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Harbaugh Settles In…Fassel Next??

washington redskins coaching candidate jim fasselSay it ain’t so: the Redskins are reportedly giving Jim Fassel serious consideration for their head coaching vacancy. For those of you with a distaste for our neighbors to the south, rejoice.

It’s true that Fassel has a Super Bowl appearance and a Coach of the Year award on his resume. It’s also true that he’s 58-53-1 as a head coach. But I remember his time here in Baltimore, where he always struck me as a guy whose best days were behind him.

The Steelers and the Ravens got it right by going with young coaches who inspire. Every team in the league has talent, and good coordinators and position coaches can refine that talent. The head coach needs to lead above all else, and nothing about Jim Fassel’s history suggests to me that he’s a capable, inspiring leader. He’s Hillary Clinton, and the NFL is fast becoming a Barack Obama league.

Which reminds me: I think the Ravens nailed it with John Harbaugh. This looks like a fantastic hire, and I’m looking forward to seeing him and Mike Tomlin duke it out for the next several years.

6 comments to Harbaugh Settles In…Fassel Next??

  • sci

    Fassel would be an idiotic hire.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    as much as i disagreed with drew’s stance on brian billick i couldn’t agree more with him about the fact that the players wield WAY too much power over at the castle. it will be interesting to see how harbaugh deals with that.

    as many years as i’ve defended ray lewis for his UNPARALLED on-field leadership (insert neal’s ‘but he celebrates after a three yard gain’ here) i think it’s time to tell ray, bart, cmac, willis, etc. no more. no more radio shows, no more dancing, no more talking to the press, no more talking shit during the week.

    i’m so stoked on harbaugh though. from everything i’ve read he won’t hesitate to drop the hammer. it’ll be interesting to see how the team responds to some tough love.

    regarding fassel i don’t know. i always felt that he’s a better head coach than an offensive coordinator on your best (now ex) friend’s team. who else is out there? mike singletary?

  • Joe the Guy

    from the professional gossip at espn.com:



    WTF is an “assistant head coach?”

    Either that or offensive coordinator (puking up blood….)

    anyone want to talk about the Patriots?

  • sci

    It’s a good hire. The man knows how to run an offense. Check the San Diego offenses he ran before Miami. The Ravens offense just got about 100 times more interesting.

  • random dude

    While Rivers isn’t a franchise quarterback (maybe yet, maybe never), I definitely think he helped Rivers progress as a quarterback to become at least in the upper half in the league. I think that’s an important aspect since odds are he’ll be working with a young quarterback in Baltimore, whether it’s Troy Smith, Matt Ryan, or anybody else. Good hire.

  • neal s

    Make no mistake: Cam Cameron is another great hire for the Ravens. I had no idea before today that he is only 46 years old. I look at him and Harbaugh and I see a potent nucleus that should put the Ravens in position to contend sooner than later.