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Featured Comments 03/03 – 03/09

maria sharapova with wimbledon trophyMore goodies from the grab bag that is the week that was (and a very, very cheap excuse for posting a Sharapova pic)…

Joe the Guy on his unquenchable thirst for young pitchers.

Mike L on the Markakis contract situation.

Greg on the same thing.

dan the man on reminding us how much we I miss Erik Bedard.

Andrew in Rochester on recapping the first week of games.

df1570 on Maryland’s lack of…of everything

Keep ’em coming, fellas. The conversation has never been better and we’re poised to keep growing.

2 comments to Featured Comments 03/03 – 03/09

  • Greg

    Wake up call to Drew:

    The Orioles are not your ex-girlfriend. You are not a jilted ex-lover who got dumped unfairly.

    The Orioles are an organization that will wax and wane with the people who are hired to be put in charge. Like every other company in existence, there will be problems and issues that need attention. Not everything will be perfect for you. There are days when the DMV line isn’t so long. There are days when your waiter has a smile on his face. There are days when the Orioles will field a quality ballclub. Right now, it’s not your day.

    There are teams playing today with fans that have had it much worse than you have in past years. Phillies, Mets, Cubs, Red Sox have storied losing histories. The Mariners, Brewers, Padres, and Rockies have not won as many games as the Orioles have. Remember the 2003 Tigers? I’m sure they all have fans like you out there. But you need to just let it go, enjoy baseball, and wait for your day.

    How does that sound?

  • Greg

    That was actually supposed to go into the Spring Notes 6 thread… but who knows, someone will read it now I suppose.

    I have felt that all of this anti-Orioles/yankee envy is completely obscene. How can you compare a team with a 20x larger market, 2x longer history, and 3x larger payroll to the Orioles? That’s completely unfair. If I can recall correctly, there have been a couple years where the Orioles were the envy of most Yankee fans.