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Grab Bag: Hall of Fame, Terps

Art Monk is finally in the Hall of FameA few quick, non-Super Bowl items (scroll down one post for the football fun):

First, congratulations to Darrell Green and (finally) Art Monk on getting elected to the football Hall of Fame. The Redskins are a team in terrible, terrible turmoil. Daniel Snyder has systematically dismantled all of the Joe Gibbs goodwill by botching the search for his replacement, and there is a growing fear of Dark Times in Landover. Green and Monk represent a link to some truly great teams, and a truly great brand of football. You couldn’t find two more deserving guys.

Second, the Terps are on a hell of a roll right now and are slowly but surely crafting an unlikely case for NCAA Tournament inclusion. Today’s road win over Georgia Tech puts them at 4-3 in the ACC with games against Boston College and NC State coming up before a rematch against Duke.

If they go 8-8 in conference play — a very realistic scenario — they’ll end up at 18-13 overall. That’s got bubble written all over it, but a 9-7, 19-12 finish should stamp their ticket. Notwithstanding their performance in the ACC tournament, of course, which might very well be make-or-break.

Third, I know there’s not a lot of interest in the Wizards or Capitals around here, but both teams are playing extremely well right now. I see no reason at the moment why they can’t both make the playoffs. You have to admit that’d be fun.

6 comments to Grab Bag: Hall of Fame, Terps

  • KonaBoy

    Yes, the Caps are definitely now playing up to all the hype that Leonsis was making earlier this season with the rebuild being “over”. Here are some updates\snippets on players for the Caps, for those not following them:

    Alexander Ovechkin
    Fantastic as usual, well on his way to getting 60 goals in a year. So easy a caveman can do it? Hardly, but he does look and act enough like Cpt. Caveman for the reference to work.

    The Mixed-bag Mercenaries (Michael Nylander/Viktor Kozlov/Tom Poti)
    All acquired in the offseason to bolster the young core, and haven’t really lived up to their expectations; sound familiar? Kozlov and Poti are both picking up steam, but at this point now it’s more of a game of catch-up and saving grace than anything else. Nylander was an assist *machine* earlier in the season and would’ve probably been beastly if he hadn’t had a torn rotator cuff that he had been PLAYING THROUGH for most of the season. Yeesh, can’t imagine scratching the back of my neck with a torn rotator cuff let alone play HOCKEY every other day. Crazy Swedes.

    The Young Guns (Niklas Backstrom/Tomas Fleischmann/Boyd Gordon/Quintin Laing/Milan Jurcina/Matt Pettinger/Shaone Morrisonn/Jeff Schultz/Alexander Zemin)
    These are the young core of the team and while they make mistakes on occasion, they balance it out with flashes of youthful exuberance and raw talent that make you think that the Caps are well on their way to being a perennial playoff contender. Its almost as if they would need an older coach with minor league experience to make them focus on the fundamentals of the game…

    Bruce Boudreau
    Easily Dave Trembley’s counterpart in the hockey world, plus his apartment was used as Reggie Dunlop’s apartment (Paul Newman, need I say more?) in Slapshot! Are we sure DT didn’t make a cameo in Major Leaguer?

    Biggest-Bad-Surprise? Olaf Kolzig
    Usually a lock and one of the few dependable constants for the Caps has had a scattered performance so far this season. He’s worked his way back up to a .500 W-L, but sadly enough brings up the issue that he is on the descent of his career and the Caps have no one young in their system to replace him with. Who knows maybe TLC could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and convince Ramon Hernandez to pull a Bo Jackson and fill in for Olie the goalie, didn’t the Verizon Center just have Dollar Dog Night?

    Biggest-Good-surprise? Mike Green
    He definitely fits in with the young core I mentioned earlier, but stands out from even that pack. Top 10 in the league for his position, #1 scorer for that position too. That position?


    Oh, and he’s Twenty-friggin’-two as well. Sergei Gonchar, we hardly knew ye! Look for more from this kid, he is the epitome of consistent and will only get better under the tutelage of Boudreau.

  • neal s

    Holy crap! Nice work, Kona. That’s a damn sight better wrapup than I ever could have done, and it’s a welcome addition. I’ll try to put up more Caps stuff in the coming weeks/months, but don’t be shy chiming in whenever the mood strikes.

    Great call on the Boudreau/DT analogy, too. Very similar career paths, and I’m pretty sure we’d all lose our minds if DT does with the O’s what Bruce has done with the Caps. It could happen.

  • dan the man

    Wow, thanks man. I really had no clue what the Caps were about these days, but I used to go see them as a kid. Nice overview and much appreciated.

  • KonaBoy

    No problem neal and dan! I feel bad I didn’t do it sooner.

  • Joe the Guy

    Great Caps post – plus a nice bonus tidbit about Slapshot – the greatest hockey movie of all time (with my apologies and a big silver medal to Emilio Estevez for his immaculate work carrying the Mighty Ducks movies on his back into the Contemporary Classic category)

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    youngblood deserves an honorary mention for boobs and an awesome villain.