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Final Thoughts on Yankee Stadium

Find ’em at the Examiner in my latest post — click here.

It’s partially a recap of what I already said below, but it’s also a link to what Paul Lukas at Uni Watch had to say.

3 comments to Final Thoughts on Yankee Stadium

  • Greg

    I do agree with your points. I went to Yankees Stadium four times in the past couple years, got to see Garrett Olson lose in classic Baltimore Oriole fashion (8-0), Erik Bedard lose for the Mariners (13-2), Mike Mussina outpitch Joe Kennedy of the Athletics (2-1), and watch Chad Gaudin 1-hit the Yankees in a 7-0 snoozer.

    All four times, I wondered the same thing: Why is this place so great when my only opinion is that it’s incredibly small and incredibly dirty and not a particularly nice baseball stadium? The sound system was terrible, the mid-inning entertainment– as corny as you think crab shuffle is, the yankees is much worse, the announcer is like 104… on top of that the fans are not nice people, the front office is a bunch of whiny guys who are just now finding out how unfair the AL East is, and the team is made up of overpaid primadonnas who don’t represent anything the great Yankees like Babe, Lou, Thurman, Mickey and all the rest stood for.

    I went to Wrigley for the Orioles game back in June and let me tell you.. THAT is a great baseball stadium. It seriously rivals Camden Yards in terms of charm, cleanliness and fan support… it’s a bonafide ballpark. I’d be sad if they tore that place down.

    Yankees stadium… not so much. I’m glad it’s going.

  • Joe the Guy

    The Examiner stuff all has been good. Clear and concise. Maybe you could afford to stir the pot a bit more, but that’s grasping for negative feedback.

    Anyways, I never got a chance to go to the stadium and obviously as a baseball fan that sucks a little

    I guess the Os lost more than any other team there. 400+ games or whatever. That sucks a little, too.

    I was glad to see the gutless punks go out on a typically classless and sour note, by not giving Clemens and Torre their due recognition.

    And it pains me to say that, because I chuckled at first, when I thought of Clemens in his hurricane ravaged home, watching it on TV and crying on his wife’s shoulder. I hate Clemens.

    But then I felt bad for Torre and thought the same conditions apply for Roger, even if he is a gutless maggot (without the guts)

  • dan the man

    Good riddance to Yankee Stadium. That’s all I’ll say.