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Dude = Someone Who Works On a Ranch

baltimore cop salvatore rivieri roughs up a skaterBy now you’ve all heard, I’m guessing, about half-wit cop Salvatore Rivieri and his penchant for roughing up 14-year old skaters. If you haven’t, though, click that link to watch the YouTube video that ignited the controversy.

Now, there’s no need to get into a debate about Rivieri and what he did, whether the kid was really being disrespectful, etc. No, what I’m more interested in is the sheer humor of the whole thing.

I found it rather inspiring, so I sat down today and went to work. You can now listen to the results:

Sit Down (I’m Not a Dude) — DJ DoodRanch (mp3 link)

I realize this isn’t really sports-related, but it’s close enough.

12 comments to Dude = Someone Who Works On a Ranch

  • Andrew in Rochester

    Neal, that was great. How great? It’s not even close.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    there are no words

  • KonaBoy

    the best part in both youtubes is that meathead crawling back into that ridiculous vehicle. LOL

    I love it whenever cops get “suspended with pay”, I wish I could act like a dick at my job and get paid vacation. :-\

  • Andrew in Rochester

    It’s not wise to upset a wookie.

  • neal s

    I’m kind of surprised this didn’t draw more comments. I think it’s some of my finer work.

    Don’t be shy spreading it around if you like it, by the way. A few emailed links can work wonders. Come to think of it, that applies pretty much across the board.

  • dan the man

    Fine work indeed, Neal. The key is to not stop here. We need a full album. May I formally request a mix of several of the Delarose’s ads..

  • neal s

    I’m not sure I could do much with the Dellareauxze ads actually. But I’m sure there’ll be another track one of these days when inspiration strikes.

    A whole album of these would be one of the most pointless and/or esoteric collections of music ever created. I have to admit there’s something appealing about that.

  • Joe the Guy

    your tune rocks harder than a big cop in a little car

  • Suzette

    Your “music” is little more than ridiculous drivel. I’m sorry you wasted your time on it. Just too bad the cop got suspended over the nothing incident with the kid with the skateboard and the camera ….

  • dan the man




    An abuse-loving cop-hugger on TLC? I won’t stand for it. Yay police brutality and abuse of power by a jock douchebag meathead “officer of the law”!!

    Serve and protect indeed. Bound to be some heroin or murders going on in the heroin and murder capital of the country, no? Nah fuck it, gotta show this 14 year old skater kid who’s boss. Clearly a higher priority.

  • neal s

    Yeah, it’s cool. Suzette is entitled to her opinion and free to express it here. I’m not sure she has any idea how it makes her look, but that’s not my problem.