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Featured Comments 2/25 – 3/2

a dog trophyI picked a hell of a week to introduce the Featured Comments Feature. The advent of spring training and some saucy exchanges let to an explosion of worthwhile content.

After running all of the contenders through The Loss Column’s patent-pending algorithmic evaluation process, here are the faves (in chronological order from oldest to newest):

steve on drawing the OriolesTigers comparisons

Greg on how the O’s might actually be more like the Rockies

k on the O’s needing to market to the hispanic community (k’s first and only comment as far as I know, and it’s short, but I think the point is dead-on)

Andrew in Rochester on what it means to improve this year

Joe the Guy on well…on being really funny

Greg on taking Drew to task a little bit

Big Ben’s Motorcycle on responding to Greg and Drew

dan the man on Big Baby Steinbrenner

Whew…this is a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Two things to remember that I can’t emphasize enough:

One, the whole point of this is to have some fun and highlight the conversation — I’m not in any way trying to play favorites. Indeed, you’ll find that each of these comments was preceded and followed by good stuff. I’m always going to try to just pick particularly good moments.

Two, everyone’s encouraged to nominate other comments if you don’t dig on these choices. Let me know where I screwed up, in other words.

Remember: the best comment of the month will win $10 to spend at iTunes. That’s coming outta my own pocket, baby. I love you all that much.

5 comments to Featured Comments 2/25 – 3/2

  • dan the man

    I love BBM’s “Fool me thirty times, fuck you forever.” I might not agree, but damned if it’s not funny and hard to argue with.

  • Greg

    Not that I’ve won anything at this point, and I appreciate the gesture of free ITunes, but you can save your money man. Put it towards the site or your child’s education or feed that group of people who live in Tent City across the street from the Shot Tower… they need the help moreso than I do. I do this for fun.

    I’m just happy that someone read my post and thought it was “nominate-able”. Maybe that can be your selling point. Make a weekly post for thought provoking user comments. My fifteen minutes has to start sometime I guess.

    However, gloves are off the moment you start giving away “dates with gorgeous brunettes”.

  • neal s

    Geez, Greg, way to make me feel guilty.

    The thing is, I like the idea of giving a (very) little something back to the folks who have made this site quasi-successful. The comments are what’s up, and I want to push them closer to more equal footing with my main posts.

    Ideally and eventually, I’d like to get a local business to sponsor the Featured Comment Feature. So if anyone has a line on that, lemme know.

    In the meantime, it’s all good.

  • df1570

    And in other news from Bush League play (err, sorry, Freudian slip there)…I mean, Grapefruit League play, the Orioles today stuck it up the ass of their best young talent, Nick Markakis, giving him a whopping $55,000 raise and paying him $455k in 2008.

    Since none of you cats will call them out for that move, I will – or did – and you can read it at http://www.wnst.net and then blast away as you see fit.

    Here’s hoping maybe my blog on the shameful manner they treated Markakis wins me that $10 ITunes card and I can buy the new Counting Crows CD with it.

  • Aroooooooound heeeeeeeeeeeee-uhr…Drew has issues with things that the Orioles do because they shun him and his 5 watt station…Arooooooooooooooound heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhr.