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Erik’s Gone Fishing

Erik BedardGreg mentioned it in the comments and I had to post the whole quote:

“You have to ask him and I know that’s no fun. And he’s going to have a stupid answer for you can count on it. He’s going to have some dumb-ass answer. He’s either gassed because he’s laboring. He’s protecting himself because he knows even he sticks around and is mediocre he gets another 2 million bucks lopped onto his salary. Why doesn’t he go longer? It’s a real pointed question. But you need to ask him. And good luck with that.”

Bill Bavasi, the ex-GM of the Seattle Mariners, does not mince words about our old buddy Erik Bedard.  It’s the kind of thing where you just shake your head.  The Mariners organization and the Seattle fans are learning the hard way about all of Bedard’s poorest qualities.  Because this year, with his ace-like dominance suddenly failing him, there’s nothing to hide those poor qualities.  It’s a damn shame, really, and I hope one day Erik gets his attitude and his pitching together because it’d be a waste of talent otherwise.

In the world of Baltimore baseball – it’s Dave Trembley‘s one year anniversary today.  He’s been a joy to see manage this team from where they stood last year (expecting to lose) to where they stand this year (expecting to win).  He could be a flash in the pan or a Baltimore legend in the making – only time will tell – but it’s been a fun ride so far.

It’s the good ship Q.S. Guts going against Brian Moehler (3-3, 4.73).  Go get ’em.

54 comments to Erik’s Gone Fishing

  • 2rings4varitek

    You guys aren’t going to shop Sherrill are you? Someone called in on WNST this morning and bantered back and forth with Drew about it.

    If you’re serious, I know a certain up north that will take him off your hands!

  • It depends on a) what we could get back for him and b) what Chris Ray looks like when he returns. Sherrill is old enough now where he wouldn’t last on a rebuilding team. Chris Ray is still pretty young. I would imagine if Ray comes back this year, he would be the setup man and Sherrill would remain the closer.

    I’m trying to imagine in my head what happens when Loewen, Bierd and F-Cab get healthy. You can’t move Walker or Bradford. You can’t move Sherrill or Johnson.

    I’m thinking that Burres and Cormier get optioned to Norfolk. Albers goes in to be the starter in Burres’ place, and Loewen is the swingman. Bierd will replace Cormier. Not sure where F-Cab fits in, but then again I’m not sure he will even return to the big league roster. If all of these things are the case, Ray won’t pitch this year, and Sherrill won’t be moved.

  • Andrew out of Rochester

    I would guess that if anyone from the bullpen gets traded, it’s Bradford. I could see Detroit going for him, and maybe someone else (but I have no idea who off the top of my head). You’d imagine Walker, Bradford, and Sherrill will get put on the block (and perhaps Brian Burres) but really only George and Chad are doing well enough to warrant a would-be picking them up….and honestly I can’t see anybody meeting us on a good price for either of those guys.

    Is there anyone on this team that could get traded and expect a reasonable return on? I’d guess the candidates would be Huff, Scott, Roberts (natuerlich), Sherrill, Chadford, and Jay Payton. Outside of Brian, Huff seems like the best possibility to me, what with his pretty good numbers and ability to play first (he’s certainly having a far better year than Delgado, for one)…but really I can’t see anyone getting traded in a deal that wows me (although many a relief ace has been traded in stupid deals over the years).

  • I’ve said it before, but pitching is always worth something to someone. Remember when we traded John Parrish to the Mariners for Sebastien Boucher? He was doing a whole lot worse than Walker is now. We traded Ponson to the Giants depsite being a career 4.00+ ERA pitcher. We traded Trachsel to the Cubs, even though he was 36 and on his last legs. We actually got both back the following season through free agency. I’m not expecting much for Walker but he is definitely trade bait.