

    correction: Flacceaux.

  • neal s

    Jeaux Flacceaux — from a Baltimore accent perspective this is quite a value pick.

  • neal s

    As an aside, I got five text messages from WNST announcing the trade and Flacco pick…about an hour after it happened.

  • Chris

    Rice AND McGahee? Smith, Boller…it doesn’t matter. All they have to do is hand off. Speaking of QB, maybe JD Booty with the 71st pick?

  • Chris

    Oh, wait. They took a QB with their 1st round pick. Never mind.

  • Greg

    I was kinda hoping someone would be on hand in the comments section to grade the Ravens on their draft choices. Honestly, I was not thrilled about Flacco or the trade to the Jags initially, but I’m getting mix reactions from lots of people, none of whom I believe have a extensive knowledge of the Ravens or college football.

    I’ve heard Joe Flacco is tall… and that’s about it. I also heard he’s a Div AA QB from Delaware which means he’s at an experience disadvantage with the other draft QBs.

    I’ve not heard anything about Rice, other than the fact that I’m not sure we needed another RB? But what do I know?

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Here’s what I know, and what I’ve heard, noting that the NFL draft is waaaaay down on my list of things I know about.

    Flacco seems to be a good arm and a good presence on the field. He got sacked a lot at Delaware, which is bothersome, but he seems alright. I doubt we needed to trade up to get him, but you know – I think that the Ravens wanted him specifically and aren’t disappointed in how things turned out.

    Rice, the only thing I know about him is that he went to the same high school as my girlfriend the Yankee fan, and she said he was very fast and agile…but that’s hardly a recommendation to go on really.

  • dan the man

    Where’s BBM when you need him? I don’t know shit about football.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    ok i’ve been insanely busy so i didn’t really watch the draft but i can tell you this much:

    Ray Rice is a BEAST. i actually saw him play a lot this year and i can tell you he hits the hole with hatred. think jamal lewis with a little less bulk but all the ferocity and the willingness to injure/be injured.


    flacco – also from south jersey (FUCKIN JERSEY IN THA HOUSE MUFFUCKAHS BE SHAKIN’).

    i think that last quote re:flacco was what mel kiper said on nfl network last night.

    that’s all i know at this point.

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Well, Rice is from new Rochelle…he went to college at Rutgers. But yeah, everything I’ve heard about him is great stuff, really great stuff.

  • Greg

    So can I ask a couple questions… I know way more about the Orioles and baseball than I will ever know about the Ravens, football or NFL drafts beyond the casual fan:

    1. Why did the Ravens not take a corner? It seemed to me that will Rolle and McAllister taking turns to be out for most of last season, and Pittman showing me that he was absolutely horrible when we played the Colts (I think Gonzalez caught 3TDs while being guarded by Pittman in that game)… a corner was a glaring hole in our defense last year.

    edit: I looked at some transactions and saw we signed CB Frank Walker after being let go from the Packers. I don’t know anything about him.

    2. Why didn’t we address our tight end issue? Unless they were thinking of converting Figurs into a full time receiving option and possibly playing behind Heap, it was another hole that the Ravens were not able to compensate for.

    3. Running backs. We took two. We have two. I wouldn’t have even thought to take a running back that high in the draft.

    4. Now that Billick is out, is Boller done too? Is Flacco going to start the season or will Boller?

    5. Why wasn’t more attention paid to the offensive line? We took 2 friggin safeties, and Reed and Landry are two of the best around already.

  • Mike L

    Well, I know that ozzie and the bunch are way smarter than i am, and historically they have drafted very well. But one reason i could see us not talking a CB is that maybe the ravens are going in a new direction. They cleaned house, and they draft a QB they can possibly build around. Bollers #1 fan Billick is gone, but i see the starting job being up for grabs. Maybe they realize they’re not going to get to the next level with Boller/smith/or with a new CB. Also the name chad pennigton had been thrown around as a trade option. so glad that didnt happen.

    Also with the ray rice pick, the top CBs were taken already, like last year when they wanted stanton, kolb, and someone else, but they were gone in round 2, so they waited till round 5 for smith. With the top CBs gone, and a RB whos probably better than musa smith out there, why not take him. The two RB thing seems to be a new trend developing. Taylor/Jones-drew, Peterson/Taylor, Jones/Barber, and the list goes on. Plus Willis is in his prime, but how much time do both his surgicallly repaired knees have left. In 2 or 3 years if he starts getting the injury bug, a healthy, hungry ray rice is there to step in, and the ravens could look like geniuses.

  • Chris

    1. The Ravens CB issues were addressed with a trade with the Raiders for their 2005 1st round pick Fabian Washington in exchange for the 125th pick.

    2. Some UFA TEs might be brought in to compete. Still tons of decent prospects still floating around.

    3. RB depth is the trend in the league. The days of the solitary feature back is gone (much to the chagrin of fantasy owners.) Rice and McGahee and a dream tandem in the different looks they present to a defense. BBM summed it up perfectly “hits the hole with hatered”. Anyone remember Joe Morris RB for the Giants in the late 80’s? Kinda reminds me of him. Don’t put too much credence in Allen Patrick. He’s a project who’s most likely practice squad bound.

    4. Boller is NOT done. The Less savvy Ravens fans will bemoan Flacco holding a clipboard all year, but he’s a QB who’s not exactly NFL ready. Flacco needs some polishing and he will learn from Boller, even if it’s learning what NOT to do. Flacco’s presence may serve to light a fire under Boller’s mellow SoCal ass.

    5. One of those Safties (Nakamura) might be converted to a nickle/dime back. The o-line WAS addressed. The took TWO mid-round tackles.

  • Chris

    AiR: Rob and Laura Petrie were also from New Rochelle. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

  • Chris

    Here are the UFA’s the Ravens have signed so far:

    QB Brad Roach, Catawba

    OG Sean Dumford, Eastern Kentucky

    P Benjamin Dato, Fordham

    OG Brandon Barnes, Grand Valley State

    C Isaiah Wiggins, Illinois State

    TE Scott Kuhn, Louisville

    DT Lorenzo Williams, Missouri

    ILB Jameel McClain, Syracuse

    K Piotr Czech, Wagner

  • neal s

    Chris, of course, knows best, but I think the Ravens did a great job this year. Drafting a QB is always — always — a risk, but Flacco is as solid a pick on paper as there was this year. The trade for Washington to get corner help was brilliant (they gave up basically nothing), and they kept pace with the rest of the league by adding another back to feature. Plus you know they’ll hit on an undrafted free agent or two (they always do). I really don’t see how it could have gone much better.