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Dew Tour, Welcome, Podcast, Sweep?

radhames lizThis might be a little fractured, but it’s all of the things (minus the stuff I’m certainly going to forget) that need to be addressed on this heat-of-a-thousand-suns Sunday morning.

First, the Dew Tour has been mentioned in the comments a couple of times and I’ve been meaning to get to that. The bad news is that I’ll be out of town (check yr email, DtM) and won’t be able to go this year. The good news, though, is that I’m sending photographer Andrew Nagl on behalf of the Loss Column. He’ll be taking some pics for the site and writing up a rundown of what it was like.

For anyone who’s thinking about going, do it! The Dew Tour was one of the best sporting events I’ve been to in years, and it’s impossible to understand the things these guys do until you see it in person. I recommend it without reservations and I’m bummed as hell that I won’t be able to make it.

Also, if you go, show the love for Bucky Lasek.

Second, I’ve seen a few new names in the comments lately and I want to say “welcome.” Here’s hoping everyone sticks around and helps make the community even stronger.

Third, I’ll be a guest tonight on a podcast produced by the folks at Drunk Jays Fans. The actual interview is tonight, and there’s a link right on their page to where you can get the audio. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally, could it be? Are we on the verge of sweeping said Jays on the road? I refuse to get excited about it because road sweeps are hard to come by. But, it’s nice to be in that position now and then.

It’ll be Radhames Liz looking to follow up a strong debut (and cement his rotation spot) against Roy Halladay.

Like I said, road sweeps are hard to come by.

EDIT: I knew I’d forget something, and I’m a true dumbass for this: rest in peace, Jim McKay.

McKay was before my time but his name towered over the world of sports broadcasting, much like Walter Cronkite‘s does over the news. And McKay’s work at the Munich Games might forever stand as the best ever.

10 comments to Dew Tour, Welcome, Podcast, Sweep?

  • Road sweeps against Halladay are even harder to come by, especially with the ‘pen looking a bit worn out.

    Curiously, I was watching the movie Knocked Up the other day, and (spoiler) noticed that during the scene where the Paul Rudd character gets caught “cheating” on his wife with his fantasy baseball draft, he’s wearing an O’s hat and an O’s jersey. I wonder what the impetus for this was. Who working on that movie was an O’s fan?

    Anyway, fingers crossed that RAD-a-mus Prime can put the nail in the coffin.

  • KonaBoy

    Radhames Prime, thats golden!

  • neal s

    I just added a note about Jim McKay’s passing to the main post. Never should have forgotten it in the first place.

  • Mike L

    2-2 top 6. Liz has held his own but for how long can it go. He’s has hung a ton of pitches, and command hasnt been the best. We need to put a few more on the board cause Halliday looks like he’s en route for another CG. 78 pitches in the 6th.

    And as I type this LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE “Great Scott” hit his 2nd HR of the day. 4-2. Awsome!!!

  • Mike L

    so albers comes in and hangs one sinker to vernon wells… 4-3.

    Speaking of jim mckay, the o’s are wearing a black arm band on their sleves. classy gesture.

  • KonaBoy

    mike, yeah apparently mckay was also the minority stakeholder in the Os too.

  • dan the man

    Great job, Matt Albers. Man o man. I don’t blame DT for this one – Rad didn’t have great command and he qualified for the win, might as well get Albers in with no one on base.

  • Nastiness. Can’t win ’em all. At least we took the series. A day off and then it’s into the real enemy territory. Hopefully we can steal one or two there.

  • Greg

    Paul Rudd is a die hard Royals fan, so I know he is not the reason for wearing an O’s cap.

  • Joe the Guy

    I didn’t realize the next series is IN boston. Tough to have ANY expectations at fenway.

    DCab vs. Beckett
    Olson vs. Lester
    Guthrie vs. Colon

    based on these matchups though, we should take at least 1.

    Lester doesn’t have the best command, we need to be patient. Colon is old and fat, got knocked around in his last start too.